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How do I manage catalogs?

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Creating catalogs is a good way to highlight portions of your inventory by subject matter. Catalog data does not have to be managed manually. You can include Catalog data in your uploads as well. Contact us at with any questions you have about including catalog data in your uploads.

For details about adding listings one at a time to the catalogs you've created, see our FAQ for here.

Here's an overview of what bookseller catalogs do:

1) Your active catalogs will appear on your Biblio online store page, so that customers can browse your inventory by your catalog assignments. The details for each of your individual book listings will include a link back to the catalog you've assigned it to, so customers can browse more of your books which are similar in subject matter.

2) On, and IOBA Books, you can "map" each of your bookseller catalogs to Biblio Categories and Biblio BISAC headings. This allows customers to browse your books in the "Browse By Subject" area of Biblio.

To manage catalogs, login to your BiblioDirect menu and click on "Inventory" at the top of the page, and then "Manage catalogs". You will be able to manage existing catalogs and add new ones. 

Add a new catalog

Click on the "Add a Catalog" tab. Enter a catalog name and check the appropriate status bubble, "active" or "inactive". Enter a description, and click "Add".

Manage your catalogs

Once any catalog is added, you can add to or change the details for that catalog as follows:

Status - this will show as either "on" or "off".  Click "on" to make it active and "off" for inactive.

Name - the catalog name as you entered it or uploaded it.

Display Name - If you wish, this can be different from the name you entered or uploaded. Click on the display name itself to edit the catalog name that customers will see. You can have both a private and a display name for each of your catalogs.

Description - a description or further details about the type of subject matter customers will find in your catalog.

Categories - a drop-down menu containing a list of Biblio categories. Mapping your catalogs to Biblio's categories will mean that your books will show up for customers when they browse for books by subject. When you click on the little arrow next to "Choose a category", you'll see a search box pop up. You can enter terms in that box to narrow down the list of subject options you see. Choose the option which best matches your catalog.

BISAC - click on "change" to map to a BISAC subject, or to change the BISAC subject currently listed.

Actions - click on the magnifying glass to search for your listings which are already included in that catalog. Click on the lightning icon to automatically search for others of your listings which you may want to include in that catalog. Click on the trash can to remove the catalog altogether.

Please contact us at with any questions and we'll be happy to help!

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