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What happens to my payment when all or part of my order is canceled?

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If you paid using PayPal:

If an order paid via Paypal is canceled, you will see your refund in your PayPal account within one business day. If your funding source via PayPal is a credit card, please keep in mind that the refunded amount is most likely returned to your PayPal account balance and not to your credit card balance.

If you have ordered more than one title and not all titles were canceled, then the refund amount you will receive via PayPal will reflect just the title/s canceled.

If you paid using a credit card and the order was confirmed before being refunded:

If your order or part of your order was first confirmed as shipped, and then a full or partial refund is issued at a later date, you'll see both the original settled transaction as well as any refunds reflected in your card statement.

If you paid using a credit card and the order was never confirmed:

The money on your credit card will never be collected by Biblio if the entire order is canceled right away as out of stock. The transaction will simply be voided when the order is canceled and never charged, so you will not see a refund or a completed charge. The authorization to charge that amount will simply be voided.

When a credit card order is placed, our credit card processing service automatically verifies that your credit card has enough available credit to make the purchase. This amount is then put into a pending status until the purchase is confirmed or rejected by the bookseller.   If the order is canceled, the authorization will be canceled. You will usually see any pending charges voided within 24 - 48 hours. Usually you will not receive any notice that a charge is voided; the pending transaction will simply be removed from your transaction history.

If your order contains more than one item, and only part of the order is canceled, then you will see the charges reduced to reflect the cancelations. You will see the original order total "authorized" or "pending", as described above, but when the order is actually charged to your credit card, the total amount will be adjusted to reflect just the title/s which have been shipped to you.

If you paid the bookseller directly using a credit card,  PayPal, Google payments or another method:

When an order is paid to the dealer directly, the dealer is responsible for issuing any refunds. You should hear from the bookseller regarding your payment within one business day of receiving notice that all or part of your order was out of stock.


If you have any additional questions, or if you are seeing a completed charge where there should be a voided or adjusted charge, please contact us at and we'll be happy to help!

I was delighted with my order and your service. The book arrived in time for the occasion that I needed it for. I was thrilled to be able to find an out-of-print copy.

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