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How do I add photos to my listings?

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You can easily add and remove images right there on the Edit listing page for each of your listings. Click here for details on using your bookseller menu to find and edit your listings. There is a Photos section where you can add image files (.jpg's). Double click on the empty image space where it says Click to Add. That will bring up a separate window into your computer files. Find the image file you want to add and click "select" or "open" to upload that file to your listing.

You will see the option to remove images by clicking the red and white "X" on the corner of the image.

Please note that after you have added images one at a time, or in bulk via FTP, or when you have replaced an image with another one, it can still take one to three hours before you will see the images updated in search.

We offer a number of ways to add and replace images. You can upload photos in bulk, or one at a time, via FTP. You can upload using your existing FTP software OR use our new Drag & Drop feature.

To manage your listings/add photos using customer facing search tools:

As long as you are logged into your bookseller account while viewing your listings live on Biblio, you'll see options for modifying your listings (customers don't see those options because they are not logged into your bookseller account).

Login to your BiblioDirect bookseller menu and search for the active listings you want to add photos to. If you have recently uploaded or manually added the listings you want to add photos to, please allow 1 - 3 hours for the listings to be active in searches.

Once you locate the listing you want to modify, look for the green "EDIT" button to the right of the listing. It's just beneath the red "Add to Cart" button. Click "EDIT" and a drop-down menu will appear and you will be able to click "Add photos". Then, a small window will pop up and allow you to choose up to five photos to be included with your listing. If you are uploading replacement images, be sure to check the box that says, "Overwrite all existing photos".

For details about all your options for searching your own inventory (using customer-facing search options) in order add photos, add listings, add to a Rare Book Room, or edit listings manually, please click here.

For details about managing your listings manually using internal tools, as opposed to the customer view, click here.

More Options for Adding Photos

If you have your photos stored on another site, you can add a URL field to your uploads to request Biblio to retrieve your photos for you when you upload your inventory! We can also set up image fetching, based on a consistent URL structure, if you have your book images stored that way on a separate location or your own website.

Please contact us at for more information about image fetching based on URL.

You can also send your photos by email.

Photos Requirements

  • .JPG format
  • Aspect ratio needs to be between 3 and .33 (width/height)
  • 80 pixels wide minimum

Biblio's systems will automatically make copies of your images in several sizes to display in various places on the site. A full sized, zoom-able copy of your book image will be stored as long as the image you have uploaded to us is at least 600 pixels wide.

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