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Managing your Biblio orders

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To view and manage your order history, login to your BiblioDirect bookseller menu and click on the Orders tab at the top of the page. Orders is the first item in the drop-down list. Click there to see the history of all your Biblio orders. By default the list will be sorted with the most recent orders first. If you don't see the order you need on that list, you can search by order number. You can enter the full order number or just a portion. For example:


Using the Search by Order # box you can enter just the 8000000 portion, the 5000000 portion, or the full number, 1005-9000000-5000000.

Use the Show orders sorting options to view a group of orders by order status and to see a list of orders marked Shipped but which do not yet have tracking added.

Click on the Order Date or Price column heading to sort the list by date ascending/descending, or price ascending/descending.

List View Tools

The order list view has quick links at the end of the row under Actions. Click those links to view the details, print a packing slip and add a tracking number. If it's a NEW order, you'll also see the option to Mark Shipped and Include a note in the tracking email (we automatically email the customer when you add tracking).

When you click to Mark Shipped, you'll be asked to enter a tracking number and shipping service. If you don't have tracking or don't want to enter it right now, check the box next to Continue with no tracking number and then click Mark as Shipped.\

Detailed view Tools

Click Details or click on the order number itself to see the full details and additional tools. On the right side of the page is the Order Summary. In that list you'll see options to Reject as unavailable or out of stock, Adjust the charges, and Request cancelation.

If the order is marked Shipped, you'll see the option to Refund.

For more details about all the options you'll see in the order details, and tips on processing orders, click here.

Main seller menu (Dashboard) links to Latest Orders

There is a link in your new seller dashboard, under At a glance, to move directly to your Latest Orders. That's a short list of your most recent sales. Clicking on any order will take you directly to the order details page.

Inventory Search Box

The inventory number search box at the top of your bookseller menu can also be used to go to a specific order. Enter just the 7000000 portion, the 3000000 portion, or the full number, 1005-7000000-3000000 (just like the Search by Order # box mentioned above)

As always, drop us an email at if you have any questions or feedback about the updated order management tools. We'll be happy to help!

I was delighted with my order and your service. The book arrived in time for the occasion that I needed it for. I was thrilled to be able to find an out-of-print copy.

Margaret, PA