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When you click on the INVENTORY tab you'll see the following options:

Add a Listing - add a new listing to your Biblio inventory

Show inventory - manage your existing inventory

Manage catalogs - manage the catalogs that appear on your Biblio bookseller page, as well as the books you include in your catalogs

Manage routes - manage routing of your inventory updates to other sites, both the free version of routing and Pro Routes

Upload listings - upload inventory files (on that same upload listings page you will also find the link to drop and drop book photos in bulk via FTP)

Upload history - a list of your recent uploads

Upload settings - view and change your FTP login as well as other upload settings, get set up for bulk order fulfillment, change your packing slip layout prefernces and more

Upload photos by email - details about emailing your book photos

Bulk delete - inactivate / remove listings from active inventory in bulk by entering your SKU's

Download listings - request a download of all your active listings

Reports and stats - choose this and you'll see another, smaller menu where you can choose Statistics, Books matched to wants, and Book and category report


Need Help?
1-800-813-9432 (U.S.) 1-828-350-0744 (Outside the U.S.) Monday - Friday 10am-4pm EST

I was delighted with my order and your service. The book arrived in time for the occasion that I needed it for. I was thrilled to be able to find an out-of-print copy.

Margaret, PA