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Alison Lurie

1926 -

Alison Lurie (1926 - ) is an American Pulitzer Prize winning novelist and academic.

She won the Pulitzer Prize for her 1984 novel Foreign Affairs, but she has written numerous non-fiction books.

Her first novel was Only Children came out in 1979, and it is set in the New England of the 1930's.

Her most famous book, Foreign Affairs, concerns American academics in England, and it was made into a television film. The 1989 The Truth About Lorin Jones is set in Key West, Florida and concerns the efforts of a biographer.

Alison Lurie has also been very active as an editor of children's literature. She was co-editor of the Garland Library of Children's Classics (73 vol.). She has taught literature, folklore, and writing at Cornell University since 1970 and is married to the writer Edward Hower.

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