Ian McEwan (1948 – )

Ian McEwan (born June 21, 1948) is a British novelist, sometimes nicknamed Ian Macabre because of the nature of his work.

He was born in Aldershot in England and educated at the University of Sussex and the University of East Anglia (where he studied under Malcolm Bradbury). His first published work was the collection of short stories Enduring Love, is regarded by many as a masterpiece about a person with de Clerambault's syndrome.

In March and April of 2004, just months after the British government had invited him to a dinner with First Lady of the United States Laura Bush, McEwan was denied entry into the United States by the United States Department of Homeland Security for not having the proper visa for earning a living (McEwan was preparing to give a series of paid lectures). Only after several days and publicity in the British press, was McEwan admitted, because, as he said a customs official had told him, "We still don't want to let you in, but this is attracting a lot of unfavourable publicity."

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