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Students Flock to Web for Savings on Textbooks Press
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ASHEVILLE, NC -, one of the world's largest marketplaces for used, rare, and out-of-print books, has already seen a huge increase in traffic to its site in the last 10 days. The traffic combined with a higher than usual sale price per book indicates that the Fall textbook buying season has officially begun!

Many students are already receiving their syllabi for attending classes in the fall, and with this information students are given the textbook requirements for the class. Professors have gotten in the habit over the years of giving students as much information as possible about the book they need so that students can identify the proper edition or version of the book they will need for the class. This information is integral for a student to buy online as opposed to their local campus bookstore.

"Students can save quite a bit by shopping online," says Kevin Donaldson, the Director of Sales and Marketing of "Luckily the vast availability of textbooks for sale online, and the ease of purchasing this way, has really made it easy to get ready for classes."

The Book Industry Study Group, (BISG) stated in its 2006 Used-Book Sales Study, that Textbooks accounted for 34.7% of all used-book units sold, and 1.6 billion dollars in total revenue in 2004. Used textbooks accounted for more than 75% of revenue from used books sold in that year. has a list of recommendations for students buying books on the Internet with any site or seller you find them with.

Textbook Buying Tips:
  • Check with the professor of the class to see if an older edition might be acceptable for the course. Many older editions are often available online.
  • Try to purchase multiple textbooks from the same online bookseller. Doing this will general reduce your shipping costs.
  • Make sure you place your textbooks order as soon as possible. Don't wait until the last minute to order textbooks as this will drive up shipping costs, and there is no guarantee you will get your textbooks in time. Plan ahead!
  • Order your textbooks from online booksellers within reasonable proximity to your location. Not only will this help you save on shipping, but you will get your textbooks much quicker.
  • If you are unsure about a textbook's title, edition, or whether it comes with any additional components, such as teachers' modules, or cd-rom software, don't hesitate to contact the online bookseller directly and make sure all of the items you are seeking, are part of the textbooks purchase!
  • If you can't reach the seller of the textbook by email or phone, then think twice about purchasing from that seller.
  • Seek international textbook editions of your required texts. These books are published in countries other then the United States, yet are similar in many ways to the edition printed here. These versions are usually substantially less expensive then they sell for at campus bookstores. Inc. is now one of the leading sources for used, rare, out-of-print, and hard-to-find books in the world. With the launch of their online services in February 2003, entered a market dominated by several major companies, as well as more than a dozen smaller competitors. With substantial growth in the last three years, has gone from a fledgling company to becoming the third largest site of its kind in the world. now offers more than 40 million titles from more than 5000 independent booksellers in 36 countries.

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