Biblio is a socially responsible company

Biblio's Policy on Offensive Books

Books are reflections of humanity. They contain ideas and tales that inform us and give us our history — the good, the bad, and the downright horrible.

While we recognize that there are books that reflect racist stereotypes and harmful ideology listed for sale on Biblio, we do not agree with banning books outright. Suppressing books does not change our past, but we do care about how it shapes our future.

That doesn't mean we permit our platform to be used to promote abusive and hateful ideas. If we have reason to believe that a bookseller on Biblio is offering offensive material for sale for the purpose of promoting an underlying hateful ideology, we remove that seller from Biblio.

As we identify books listed on Biblio that fall into the category of promoting racist and offensive stereotypes or encourage harmful ideas, we will cease profiting from those books. All of our proceeds from the sales of those titles will be donated to an organization fighting intolerance and promoting equality.

We remain committed to our core professional values of social responsibility, community support, and preserving our EPIC bottom line (Environment, Profit, Independence, and Community).