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Catholic Missal, The by O'Connell, John P. and Martin, Jex

Father Thomas Conley is the priest in many of the full-color photographs in this missal; photos were taken at St. Peter Canisius Church in Chicago. Red leather binding, cracked. Color photo inlay on cover, with gold inlay as well on spine and front cover.…

From ACP Family Bookstore


Mass of the Roman Rite, The by Jungmann, Joseph

This is a revised and abridged edition, in one volume, of the classic study of the Roman Catholic Mass, by Father Joseph Jungmann, S.J. This volume, while convenient, lacks the extensive footnotes of the complete, two-volume edition. However, there are …

From ACP Family Bookstore


Mass of the Roman Rite, volume 2 by Jungmann, Joseph

This is the second volume of Jungmann's classic work on the Roman Catholic Mass, first published in English in 1955. This volume includes Part IV of the work: The Mass Ceremonies in Detail-The Sacrifice. The author considers the Offertory, the Canon Act…

From ACP Family Bookstore


Mass of the Roman Rite, volume 1 by Jungmann, Joseph

This is the English language 1951 edition, translated from the 1949 German edition. In addition to this single volume, ACP also makes available copies of the complete, two-volume set, q.v.Note that this first volume in English was first published in 1951…

From ACP Family Bookstore


Merriam Webster's Encylopedia of Literature by Kuiper, Kathleen

This is an innovative reference work that merges two traditional tools: the encyclopedia and the dictionary. This single volume gathers together a vast library of information about literary traditions, works, and authors, as well as pronunciations and ety…

From ACP Family Bookstore


Missale Romanum by Estevez, George Medina

This is a beautiful, well bound missal, 9" x l2", with fine quality paper, admirable illlustrations, large print, and four silk ribbons.  The front cover has a gold inlay of Christ the Teacher.  This volume is intended for use at the altar.  It is thre…

From ACP Family Bookstore


Holy Bible: Family Edition by Anonymous

This elegant Bible has a white, padded cover, with the words "Holy Bible" in gold on the front cover. On the spine are also found the words "Family Edition" and "Windsor." The pages are gilded. Both Old Testament and New are included, in the Confratern…

From ACP Family Bookstore


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