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Captain of the Eleven (Cricket) by Pears Soap. Calderon, Philip

London: Pears Soap, 1898. A lovely copy of a famous and rare Pears Soap advertisement: we have not had this image for 20 years. Handsome chromolithograph of a young boy in front of a wicket with his bat straight to the ground in a defensive pose. Large...

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A Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Containing a Complete Account of the Wonderful and Thrilling Account of the Intrepid Subterranean Explorers, Prof. von Hardwigg, his Nephew Harry, and their Icelandic Guide, Hans Bjelke by Verne, Jules

New York: Scribner, Armstrong & Co, 1874. Deluxe edition, sold by subscription only. Hardcover. Very good. This "scientific romance" marks the beginning of science fiction as a genre. Jules Verne was inspired by Charles Lyell's Geolog...

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"The Capture of Major Andre." Engraving by Durand, A.B. (after), Jones, Alfred. Smillie, James. & Hinshelwood, Robert. (engravers)

New York: American Art Union, 1846. First printing. Very good overall. Handsome engraving dramatising Major Andre's capture. From a painting by A.B. Durand in the possession of the Honble. James K. Paulding. Published by the American Art Union exclu...

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Pineapple, Tab IV from "Nurnberische Hesperides" by Volckamer, Johann

Nuremburg, 1714. First edition. A rare double-size folding plate of a pineapple from Volckamer's work on exotic citrus fruit, published from 1708 to 1714. Tab IV is one of 4 double-size plates of pineapples, the split pineapple appearing as a sun f...

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CDV of "The Fairy Wedding Group" by [Photograph; Tom Thumb]

New York: E. & H.T. Anthony, 1865. Very good overall. Carte de visite with photograph from a Brady negative, of Tom Thumb and his bride Lavinia, flanked by Commodore McNutt and Minnie Warren, of P.T. Barnum fame. With gilt rules and lettering at th...

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The Death of Captn. James Cook. 1791 'Christmas Piece' Broadside dedicated to Lefferts Hagewought by his grandson Samuel Lefferts, early Dutch residents of New York by [Cook, Captain James] Lefferts, Samuel. Lefferts Hagewout

London: J. Farrell, No. 7 Paternoster Row, Cheapside, 1790. An unrecorded 'Christmas Piece' broadside or children's exercise sheet, with manuscript verse at the center, signed by a young American, "Samuel Lefferts Scripsit", dedicat...

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The Original Australian General Tom Thumb (photograph) by [Circus Sideshow, Little People, Australia] G.A. Graham. [P.T. Barnum]

Colchester, England: Oldham & Angle Photographers, 1870. Very good overall. Carte de visite showing the Australian General Tom Thumb, aka John David Armstrong who made his debut in Melbourne in 1870 and performed world wide. An uncommon image, wit...

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De Re Metallica by [Hoover, Herbert signed copy] Agricola, Georgius

London: The Mining Magazine, 1912. 1st English edition. Hardcover. Very good condition. Inscribed on front flyleaf by Hoover: "To the Lewis's from the Hoovers". Hoover was named Secretary of Commerce by President Harding, and Ernest I. L...

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French die cut 1925 calendar with two cats on a roof, their tails intertwined

1925. Very good condition. A sweet die cut card for a cat lover or a French cat lover on Valentine's day, with two cats made of soft fabric, one white and one black and perched on a red tile roof, each wearing a real silk ribbon, their tails entwine...

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Australian Photo Album, with 47 Views of Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania, ca 1880 to 1894 by Beattie, J.W.; J.P. (possibly John Paine), Thomas Foster Chuck, Frank Arnold Coxhead & an anonymous photographer

Wonderful photograph album of Victoria, New South Wales, and Tasmania, with large photographs and manuscript titles. A total of 47 photos, with 33 of Victoria, 6 of New South Wales, 5 of Tasmania, 1 of New Zealand, and 2 others. Each photograph is ligh...

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Histoire Générale des Voyages, ou Nouvelle Collection de toutes les relations de voyages by Prévost d'Exiles, l'Abbé Antoine François

Paris: Didot, 1761. First edition. A significant collection, which includes accounts of many early voyages. It includes accounts of all the principal early Australian voyages as well as an account of the discovery of Australia by the Dutch including Rog...

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Atlas Geographus: or, a Compleat System of Geography. Extract by Moll, Herman

London: John & Eliz. Nutt, 1716. First printing. Hardcover. Very good condition. The section on "Terra Australis" from Moll's 5 volume work, including the title page for Vol V, iv, 22pp, with the folding Moll map of Australia entitled ...

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W.W.I Manuscript Journal recording the exploits of H.M.S. Doris in the Dardanelles in April 1915, as recorded by H. J. Bowden, Stoker by [W.W.I.] Bowden, H. J

1916. The bombardment of Anzac Cove 26 April 1915 is recounted by the author, a stoker in the British Navy, used this journal, a repurposed "Day Book of Engineers' Stores," to record his service off the Egyptian, Turkish and Syrian coasts, ...

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Some of My Bush Friends in Tasmania by Meredith, Louisa Anne

London: Day & Son, 1860. First edition. Impressive volume with stunning full page chromolithographic botanical plates of native Tasmanian flowers, in an embossed presentation leather binding. Natural history verse accompanied by illustrations, by an...

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