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The Sex Demon of Jangal by Brent, Lynton Wright

Hollywood, CA: Brentwood Publishing Co. / Crime-Adventure Series Book No. 101 1st Edition, 1964 ----------paperback. An erotic fantasy novel. Covers slightly rubbed, very modest shelfwear, a near fine copy.. First Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Near Fi…

From John McCormick


"ALL-NEW DOC SAVAGE ADVENTURES" SERIES 7 VOLUMES: Python Isle / White Eyes / The Frightened Fish / The Jade Ogre / Flight Into Fear / The Whistling Wraith / The Forgotten Realm by Robeson, Kenneth (pseudonym of Will Murray)

New York: Bantam Books / Falcon #s 29357, 29561, 29748, 29553, 29552, 29554 & 29555 1st Editions 1991-1993 ----------7 paperbacks. In 1991-1993, Bantam Books published this series of 7 all-new first edition paperback original Doc Savage adventures, …

From John McCormick



"ULTIMATE" ANTHOLOGY SERIES: Dracula / Werewolf / Frankenstein / Witch / Zombie / Dragon / Alien by Preiss, Byron (editor, assisted by David Keller, Megan Miller, Martin H. Greenberg, John Betancourt, Keith R.A. DeCandido)

New York: Dell #s 50353, 50354, 50352, 50531, 50534, 50630, & 50631 1st Editions 1991-1995 ----------7 paperbacks, trade size. The ULTIMATE series, 7 paperback original first edition science fiction/fantasy/horror anthologies on the themes in the tit…

From John McCormick


"G-8 AND HIS BATTLE ACES" SERIES: # 1 The Bat Staffel / # 2 Purple Aces / # 3 Ace of the White Death / # 4 Bombs from the Murder Wolves / # 5 Vultures of the White Death / # 6 Flight from the Grave / # 7 Fangs of the Sky Leopard / # 8 Mark of the Vulture by Hogan, Robert J

New York: Berkley Books #s X1734, X1746, X1764, X2002, X2004, X2023, X2043 & X2058 1st Editions 1969-1971 ----------8 paperbacks, #s 4 & 6 are Canadian printings. Reprints of novels first published in the "G-8 and His Battle Aces" pulp …

From John McCormick


Zip-Gun Angels (later titled Boy-Crazy) by Quandt, Albert L

New York: Original Novels # 721 1st Edition , 1952 ----------vintage paperback, digest size. The true first edition of a book later re-issued as Boy Crazy. Spine edge rub, reading crease, small chip to front cover top left corner, back cover a little du…

From John McCormick


"PHILIP JOSE FARMER" BALLANTINE FIRST EDITIONS 8 VOLUMES: The Green Odyssey / Strange Relations / The Lovers / The Alley God / Inside Outside / Dare / Time's Last Gift / Traitor to the Living by Farmer, Philip Jose

New York: Ballantine Books #s 210, 391K, 507K, F588, U2192, U2193, 02468 & 23613 1st Editions 1957-1973 ----------8 paperbacks. Strange Relations, Inside Outside, Dare, Time's Last Gift & Traitor to the Living are Canadian printings. 8 Phili…

From John McCormick


Dream Club (originally titled Beyond Desire ) by Quandt, Albert L

New York: Original Novels # 726 2nd Printing (reprints # 707, which was issued under original title of Beyond Desire), 1952 ----------vintage paperback, digest size. Drug and juvenile delinquent theme, hypodermic needle on cover. Spine edge rub, minor c…

From John McCormick


"DYING EARTH" BOOKS: The Dying Earth / The Eyes of the Overworld by Vance, Jack

New York: Hillman Books # 41 1st Edition 1950 & Ace Books # M-149 1st Edition 1966 ----------paperbacks. The first two books in the Dying Earth series, both first edition paperback originals. The Dying Earth has 2 faint 10s stamped on the front cov…

From John McCormick


Tarzan of the Apes by Burroughs, Edgar Rice

Racine, WI: Whitman Publishing Co. Big Little Cartoon Book # 744 1st Edition Thus, 1933 ----------small pictorial cover hardcover, issued without dust jacket, 3-1/2 inches wide by 4-3/8 inches tall, a Big Little Cartoon Book, and the VERY FIRST Burroughs …

From John McCormick


"DRAY PRESCOT" SERIES 32 VOLUMES: 1 Transit to Scorpio, 2 Suns, 3 Warrior, 4 Swordships, 5 Prince, 6 Manhounds of Antares, 7 Arena, 8 Fliers, 9 Bladesman, 10 Avenger, 11 Armada, 12 Tides of Kregen, 13 Renegade, 14 Krozair, 15 Secret, 16 Savage, +16 Other by Akers, Alan Burt & Prescot, Dray (pseudonyms of Kenneth Bulmer)

New York: Daw Books 1st Editions 1973-1988 ----------32 paperbacks, most of the Dray Prescot series. Volumes included in addition to those listed above are: 17 Captive of Scorpio, 18 Golden Scorpio, 19 A Life for Kregen, 20 A Sword for Kregen, 21 A Fortu…

From John McCormick


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