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Autograph Letter Signed, Voicing His Support for a Zionist Rabbi, Written the Year He Published "Der Judenstaat" by HERZL, THEODOR

HERZL, THEODOR. (1860-1904). Austrian-Jewish writer and the founder of Zionism; Paris correspondent for the Neue Freie Presse for which Herzl covered the infamous Dreyfus Affair, an event that contributed to his desire to establish a Jewish state. ALS. ("...

From Lion Heart Autographs Inc


The Prussian-Born, American Revolutionary Army Officer Writes about Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and the French Revolution by STEUBEN, BARON FRIEDRICH W. VON

STEUBEN, FRIEDRICH W. VON. (1730-1794). Prussian-born, American Revolutionary army officer and military adviser to General George Washington. ALS. ("Steuben"). 2½pp. 4to. New York, November 3, 1789. To French diplomat and Count ELÉNOR-FRANÇOIS-ÉLIE, M...

From Lion Heart Autographs Inc


Bougainville Requests Support for an Officer Destined to Serve in the Falkland Islands and Aboard Bougainville’s Historic Circumnavigation of the World by BOUGAINVILLE, LOUIS-ANTOINE

BOUGAINVILLE, LOUIS-ANTOINE. (1729-1811). French navigator who led the first French voyage around the world in 1766-1769, making significant geographical observations; the South American climbing plant Bougainvillea is named in his honor. ADS. ("De Bougai...

From Lion Heart Autographs Inc


Autograph Letter Signed: “I especially never want to connect with Harden because I want to avoid any distant association whatsoever with his Vienna analog” by FREUD, SIGMUND

FREUD, SIGMUND. (1856-1939). Austrian neurologist and founder of psychoanalysis. ALS. ("Freud"). 2pp. 8vo. The Hague, July 25, 1910. (To German publicist and author ABRAHAM HALBERT, 1881-1965). On Freud's personal Berggasse 19 stationery. In German with t...

From Lion Heart Autographs Inc


Early Autograph Letter Signed Reserving a Venue for the Premiere of His "Harold en Italie" by BERLIOZ, HECTOR

BERLIOZ, HECTOR. (1803-1869). French composer; creator of Harold in Italy, Symphonie Fantastique, and other masterpieces. ALS. ("Hector Berlioz"). 2pp. 4to. Paris, October 9, 1834. To l'intendant general de la liste civile. In French with translation. "I ...

From Lion Heart Autographs Inc


Early and Rare ALS to John Rodgers while Patrolling the Mediterranean Sea by PERRY, MATTHEW C

PERRY, MATTHEW C. (1794-1858). American naval officer whose 1853 visit to Japan helped open that country to the world. ALS. ("M.C. Perry"). 1½pp. 4to. Aboard the USS Concord at Gibraltar Bay, November 29, 1830. To JOHN RODGERS (1773-1838), the highest ra...

From Lion Heart Autographs Inc


Excellent Letter from the American Architect and Designer, Opining: "The most tastefully lighted building in the world…is…" by WHITE, STANFORD

WHITE, STANFORD. (1853-1906). American architect and designer. TLS. ("Stanford White"). 1½pp. 4to. New York, November 9, 1899. On McKim, Mead & White letterhead. To HENRY MACCRACKEN (1840-1918), chancellor of New York University. "I was awaiting the resu...

From Lion Heart Autographs Inc


Autograph Note Signed Mentioning the Hearst Corporation by SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD

SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD. (1856-1950). Irish playwright and critic known for The Devil's Disciple and Pygmalion. ANS. ("GBS"). 1p. 32mo. London, December 4, 1929. (To journalist HENRY LOSTI RUSSELL, 1896-1968, for whom Shaw completed a series of questionnaire...

From Lion Heart Autographs Inc


Stunning Pen and Ink Drawing of the Secretary of State Inscribed “To France” by LANSING, ROBERT

LANSING, ROBERT. (1864-1928). United States secretary of state. Image Signed. ("Robert Lansing"). 1p. Folio. N.p., N.d. [Circa 1919?]. Original pen-and-ink bust drawing by French artist ROBERT KASTOR (1872-1936), inscribed "To France in the hour of triump...

From Lion Heart Autographs Inc


Original Drawing of the American Labor Leader with an Excellent Quotation by GOMPERS, SAMUEL

GOMPERS, SAMUEL. (1850-1924). English-born, American labor leader; founding president of the American Federation of Labor. Image Signed. ("Saml Gompers"). 1p. Folio. Paris, August 12, 1919. An original pen-and-ink bust drawing by French artist ROBERT KAST...

From Lion Heart Autographs Inc


BENEDICT XV Papal Blessing on a Signed Photo by BENEDICT XV, POPE

BENEDICT XV. (1854-1922). Head of the Roman Catholic Church from 1914-1922. SP. ("Benedictus PP XV"). 1p. Small folio. N.p. [Rome], April 16, 1921. In Italian with translation. A black-and-white photograph of the pontiff by Guiseppe Felici (1839-1923), se...

From Lion Heart Autographs Inc


Classic Signed Portrait Taken by Photographer Vivienne by CHURCHILL, WINSTON

CHURCHILL, WINSTON. (1874-1965). British statesman and Nobel Prize-winning author; Prime Minister from 1940-45 and 1951-55. SP. ("Winston S. Churchill"). 1p. Postcard. N.p., N.d. [1951 or later]. A 3 3/8" x 3 5/8" black-and-white bust photograph of the do...

From Lion Heart Autographs Inc


Boldly Penned Musical Quotation from the Opening of His Popular Piano Concerto No. 3 by PROKOFIEV, SERGEI

PROKOFIEV, SERGEI. (1891-1953). Russian composer and pianist. AMusQS. ("Serge Prokofieff"). ½p. Small 8vo. N.p., 1935. One measure of the first six notes from the opening melody of the first movement of his Piano Concerto No. 3, Opus 26. A musical prodig...

From Lion Heart Autographs Inc


Early Golda Meir TLS Praising the Memory of One of Italy’s Leading Zionists by MEIR, GOLDA

MEIR, GOLDA. (1898-1978). Russian-born, American-educated Zionist and Israel's fourth Prime Minister. TLS. ("Golda Meirson"). 1p. 8vo. Jerusalem, June 24, 1954. On Ministry of Labor letterhead. To Italian Zionist ADA SERENI (1905-1998), the widow of pione...

From Lion Heart Autographs Inc


Signed Copy of His Commissioned Report on the 1934 Textile Industry Crisis by ROOSEVELT, FRANKLIN D

ROOSEVELT, FRANKLIN D. (1882-1945). Thirty-second president of the United States. Twice signed typescript. ("F.D.R"). 38pp. 4to. (10½" x 7½"). N.p., September 17, 1934. Roosevelt's personal bound copy of the "Report of the Board of Inquiry For The Cotto...

From Lion Heart Autographs Inc


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