The Way Out

by Nutter, Chris

"Christopher Nutter shares his personal story with candor and honesty, providing insights and observations that are sure to help other gay men no matter where they happen to be on their own journey." -Neil G. Giuliano President, Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation "Written with humor, insight, hope and faith, The Way Out may prove to be an enduring 'post-gay' survival guide for the twenty-first century gay man." -Jack Drescher, author Psychoanalytic Therapy and the Gay Man Christopher Lee Nutter came out of the closet in 1994 with a bang in a brutally honest essay for Details magazine, thrusting him into the spotlight as an unofficial mentor to gay men across the country. Twelve years later in this edgy memoir, Nutter chronicles his journey from closeted Southern boy to gay New York bartender and party boy, sharing everything he's learned about how gay men are taught to see themselves in a fundamentally destructive way. Assaulted with programming from the "gay" and "straight" worlds alike, gay men are left to ask themselves, Am I the coolest, sexiest, trendiest thing ever, or an illegitimate cancer on society? Nutter contests that gay men are neither, but rather conscious beings on the path to realizing that they have the power to create their lives according to their own will rather than the will of the world, or the illusion of their fears. Part memoir, part philosophy, The Way Out gives tools tailored to the reality of gay men's daily existence-whether it's in the boardroom, the bedroom or the steam room- so that they can connect to this power, and in the process, discover the love, freedom and happiness they long for and deserve. "The Way Out is a guidebook written specifically to assist gay men in breaking out of the self-imposed prisons of 'straight' and 'gay' into an authentically powerful life of compassion and wisdom, but the insights it contains are essential to breaking out of all self-imposed prisons." -Gary Zukav, author The Seat of the Soul and The Dancing Wu Li Masters "The Way Out is a practical and refreshingly honest roadmap for gay men whose journey just begins with 'coming out'. Christopher Nutter's own self-exploration identifies real challenges for gay men, and gives insights and tools to help us be our best selves." -Alan Van Capelle, Empire State Pride Agenda • Called "the gay Dr. Phil," and "a new player in the great American debate about values," the author is becoming the first gay self help guru. The Way Out has been featured in the virtually every major gay media outlet in the country, including Out, The Advocate, Genre, HX, IN Los Angeles Magazine, The San Francisco Bay Times, and Bay Windows, and major mainstream publications, including The San Francisco Chronicle, Time Out New York, Publisher's Weekly, and The Miami Herald. The Way Out is the first work of spirituality for gay men to be endorsed by Oprah's guru and Seat of the Soul author Gary Zukav; GLAAD president Neil G. Giuliano ; Chair of the Gay and Lesbian Committee of the American Psychiatric Association, Dr. Jack Drescher ; and Executive Director of the Empire State Pride Agenda, Alan Van Capelle ; The author recently became the first gay spirituality author to teach for the Learning Annex.


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