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Bookman & The Lady (biblio.com)
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A Biblio bookseller, Bookman & The Lady, recently wrote an article for Ohio about their business and their love of books.

Here’s a snippet:

And yet we do sell books. Actual physical books that people still buy, even in this age when every form of media can be delivered digitally and often instantaneously.

I can understand why a person would say that…that no one buys books anymore.

And yet, people like to talk about books, whether they’re doom and glooming it about the decline of the book or mourning a burned down library or – in what is happily more and more becoming my reality – talking about how much they love books. And, in so far as our very subjective experience as people who sell books goes, people do buy books.

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Their northern New Mexico online shop specializes in rare and collectible books and vintage clothing: http://www.thebookmanandthelady.com/

You can view the bookish part of their inventory at their Biblio storefront.

Forgotten French Crime Novelist to be Reprinted in English

One of the twentieth century’s bestselling crime novelists also happens to be someone you’ve probably never heard of: Frédéric Dard. Despite selling a staggering 200 million copies of his novels in his native France, Dard was never widely translated into English. The author died in 2000, with 300 books published, but not a single English language edition still in print. All of that is about to change. Pushkin Press is translating a whole slough of Dard’s novels into English under … Continued

Christie’s Will Auction Neal Cassady Letter to Jack Kerouac

  Neal Cassady’s hugely influential 1950 letter to Jack Kerouac – called “The Joan Anderson Letter – will be a leading lot in the June 16th auction at Christie’s. The 13,000 word stream-of-consciousness letter was penned to Kerouac while Cassady was on a three day Benzedrine high.  Among other topics, the Cassady letter ruminates on his chaotic love affairs, particularly with a woman named Joan Anderson who he visited in a hospital after a failed suicide attempt. Cassady’s spontaneous prose … Continued

Trending on Biblio: The Poky Little Puppy

The Poky Little Puppy Golden Book
The 1944 stated 7th edition, listed by Appledore Books, ABAA


“Five little puppies dug a hole under the fence and went for a walk in the wide, wide world.”


The Poky Little Puppy (A Little Golden Book) is a classic, and in fact, some serious fodder for nostalgia for almost everyone in the United States who was born after World War II.  For a snarky perspective on this type of children’s book, check out this Slate article, “Why So Poky?”

The Little Golden Book series was first published in 1942 by Simon & Schuster, and The Poky Little Puppy was one of the first 12 books they printed.  This series was created to be the most affordable and durable children’s books available, and it was a winning concept: three editions totaling 1.5 million books sold out within five months of publication.

The Poky Little Puppy was written by Janette Sebring Lowrey and illustrated by Gustaf Tenggren.

The specific listing that has been popular today is for a hardcover copy from 1944 with an uncommon dustjacket, and is listed by Appledore Books, ABAA.

Read more about this specific listing here, including details on its condition, provenence, and history.



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Trending on Biblio: The First Bible printed in America

The Aitken Bible, The Bible of the Revolution - the first Bible printed in America - trending on Biblio.com #rarebooks
The Bible of the Revolution
The Aitken Bible, The Bible of the Revolution - an early American printed Bible trending on Biblio.com #rarebooks
Interior page with provenance of previous owners.

The Aitken Bible was the first Bible printed in America.

The first complete Bible in the newly formed nation was printed in Philadelphia in 1782 by Robert Aiken, although there had been copies of the Bible printed when the land was still considered British colonies, as well as copies printed in German.


Printed and sold by Robert Aitken, this Bible was created in response to a shortage of the Holy Book on American soil due to the embargo on goods from England during the American Revolution.  The Continental Congress itself endorsed the creation of this Bible, leading to this often being called “The Bible of the Revolution.

This specific edition that everyone has been looking at so far today is listed on Biblio by William Reese Company – Americana.

Read more about this specific listing here, including details on its condition, provenence, and history.

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Found: Harper Lee Article for FBI Magazine on Kansas Murders

Found: Harper Lee Article for FBI Magazine on Kansas Murders -from FB&C and Biblio.com Rare Finds
Image from Garden City Telegram.

In a story well known to American literature enthusiasts, Harper Lee accompanied her childhood friend Truman Capote to Kansas in the wake of a brutal quadruple murder in 1959. Capote would later publish the hugely popular “nonfiction novel” about the Clutter Family murders entitled In Cold Blood seven years later.

Capote brought Lee with to Kansas to help him interview the locals about the murders, although he later downplayed her contribution, referring to her instead as a “research assistant.” Lee, meanwhile, ramping up for the publication in 1960 of To Kill a Mockingbird, wrote her own article about the murders for Grapevine magazine, a periodical published for members of the FBI. Lee’s article, which was published unsigned, has been re-discovered by Lee biographer Charles J. Shields. (more…)

Anne Frank’s Copy of Grimm’s Fairy Tales Heads to Auction

Anne Frank’s personal copy of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, bearing the ownership signatures of Anne and her sister Margot, was scheduled for the auction block on May 5 at Swann Galleries. The otherwise unremarkable 1925 German edition of Grimm’s Fairy Tales (Aus Grimms Märchen) is expected to fetch $20,000-30,000. When the Frank family fled their Amsterdam apartment for the secret annex on Prinsengacht street, the book was left behind. The book found its way into a secondhand bookshop where a Dutch … Continued

Biblio offering CABS scholarship to a Bookseller

A talk by Michael Suarez, titled "Ecosystems of Value: Thinking about the Circulation of Antiquarian Books"
A talk by Michael Suarez, titled “Ecosystems of Value: Thinking about the Circulation of Antiquarian Books”

In support of Biblio’s commitment to excellence in bookselling, we are pleased to once again pay the tuition for a bookseller to attend the Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar.

The Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar is one of the single greatest resources available for professional booksellers of every experience level to increase their knowledge.

This is the eighth year that Biblio has offered a bookseller a scholarship to attend the Seminar. Biblio’s scholarship awards:

  • The full cost of tuition for the Seminar
  • $250 toward accommodations at the facilities provided by the seminar
  • $250 donation to a non-profit of the winner’s choice which promotes literacy and/or education
  • One year of Biblio’s lowest commission option with all monthly fees rebated.

Past scholarship recipients have reported the amazing depth of information available during this 5 day event, and we are proud to be able to help booksellers attend.

To apply, please provide:

  • A few paragraphs on why you hope to attend the Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar. (no more than one single-spaced page)
  • A brief description of the charity you would choose to receive the donation and why you chose them (no more than one single-spaced page)

Email your entry to scholarship@biblio.com by May 30, 2016.
We’ll announce a winner by June 10th.

First Folio Discovered on Scottish Island

First Folio found in Scotland, as seen on Biblio.com
Image by Mount Stuart


While Fine Books & Collections was busy covering the New York Antiquarian Fair and Rare Book Week NYC this past week, some major news surfaced from across the pond. A previously unknown First Folio was found at Mount Stuart House on the Isle of Bute off the Scottish coast. (more…)