Four Unknown Beatrix Potter Illustrations Found in England

By Nate Pedersen, Fine Books & Collections

Four previously unknown Beatrix Potter illustrations were found tucked away in the library at Melford Hall, a Tudor mansion and National Trust property in Suffolk, England.

The drawings focus on interior and exterior scenes of Melford Hall itself, which was frequently visited by Potter between 1899 and 1938 when her cousin Ethel Leech lived there with her husband and three children. (more…)

Brontë Bible at Auction

Brontë Bible at Auction - Image via Sotheby’s.
Brontë Bible at Auction – Image via Sotheby’s.

By Rebecca Rego Barry

Apropos to our summer issue’s feature on Charlotte Brontë’s bicentenary, Sotheby’s London is offering a bible that the author gifted to her best friend Ellen Nussey in 1837. The diminutive (duodecimo) bible was printed in 1821 and bound in red morocco with gilt edging. The sparse inscription in Brontë’s hand reads “E Nussey | from | C Bronte | 1837.”

At the time, Brontë, 21, and Nussey, 20, had already been friends and correspondents for several years. But why did Brontë bestow a bible? According to Sotheby’s, she was “experiencing some religious confusion. This, coupled to an emotional separation from Nussey, may have prompted the gift.”

A later inscription reveals that Nussey bequeathed it to a relative, Mary Carr, before her death in 1897. Some penciled verse and marginalia of unknown origin appears in the book as well.

The sale is scheduled for July 12, and the estimate is £15,000-20,000 ($19,000-25,000).


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The dread and envy of them all

In the wake of the British “Brexit” vote that not only begins the process of withdrawing from the European Union, but also potentially triggers the break-up of the United Kingdom, the libretto to a piece of eighteenth-century theatre illustrates the tangled history of Britain and Europe. In 1700, England faced a succession crisis: twelve years previously, the Roman Catholic king James II had been ousted by his daughter, Mary Stuart and her husband, the Dutch Protestant William of Orange. They … Continued

Babar Comes to Houghton Library

Reprinted with permission from Fine Books & Collections, Barbara Basbanes Richter, author

Harvard’s Houghton Library recently acquired the complete archive of Jean de Brunhoff’s preparatory materials for his 1934 alphabet book, ABC de Babar. Over one hundred sketches, hand-colored proofs, and other items were gifted to the library by Laurent de Brunhoff and Laurent’s wife, Phyllis Rose. (more…)

A Revamped Website for Mosher Press Collectors

Reprinted with permission from Fine Books & Collections, Rebecca Rego Barry, author

Just a few weeks ago I was delighted to hear that collector and bookseller Philip R. Bishop renovated and relaunched a website devoted to the work of American private press pioneer Thomas Bird Mosher (1852-1923) of Portland, Maine. As Bishop writes of him, “Mosher’s contributions to the private press movement in the United States rank him high as a major exponent and promoter of the British Pre-Raphaelites, Aesthetes, and Victorians to his fellow Americans.” This comprehensive website complements Bishop’s bio-bibliography, Thomas Bird Mosher: Pirate Press of Publishers (Oak Knoll Press, 1998). (more…)

Explaining it all: Encyclopaedia Britannica

encyclopaedia britannica, eleventh edition
Listed by Digital Editions on Biblio
Encyclopaedia Britannica, Eleventh Edition on
Listed by Digital Editions on Biblio

In a recent article for the Chicago Tribune,  Donald Liebenson takes a look at the new book Everything Explained That Is Explainable by Denis Boyles.

The book is about the Eleventh Edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. This acclaimed edition of the encyclopaedia was published in 1910-1911, and was made up of over 44 million words bound in 29 volumes. It is considered the bar by which scholarly reference books are measured.

Liebenson was kind enough to mention in his article that Biblio has copies of this edition for sale. It is true! The specific listing they mentioned is from the bookseller Digital Editions in New Jersey. The complete 29 volume set comes with it’s own lovely, vertical case. As the bookseller describes in their listing, this edition is “The ultimate encyclopedic reference for the historian (or any other scholar who wishes to discover the “state of knowledge” in his or her specialty before 1910.”

The case is included in the listing, as well as a buckram-bound “Reader’s Guide” – all for the price of $10,850.00 USD.


Check out the listing and it’s full description here.

Here’s ALL of the eleventh edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica on Biblio at this time.

Read the full article about the book on the Chicago Tribune here.

Rare Birds: An American Family

Trending on Biblio:


9780813121796 Rare Birds: An American Family as seen on
Signed copy listed on Biblio by Warwick Books

Yesterday’s Google Doodle of the day was about a famous bird watcher named Phoebe Snetsinger.

Phoebe was born on June 9, 1931 and passed away on November 23, 1999. During her 68 years on Earth, she managed to spot 8,393 separate bird species, a record that still hasn’t been beaten!

As people noticed and appreciated the Google Doodle, we noticed traffic to a particular listing of a book, Rare Birds: An American Family.

This book is not *just* about Phoebe Snetsinger, although her story is featured strongly. Penned by Dan Bessie, Phoebe’s cousin, the narrative tells of the whole family and their interesting tales.

From the publisher: “…the author details the numerous and often extraordinary achievements of his family. His uncle Leo Burnett headed one of the world’s largest advertising agencies, his father’s cousin helped found the Athenaeum Press, and another uncle, Harry Burnett, founded a Los Angeles theatre.”

Learn more about this particular signed copy of “Rare Birds: An American Family” listed on Biblio by Warwick Books.

Click here to view ALL copies of this book on Biblio, including reading copies and collectible copies alike.


Trending on Biblio: The Egyptian Book of the Dead

Trending on Biblio: The Egyptian Book of the Dead
The Egyptian Book of the Dead – listed by “The Book Collector” shop.


Recently, folks have been flocking to Biblio to see this copy of “The Egyptian Book of the Dead” offered for sale. I wonder what inspired this sudden enthusiasm for Egyptology?

The Egyptian Book of the Dead. The Most Ancient and the Most Important of the Extant Religious Texts of Ancient Egypt, with various chapters on its history, symbolism, etc, etc. Together with a translation, revised as to certain details of M Paul Pierret by Charles H S Davis

Charles Davis translated and edited the French edition of Pierret’s Le Livre Des Morts Des Anciens Égyptiens and updated it with additional research.

The Book of the Dead offers and excellent section titled: the Mythology and Religion of Primitive Peoples; The Egyptian Pantheon, with illustrations of some of the important deities; The Mythology of Ancient Egyptians.

‘The Book of the Dead‘ is the common name for the ancient Egyptian funerary text known as ‘The Book of Coming ‘[or ‘Going‘]’ Forth By Day‘. The book of the dead was a description of the ancient Egyptian conception of the afterlife and a collection of hymns, spells, and instructions to allow the deceased to pass through obstacles in the afterlife.

You can browse other Egyptology books on Biblio.

Learn more about this specific copy of The Egyptian Book of the Dead, it’s provenance, and condition…

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Trending on Biblio: Blueprints from Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Falling Water”

 An incredible find, the original 12 blueprints for the most important architectural marvel in history - Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright.
Original 12 blueprints – Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright.


University Archives lists all sorts of wild ephemera and collectibles, but this one is really getting the attention of the internet lately:


The original 12 blueprints for the most important architectural marvel in history – Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright


According to their listing “These blueprints, to our knowledge, are the only ones known in private hands.”


Learn more about this incredible, unique item and its price and provenance.

Browse ALL Frank Lloyd Wright related books and ephemera on Biblio.

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A New Chapter for First Edition of “Alice in Wonderland”

Last year, the world celebrated 150 consecutive years of Alice in Wonderland in print with seminars, conferences, readings and film screenings. 2016 has another tantalizing event on the horizon: At high noon on June 16, in a stand-alone sale at Christie’s New York, an extremely rare first edition copy of Lewis Carroll’s landmark publication will be on the auction block, still in its original red cloth binding and with unparalleled provenance. Sometimes referred to as the “Suppressed Alice,” the first … Continued