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Woman Take Two

by Telcine Turner

ISBN: 9780533064267

Vantage Press;

Love and greed - these are the two elemental passions Telcine Turner deals with in her exciting three-act play, Woman Take Two. Set in the Bahamas, it tells the tale of a few people forging alliances for themselves - for love and/or money. There is Harold Davies, the man who will sacrifice all, even his daughter's happiness, for his career. His daughter, Sonia, a free spirit, iwill find herself merely the pawn in her father's nefarious plans. Then there is Beverly Humes, a young woman seeking to make her way in the world. Her fiance, Lionel Joseph, however, is not at all helpful. Arrogant and high-spirited, he soon gets himself and Beverly embroiled in Harold Davies's schemes. Merline Evans, Beverly's aunt, serves as a sort of Greek chorus for the whole imbroglio, adding her warmth and homespun wisdom to the brittle and direct dialogue going on among the main characters. Finally, there is Matilda Bacombe, the Davies's maid, who plays an important part in the unwinding of the plot. Author Telcine Turner writes with sensitivity and insight into her characters. Suspenseful and intriguing, Woman Take Two provides a glimpse into the darker side of the human character.

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