Help Support Independent Used Bookstores

Independent Bookstores Are Important

If you're like us, you have a deep affinity with used book stores - there's something about them that simply feels right. If so, join and its independent booksellers in promoting literacy, environmental responsibility and the success of small, independent businesses around the world.

Not only that, but independent businesses are the lifeblood of our economy, creating jobs, community vitality, and culture. For more information, the American Booksellers Association has some terrific studies supporting these facts.

Yet, independent bookstores face an increasing threat from large internet corporations that siphon customers away from small businesses. Indeed, every month more and more booksellers close their doors. Biblio is here in part in order to help them them that tide, to compete in a fair marketplace that places their interests alongside our own business interests.

Unlike some of our larger corporate competitors, we don't have a very big marketing budget. We rely on fellow book lovers and book sellers to spread the word about us and what we're trying to do - that probably means you!

Simple ways you can support independent bookstores online:

  • Put a link to Biblio on your site or sites
  • Hand out some Biblio bookmarks to friends, family and co-workers (need some? just ask:!)
  • Follow Biblio on Facebook
  • Join the Bibliophiles' Club
  • Blog about Biblio and/or books from our site
  • Shop your local independent brick-and-mortar bookstore
  • Know an independent bookseller who isn't on Biblio? Tell them about us.

If you enjoy using Biblio, please consider using one of the options below to share the love of books with others. Simply choose a link you'd like to use from the list below, copy the provided code and insert it into your website, blog, emails or social media posts. Thank you for choosing and supporting independent business!