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An article showing just what “ecosend” and our promise to be “carbon-neutral” means!

Greensburg Wind Farm

Some of you may already be familiar with NativeEnergy through our partnership with them in our ecosend program. Now we’re going to help build the new Greensburg (Kansas) Wind Farm by offsetting a percent of the estimated carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from our daily operations and order shipments.

On May 4, 2007 an EF-5 tornado leveled Greensburg, destroying 95% of the homes and leaving a path of devastation nearly two miles wide. The community voted overwhelmingly to rebuild and to do so in environmentally responsible ways that would leave a legacy for future generations and serve as an example of a sustainable American community. This commitment has captured attention and support across the nation.

The Greensburg Wind Farm project will create significant economic and environmental benefits for the City as the community continues rebuilding on its path to be “the greenest town in America”. Ten wind turbines will generate 12.5 MW of electricity, which is enough energy to power about 4,000 homes.

We invite everyone to follow its lead and take the same initiative to address climate change by visiting Individuals, organizations, and businesses can learn more about their global warming emissions and steps they can take to reduce and offset their impact – like helping build the Greensburg Wind Farm and other emissions reducing projects.

Greensburg is already the first U.S. city to light all streets with LED lights, the first to have a LEED requirement for all municipal buildings, and a new Business Incubator Building, which hopes to achieve LEED Platinum status.

The wind farm will be located on farmland just southwest of the City. Several farm families will receive direct economic benefits from hosting the turbines.

The City had seen its school enrollment cut in half in recent decades, but now residents see new and compelling reasons for young people to remain, build their lives, and raise their families in this green community.

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