You did it!


A young student enjoys reading, thanks to your help.

The BiblioWorks 2nd Annual Literacy Festival has been completely funded! 

We would like to offer a sincere “Thank You” to everyone who contributed to the recent IndieGogo campaign.  The folks at BiblioWorks, the staff at, and of course the students themselves appreciate every effort encouraging the spread of literacy and the love of books.

What else has been going on with BiblioWorks?

***The library at Sopahcuy was opened in 2008, and it is soon to be a completely sustainable library, meaning that the city and community will be able to keep the library going without being dependent on the support of BiblioWorks!

***BiblioWorks has teamed up with two great projects, Inti and Cara a Cara, to be able to bring the joys of art to 31 children in Bolivia.

***Learn about volunteer opportunities with BiblioWorks.

***Did you miss the IndieGogo campaign?  Donate to BiblioWorks!


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