Bibliobar: What you should read, based on your favorite drink

In that same vein, we’ve been daydreaming about opening our own bar – the Bibliobar – where you get a classic book to go with your drink order. It’s kind of like a blind date, only safer and more likely to be a good match. Here are our book recommendations based on what you’re drinking. Feel free to chime in with your own drink and book recommendations in the comments, and look for round two (and three) of Bibliobar.

Cookbooks by Bestselling Authors

There are many famous authors who were also quite fond of food – there’s George R. R. Martin and his lemon cakes and roast capons, J. R. R. Tolkien and his hobbit-sized feasts, and countless other sumptuous tables described in detail throughout popular literature. Some authors take their gastronomic pleasures more seriously than others. To celebrate them, we’ve curated a list of cook books by bestselling authors for you to enjoy. 1. Maya Angelou (1928-2014) is best known for her … Continued

Cookbooks for Crazy People

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of hearing about all of these special dietary conditions that everyone seemed to spontaneously develop overnight in March 2011.  Every other conversation is about how “Oh, I can’t eat that burrito because my gluten intolerance will cause me to sprout hair from my eyeballs” or about how “my color blindness greatly affects my anxiety levels, so I can’t eat that piece of celery, but I would love a couple of purple grapes!”


The next big diet fad is right around the corner, and you can help spearhead it by buying a copy of the next trendy cookbook.

Luckily, we have some fantastic options featured below!


Enjoy summer's bounty with a little help from Biblio

Maybe it’s the slow economy. Or maybe it’s the celebration of locally grown food that you can find at your  neighborhood farmers’ market. But, canning and preserving fruits and vegetables is on the rise. If you do not have a green thumb, no worries. Farmers’ markets abound and with some help from Biblio’s shelves, you can enjoy the fruits of the season all year.

NPR interviewed Cathy Barrow on Wednesday, September 1st and provided inspiration for even the most skeptical soul.  Canning is not as hard as you think and just imagine opening up that jar of tomatoes on a snowy day in January, to be used in a recipe or for salsa–la dolce vita!

For further know-how, you must check out Cathy’s blog.  She consistently updates her site with new recipes and takes full advantage of in-season produce.  She also shares wonderful insights and can simplify recipes.  Reading her blog inspires you to try new things in the kitchen.  I am going to try the Lemon-Fig Confiture–it doesn’t look too difficult and it will be wonderful this Fall and Winter.

However, the other source of inspiration can be found at Biblio.  Biblio has over 60 titles that will be sure to assist you, maybe not quite as good as your personal sous-chef, but close enough.

Feel free to share your personal adventures as you pursue the art and science of canning and preserving.  Bon appetit!

Top 10 Holiday Food and Wine Books

Holidays are nearly synonymous with great food, but somebody has to make it. Rachel Jagaresky provides us a top ten list of cooking and wine books that is sure to help you get through a savory holiday season.