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AIR POWERED : The Art of the Airbrush

By Wakerman, Elyce (Text); Bob Zoell, Rick Probst, & Griffins, W. Scott (Designers)

New York, NY: Random House/Richard H. Childers Production, 1979. Text/BRAND NEW & Bright. Embossed white boards/NF; strong & sound w/light corner wear, and, trace paint smudges to front. DJ/None. Illustrated endpapers; closed tear to rear endpaper. A history and a gallery of prime examples of the airbrush art. Contents are: 1, Introduction; 2, History; 3, Portfolios; 4, Science Fiction: Fact & Fantasy; 5, Retouching; 6, Technical Illustration; and, 7, Behind the Scenes. Strong copy.. First Edition, First Thus. Hard Cover. Near Fine/No Jacket.



By Robb, David M.

New York, NY: Harper & Bros, 1951. Text/VG; Strong, sound, & bright w/discoloration to c. 20 pgs (markedly to 3) from pressing flowers --- removed except for one (pg 783). Bi-color boards/VG w/rubs to upper lower edges. DJ/VG; intact w/nips, chips, losses to edges. Light soiling to lower text edge. Classic, intellectual history and criticism of Western art. Art historican and teacher David M. Robb (- 1990) considers formal patterns of painting within the context of historical and philosophical thought of the times as well as the state of the art in terms of artistic materials and implements. The author, a Guggenheim fellow and Fulbright scholar, also published ''The Art of the Illuminated Manuscript'', and collaborated with J. J. Garrison in the ''Art in the Western World.'' Strong copy despite flaws.. First Edition, 4th Printing. Hard Cover. Very Good/Very Good.



By Burk, Dale A.; (Vivian Paladin, Introdution)

Missoula, MT: Mountain Press, 1980. COLLECTIBLE. First Edition, First Thus.Text/Bright, cleans, & Near New. Beige linen boards w/gilt spine lettering/Fine. DJ/NF w/short nips, chips, closed tears & losses to edges & light surface rubs; under mylar. Endpaper map to Selcted Art Centers of the Northern Rocky Mountains. Monograph. Study of artistic accomplishments of the Northern Rockies chronicling the past, the contemporary scene, and projections of the its future. Author signed with a note of admiration to Bob Wolf, whose work, Wings of Summer (Red-Tailed Hawk) appears as Plate 18 in the volume, and inspires in the author as sense of "freedom of the wild.". Signed by Author/Gift Dedication. First Edition. First Thus. Hard Cover/Stitched. Near Fine/Near Fine.


FRIDA KAHLO : The Brush of Anguish

By Zamora, Martha; (Abridged & Translated from the Spanish By Marilyn Sode Smith)

San Francisco, CA: Chronicle Books, 1990. First Edition, First Printing. Text/BRAND NEW. Gilt embossed maroon linen boards/Fine. DJ/NF; price-clipped (likely by publisher); light edge wear w/rubs to back leading edge & fine abrasion (sensed by the hand) to back surface. Trace smudge to fEP. First published in Spanish under the title: Frida: El Pincel de Angustía; this is both a translation and an abridgement of the original text. An initimate biography of talented Mexican artist Frida Kahlo (1910-1954), illustrated with historical photographs and 75 reproductions of Kahlo's works.. First Edition, First Pinting. Hard Cover. Near Fine/Near Fine.


MESSAGES ON STONE : Selections of Native Western Rock Art

By Stokes, William Michael; & Stokes, William Lee

Salt Lake City, UT: Starstone, 1980. Text/BRAND NEW & Bright. Illustrated, stapled soft cover/NF w/trace edge wear & light surface scratch to upper left corner by spine. Map of the Four Corners area to rear cover verso. First published 1980; this copy is 14th Printing of 1997. Monograph of salient motifs and symbolism of Native American tribal rock art. Fine copy.. First Edition, 14th Printing of 1997. Soft Cover/Stapled. Near Fine/None as Issued.


FREDERICK REMINGTON : Paintings, Drawings, and Sculpture in the Anon Carter Museum and the Sid W. Richardson Foundation Collections

By Hassrick, Peter H.(Text); Johnson, Ruth Carter (Foreword)

New York, NY: Harrison House, 1987. Text/BRAND NEW. Gilt embossed taupe linen boards/Fine. DJ/NF; price clipped else Fine. Gitf dedication to fEP. First published 1973 by Abrams. Collection of the masterful art work of Frederic Remington (1861 - 1909), literally made possible by the friendship and shared interests in the art of American frontier. 26th President Theodore Roosevelt (1858 - 1919) said of Remington's work, "The soldier, the cowboy and rancher, the Indian, the horse and cattle of the plains, will live in his pictures, I verily believe, for all time."; and so it has. Remington's paintings were often large in scale as was the expanse of the west; many are reproduced in fold-out format. Fine copy.. First Edition, First Printing. Hard Cover. Near Fine/Near Fine.


MÜNSTER : Curiosities and Treasures

By Bergenthal, Josef; (Translated from the German By Sylvia Furness Edinburgh)

Münster, Germany: Verlag Regensberg, 1969. Text/BRAND NEW Copy. Textured red cloth boards embossed in gilt/Fine. Illustrated DJ/NF w/light edge wear, small soil (coffee?) spot to mid-upper front, & trace soiling. Printed on hi-gloss paper with 98 illustrations. Frontispiece: Engraving of The Old Town Hall in Mûnster, capital of Westphalia and a beautiful, old town in Germany. A scholarly presentation of the town's history and cultural riches.. First English Edition, First Thus. Hard Cover. Fine/Near Fine.



By Narita, Kiyofusa

Tokyo, Japan: Paper Museum, 1979. BRAND NEW Copy. Red endpapers. Author Kiyofusa Narita is the Director of the Paper Museum. Tokyo, Japan. Text first introduces Chinese official Ts'ai Lung of the court of Emperor Ho of the Later Han Dynasty, c AD 105, and his techniques and methodology. Chinese methods were introduced to Japan (via Korea) in 610 and soon brittleness was solved through usage of kozo tree bark, laying the basis of Japan's papermaking industry. 6 chapters: 1, A Life of Ts'ai Lung, The Inventor of Paper; 2, A Brief History of Japanese Hand-Made Paper; 3, Making Paper by Hand in Japan; 4, Suminagashi, Ink-Floating Paper or Marbled Paper; 5. Patterned Paper, Ebosho & Watermarked Paper; and, The First Marchine-Made Paper in Japn.. Revised & Enlarged Edition, First Thus. Soft Cover. Fine/None as Issued.


THE ART-MAKERS : An Informal History of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in Nineteenth-Century America
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THE ART-MAKERS : An Informal History of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in Nineteenth-Century America

By Lynes, Russell

New York, NY: Dover, 1982. Text/BRAND NEW & Bright. Illustrated soft cover/VG w/light edge wear, faint creasing to lower back corner, & showing trace soiling. First published 1970 under the title: The Art-Makers of Nineteenth-Century America; this is the Dover unabridged, slightly corrected, republication. Learned and readable account chronicling the spirit of a dynamic and inventive era in 19th century American art. Text supported by some 211 illustrations. Fine copy in less soft covers.. Reprint. Soft Cover. Very Good/None as Issued.



By Christensen, Erwin O.

New York, NY: Mentor/New American Library, 1959. Text/BRAND NEW, showing margin discoloration. Illustrated soft cover/VG; Strong & sound w/rubs to all leading edges. Trace humidity soiling to lower edge of first 30 pgs. Study of the evolution of Western painting, sculpture, architecture, and arts & crafts. 12 chapters: 1, Prehistoric Art in Europe; 2, Egyptian Art; 3, Ancient Near Eastern Art; 4, Greek Art; 5, Etruscan & Roman Art; 6. Early Christian & Byzantine Art; 7, Early Medieval & Romanesque Art; 8, Gothic Art; 9. Renaissance Art; 10, Baroque & Rococo Art; 11, Modern Art in Europe; and, 12, Art in the United States. Strong copy.. First Edition, 10th Printing. Soft Cover. Very Good/None as Issued.



By Gridley, Marion E.

Chicago, IL: Towertown Press, 1966. Paperback. BRAND NEW Copy. Author's signature pasted on title page. Sponsored by the Museum of the American Indian in New York City. Compilation of statues honoring native Americans. Sienna photo illustrations are augmented facts and vignettes. Rear Index gives location by state. Fine copy.. First Edition, First Thus. Soft Cover. New/None as Issued.


THE ART OF FLORENCE : An Interpretation

By Powers, H.H.

Newton, MA: The University Prints/Macmillan, 1912. Text/As New w/faint soiling to pgs 66, 67, & 141 - 143. Gilt embossed blue linen boards/VG; Strong & sound w/rubs to leading edges, chiefly to corner tips and upper/lower spine edges. PO name on fEP. A partial interpretation of the devlopment of Christian art from the time of Constantine through the works of Michelangelo. Premise being, barring Moorish art in Spain, Christian dominance of art, and that from the 4th to the 16th century European art was primarily developed in the service of the Christian religion.. First Edition, First Thus. Hard Cover. Very Good/No Jacket.


ROME OF THE CAESARS (Italia Artistica Collection, New Series 8)

By Dal Maso, Leanard B.; (Translated from the Italian By Michael Hollingworth)

Florence, Italy: Bonechi - Edizioni Il Turismo, 1975. Stated Printing of December, 1975. BRAND NEW copy. Illustrated soft cover encased in original plastic cover. No. 8 in the Italia Artistica Series, all in colour, devoted to masterpieces of art in Italy. Enthralling architectural recontruction of ancient Rome, whose emperors were titled Caesars. Formidable work drawing from historical documentation and selection and extraction from scattered remains upon which the papal and modern Rome has been imposed. Profusely illustrated, including photographs of recontruction models; a delight for the historically minded.. First Edition, First Thus. Soft Cover. Collectible - New/None as Issued. First Edition, First Thus.