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Paperback, Sci-Fi, From Bag A Book


The Watch Below

By James, White

Ballantine, 3rd, 1978. Very Good Condition,


Thorn And Needle

By Paul B., Thompson

TSR, 1st, 1992. Very Good Condition,


Shakespeare's Planet

By Clifford D., Simak

Magnum, 1978. Good Condition,



By Martin, Caidin

Dell, 1st, 1981. Very Good Condition, Light Spine & Edgewear,


Dr. Bones Book 2: The Cosmic Bomber

By William F., Wu

Ace, 1st, 1989. Very Good Condition,


Red Dwarf

By Grant, Naylor

Penguin, 7th, 1989. Good Condition,


There Will Be War

By Jerry, Pournelle

Tor, 1st, 1983. Very Good Condition,