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Leopard 1 and 2; The Spearheads of the West German Armored Forces

By Laber, Thomas

Hong Kong: Concord Publications [962-361-007-6] 1990. (Oblong 4to staplebound) np. Very good plus. Black and white and color photographs and illustrations. "During the first post war decade only countries with a working tank industry, such as the United States of America, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union, were able to continue with development and construction of armored fighting vehicles. Concerned by this situation, the West German government decided in 1955, to equip the newly drawn up Federal German Army (Deutsche Bundeswehr) with US built M47 and M48 main battle tanks" - from the Introduction. Book about Leopard 1 Tank & Leopard 2 Tank. Time Period 1955. Locale: Germany; West Germany. (Weapons, Armored Vehicles, German Armed Forces, Tanks, Weapons).


Panzerkampfwagen V Panther (Publisher series: Schiffer Military History.)

By Scheibert, Horst

West Chester: Schiffer Military History [0-88740-314-X] 1991. (Oblong 4to staplebound) 47pp. Very good plus. Photographs, illustrations. "The Panther was, in terms of design and technology, probably the best medium tank of the Second World War, though it lacked only the maturity later brought about by long development and testing. Therefore it was not until 1945, when it was already too late, that the Panther began to show its true combat potential". Book about Panther Tank--Germany & Panzerkampfwagen--Armored Fighting Vehic. Publisher series: Schiffer Military History 37. (Weapons, Armored Vehicles, Tanks--German, Weapons).


P-61 Black Widow in Action (Publisher series: Squadron / Signal.)

By Davis, Larry (Illustrations by Don Greer.)

Carrollton: Squadron/Signal Publications [0-89747-248-9] 1990. (Oblong 4to staplebound) 49pp. Very good plus. Black and white and color illustrations, photographs, diagrams. "The Northrop P-61 Black Widow was the only American aircraft designed as a nightfighter to be produced during the Second World War. The Black Widow proved to be a deadly night-fighter in combat against both the Germans and Japanese" - from the Introduction. Book about Night Fighters & P-61 Black Widow--Aircraft. Illustrations by Don Greer. Publisher series: Squadron / Signal 106. (Weapons, Aircraft--Military, Fighter Aces, Royal Air Force, World War II).


T-71 Soviet Main Battle Tank
stock photo

T-71 Soviet Main Battle Tank

By Zaloga, Steven J.

Hong Kong: Concord Publications [962-361-004-1] 1989. (Oblong 4to staplebound) np. Very good plus. Black and white and color photographs and illustrations. There is a previous bookseller's sticker on the front inside cover. "The Osnovnoi Tank T-72 (Standard tank T-72) is the most numerous Soviet tank of the current generation. The T-72 was developed on the basis of the radical new T-64 tank, and first entered service in 1971. The main design criteria for the T-72 was to retain the excellent armor and firepower of the T-64, while at the same time adopting less expensive subcomponents like the engine and drive train" - from the Introduction. Book about T-72 Tank. (Weapons, Armored Vehicles, Soviet Army, Tanks, Weapons).


Sturmgeschutz III; (L / 24 & L33) (Publisher series: Schiffer Military History.)

By Scheibert, Horst

West Chester: Schiffer Military History [0-88740-350-6] 1991. (Oblong 4to staplebound) 47pp. Very good plus. Photographs, illustrations. "In this work we offer a very precise portrayal of the Sturmgeschutz III with the short assault gun (Special Motor Vehicle 142). Its primarily [sic] purpose was as a support weapon for the infantry after General Guderian put the battle tanks in the middle of the action and thus took it away from the foot-soldiers of the infantry" - from the Foreword. Book about Sturmgeschutz--Tank--Germany. Publisher series: Schiffer Military History 42. (Weapons, Tanks, Weapons).


Sd. Kfz. 166 Sturmpanzer 'brummbar'; Volume 1

By Trojca, Waldemar (With Markus Jaugitz.)

Winnipeg: J.J. Fedorowicz Publishing [0-921991-64-9] 2001. (4to paperback) 88pp. Very good plus. Black and white and color photographs and illustrations, diagrams. (Weapons, Military--Germany, Tanks, Weapons).


Twenty-Two Caliber Varmint Rifles

By Lands, Charles S.

Georgetown: Small Arms Technical Publishing Company 1947. (Hardcover) 524pp. Very good in very good dust jacket. Tables, photographs, illustrations, appendix, notes, advertisements. The dust jacket is edgeworn including chips missing from the corners and spine and some clear tape repairs and a previous owner's name on the front endpaper. "This book has been written and published for the purpose of acquainting gunmakers, sportsmen, and riflemen with the extraordinary possibilities of the .22 caliber rifle as a hunting arm and for target work and testing. Its preparation and publication had no connection with any firearms, ammunition, rifle sight, powder manufacturer, or custom gunsmith. It is the combined work of an author and a publisher, both of whom are experienced hunters and riflemen, who have taken this means of providing shooters and rifle cranks with a practical work on the .22 varmint rifle and its ammunition, such as never before has been attempted" - from the Introduction. Time Period 1940's. (Weapons, Firearms, Rifles, Shooting).


The Expert Sword-Man's Companion; Or the True Art of Self-Defence, with an Account of the Author's Life

By Mcbane, Donald (Edited by Jared Kirby.)

New York: Jared Kirby [9781542618328] 2017. (Trade paperback) 198pp. Fine. Notes, illustrations. "In contemplating an introduction to Donald McBane's book, there is very little that one can add. His illustrious life and infamous reputation is well explained in the autobiography which composes the second half of his book. We have his own accounts, in his own voice which will give the reader a much better sense of the man than I ever could" - from the Introduction by Jared Kirby. Time Period 17th Century & 18th Century. Edited by Jared Kirby. Foreword by Ben Miller. (Weapons, Military History, Self-Defense, Swordsmanship, Weapons).


Broadsword Academy

By Thompson, Christopher Scott

Christopher Scott Thompson [5800104548645] 2014, 2nd edition. (Trade paperback) 545pp. Very good plus. Notes, photographs, illustrations. The covers are lightly rubbed. "Ever since I was a small boy, I have had a fascination with the history of Scotland and the culture of the Scottish Gael, and an equally strong fascination with the art of swordsmanship. When I was a teenager, my father used to take me into the city when he was picking up paper for the family printing business, so that I could spend time in the library researching these topics. I filled notebook after notebook with the information I found, slowly amassing background information on the history, mythology, religion, social structure and lore of the Gael" - from the Introduction. Book about Gaelic Life & Scottish Gael. (Weapons, History--Scotland, Self Defense, Swordsmanship, Weapons).


Cutting with the Medieval Sword; Theory and Application

By Edelson, Michael

San Bernardino: Michael Edelson 978-197-9910972 [978-197-9910972] 2017. (4to paperback) 162pp. Near fine. Black and white and color photographs and illustrations, diagrams, notes. The bottom front corner is lightly creased. "For centuries, masters of defense throughout the world jealously guarded their knowledge, sharing it only with their students and patrons. But it was not just their techniques that they wanted to keep hidden - their most closely guarded secret was not what to do with a sword, but how to do it. This book lays bare the principles of the use of the sword with unprecendented detail - principles that are universal across nearly all cultures and time periods, including our own". Book about Masters of Defense. (Weapons, Fencing, Guidebooks, Medieval History, Military History, Swords, Weapons).


Polish Saber; The Use of the Polish Saber on Foot in the 17th Century

By Marsden, Richard

Tyrant Industries 978-0-9847716-5-3 [978-0-9847716-5-3] 2015. (4to) 235pp. Very good plus, no dust jacket. Black and white and color photographs and illustrations, maps, notes, pronunciation, bibliography, index. The corners and spine are lightly bumped. "The Polish Saber was the mark of a man 17th century Poland. A Polish szlachcic (nobleman) didn't leave the house without his saber firmly buckled at his side. The saber was the guarantee of, not only his Golden Freedoms, but also of his personal honor. These weapons, of various shapes and sizes, but often noted for their fearsome curves, were integral to the Polish culture, and yet little is known of their techniques when it came to their use in defense of honor and person". Book about Fencing, Sabers & Swords. Time Period 17th Century. (Weapons, History--Poland, Military History, Weapons).


The Flower of Battle; MS Ludwig XV 13 (Various authors have used this byline. This title is attributed to Fiore Dei Liberi.)

By Hatcher, Colin (Edited by Tracy Mellow.)

Tyrant Industries 978-0-9847716-8-4 [978-0-9847716-8-4] 2017. (4to) Near fine, no dust jacket. Maps, black and white and color photographs and illustrations. The spine is lightly bumped at the top and bottom. "Fiore dei Liberi was a weapons-master from Italy who was active in the 14th and early 15th century. After fifty years of training Italy's elite, he put his art to paper and created the Flower of Battle. The Flower of Battle covers unarmed combat, the use of the dagger, sword, spear, axe as well as fighting in armor, without and on horseback as well as other odds and ends. MS Ludwig XV 13 is the most complete surviving copy of Fiore's work and has been painstakingly translated by Colin Hatcher and formatted to be as close to the original as possible by Tracy Mellow in an effort to bring Fiore's work to the English-speaking world". Book about Weapons Master. Time Period 14th Century & 15th Century. Edited by Tracy Mellow. Translated by Colin Hatcher. Various authors have used this byline. This title is attributed to Fiore Dei Liberi. (Weapons, Combat, Fencing, Manuscript Illumination, Military History).


Historical European Martial Arts in its Context; Single-Combat, Duels, Tournaments, Self-Defense, War, Masters and Their Treatises

By Marsden, Richard

Tyrant Industries 978-0-984771660 [978-0-984771660] 2016. (4to) 215pp. Very good plus, no dust jacket. Black and white and color illlustrations and photographs, notes, bibliography, index. The corners are lightly bumped. "Historical European Martial Arts is the study of treatises on the use of arms. Richard Marsden delves into the history behind the treatises and examines the context of the times. Spanning from the 14th century to the 18th century, the history of Europe's martial arts are brought to life as a single-combat, duels, tournaments, self-defense, war, the masters, and their treatises are explored". Book about Tournaments, Treatises. Time Period 14th Century, 15th Century, 16th Century, 17th Century & 18th Century. (Weapons, Arms, History--Europe, Martial Arts, Self-Defense, Weapons).


Italian Rapier Combat; Ridolfo Capo Ferro

By Kirby, Jared (editor)

Barnsley: Frontline Books 978-1-84832-645-3 [978-1-84832-645-3] 2012. (Oblong 4to hardcover) 147pp. Near fine in near fine dust jacket. Frontispiece, glossary, illustrations. "This beautifully-illustrated and detailed book presents one of the world's most influential fencing treatises. Ridolfo Capo Ferro was a legend in his own lifetime and his intricate and exact instructions were copied and emulated throughout a Europe bewitched by this Italian's grace and style. The book, illustrated with 43 striking plates, gives a very real flavour of the panache of this expert in swordsmanship and mastery of that most lethal of weapons - the rapier". Book about Rapier Combat. Time Period 17th Century. Locale: Italy. (Weapons, Combat, Fencing, Military History, Swordsmanship, Weapons).


The Wallace Collection; European Arms and Armour

By Edge, David

Woking: Trustees of the Wallace Collection 1992. (Staplebound) Near fine. Glossary, color photographs, tables, notes. "Such is the quality and diversity of the Wallace Collection, ranging across masterpieces of fine art, furniture, porcelain, sculpture and metalwork, that it is easy to forget that numerically the largest of all these groups is the arms and armour" - from the Introduction. Book about Wallace Collection. Time Period 16th Century, 17th Century, 18th Century, 19th Century & Collectibles. (Weapons, Armour, Weapons).


A Number of Anglo-Saxon Antiquities Found at Grove Ferry, in the Parish of Wickham, Kent, Including a Sword Pommel and Two Iron Umbos of Shields

By Copeland, A.

London: Society of Antiquaries 1894. (Paper covers) 7pp. Very good. Original text re-bound in paper. Illustrations, notes. There are two inch-long discolorations at the top of the front cover. "Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries - London 15, 1893-1895". (Weapons, Antiques, Antiquities, Collectibles, Weapons).


Hatcher's Notebook; A Standard Reference Book for Shooters, Gunsmiths, Ballisticians, Historians, Hunters and Collectors (Publisher series: NRA Library Book.)

By Hatcher, Julian S.

Harrisburg: Stackpole Company 1952, 3rd printing. (Hardcover) 488pp. Very good plus, no dust jacket. Red cloth with gilt lettering on the spine. Photographs, illustrations, diagrams, charts, tables, index. There is a previous owner's name in ink on the front free endpaper and a previous owner's blind stamp on the title page and rear free endpaper. Publisher series: NRA Library Book. Locale: United States. (Weapons, Ballistics, Collectibles, Guns, Gunsmithing, History, Hunting, Rifles, Shooting, Weapons).


Making Folding Knives (Identified on cover as: Making the Folding Knife.)

By Hoffman, Harold

San Angelo: H&P Publishing 1989. (stiff paper covers) 130pp. Very good. Illustrations, diagrams, photographs, charts, glossary, index. The covers are lightly soiled and edgeworn. "The many years of experience and information that is in this book will simplify and make knife-making for you simple. The book is written for the person who has limited experience in metal and metal work". Identified on cover as: Making the Folding Knife. (Weapons, Folding Knives, Knifemaking, Metalwork, Weapons).


Treasures from the Tower of London; An Exhibition of Arms and Armour

By Norman, A.V.B. (With G.M. Wilson.)

Norwich: Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts 1982. (4to paperback) 131pp. Very good plus. Illustrations, color photographs, reading list, glossary. (Weapons, Arms and Armor, Exhibition Catalog--England, Exhibition Catalog--Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts, Military, Tower of London, Weapons).


P-38 Lightning in Action (Publisher series: Aircraft No.)

By Davis, Larry

Carrollton: Squadron Signal Publications [0-89747-255-1] 1990. (Oblong 4to staplebound) 57pp. Very good. Black & white and color illustrations, photographs. Publisher series: Aircraft No. 109. (Weapons, Fighter Aircraft, Military, P-38 Lightning, Lockheed, World War 2).


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