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Cruise Books of the United States Navy in World War II: A Bibliography (Naval History Bibliographies)

By Mawdsley, Dean L.

U.S.A.: United States Government Printing, 1993. Naval History bibliographies No. 2. Paper covers. 144pages. index. drawings. . Inscribed By the Author. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall.


Ships and Aircraft of the US Fleet 11th Ed

By Polmar N (ed)

Arms & Armour, 1978. 350pages. in torn Dustwrapper. 23 cms x 23 cms Comprehensive descriptions of ships and aircraft of Navy, Marine Corps, Coastguard, Reserve Force, Auxiliary and Service Craft, Weapons, Dry Docks, Fleet Organisation etc. proposed 5 year building plan. Over 1000 b/w photographs. Index of Ships..


Bluejackets' Manual

By United States Navy

1950. 828 Pages. 13 x 21cms. paper browned 14th Edition. All aspects including customs & ceremony, career prospects, ships & aircraft, life at sea, drill, seamanship & communications including boatmanship. Duties. Naval words & phrases. Index. Illustrations, diagrams & sketches..


History of the United States Navy in 4 Volumes. VOL. 2,3,4ONLY

By Spears J. R

1898. History of the United States Navy from its origin to the present day 1775-1897. Over 400 illus, maps and diags. Bound in blule cloth with gilt title to spine. Uncut paper. 3 vols. reasonably good. Bookplates. 1 vol. spine a littlle cracked.. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall.


Africa & The American Flag

By Foote Commander A.h.

1854. map. 390 Pages. 13 x 20cms. lacks 2 pages copies made Page 87 & 88. 6 engravings missing. some pages little creased. original brown cloth with gilt motif, covers worn and spine cover small part missing. Brown staining. Author was in command of the U.S. Brig "Perry" 1850/51 on the coast of Africa as part of the United States squadron for the suppression of the slave trade. Experiences with history of slavery in the region & the conditions. 6 lithographs..


Us Destroyers

By Friedman N.

1982. 489 Pages. 20 x 28cms. Illus. design history. All classes described in detail from torpedo- boat forebears to current Spruance class, including some designs not actually constructed, modifications, weapon systems, etc. Detailed profile drawings including many internalarrangements by A.D. Baker III. Chapter on destroyer combat experience in WW2 with battle reports. More than 200 b/w photographs. Data Tables. Technical details Index.. Good/Good.


American Cruisers Of World War Two: A Pictorial Encyclopedia. 9th Printing 2000
stock photo

American Cruisers Of World War Two: A Pictorial Encyclopedia. 9th Printing 2000

By Ewing S

1984. 2 Maps. 152 Illus. 140 Pages. 21 x 28cms. Colour Pictorial Paper Covers. 9th Printing 2000. New Development. Heavy & Light Cruisers by class. Alaska Class Battle-Cruisers. The Cruiser-Carriers. Profiles. Biblio. Colour Frontis.. Good.


Big Five Tennessee Colorado No. 1

By Lipiecki S. Encyklopedia Okretow Wojennych No. 36

2003. Polish text. 64 pages of illus, diags, plans. Fold out large plan of ships. Paper covers. New. Art paper.. Pictorial Covers. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall.


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2001. Heroic Men, Great Ships, and Epic Battles of the American Navy. . .436 pages. 65 black & white illus. 15 maps. 16 x 24. A narrative from the Revolutionary War to the present, the ships that dominated, titanic personalities, and the battles that made history. Biblio. Index. V/G in D/W..


American Gunboats & Minesweepers. (ww2 Fact Files)

By Lenton H. T.

1974. 100 Illus. 64 Pages. 20 x 28cms. Paper covers, Lists all auxiliary escort vessels of US navy in WW2..


Pearl Harbour: Final Judgement

By Clausen H./lee B

1992. 0850523907 1 Maps. 37 Illus. 485 Pages. 15 x 23cms. Good in D/W In 1944 Secretary of War Stimson instructed young lawyer Henry Clausen to question under oath nearly 100 Army, Navy, Civilian & British Personnel, 800 page report remained Top Secret for 50 years after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour showing theconspiracy theories as wildly inaccurate. The Army Pearl Harbour Board was flawed. Failure of co-operation between Navy & Army over vital intelligence due to malpractices & malfunctions was the route cause of the catastrophe particularly as the Japanesecodes were known. 6 append. Index. .


America's Navy In Ww2 Nd About 1948

By Cant G

22 Illus. 279 Pages. 15 x 25cms. Early history. 11 maps & diags. .


American Battleships, Carriers & Cruisers

By Lenton H. T.

1968. 73 Illus. 160 Pages. 10 x 15cms. good In D/WMacDonald & Janes. navies of WW2. All classes detailed..


Sea Power In Its Relations To The War Of 1812 2 Vols

By Mahan A. T

1905. 15 x 23cms. Good. US ed. 3rd concluding work in series "The Influence of Sea Power upon History Vol 1 - 11 illus, 6 maps & battle plans. 423p. Vol. 2 16 illus, 19 map & battle plans. 437p. Index. or EX-Lib set £35.00 .


Mr Lincoln's Admirals

By Macartney C. E

Good, Few Pages Stained/In Frayed Duswrapper. 1956. Unsigned 15 Illus. 335 Pages. 15 x 20cms.US Naval Commanders at the time of the civil war. Index. Biblio. Chronology. .


Iowa Class Battleships

By Muir M.

1987. 175 Illus. 160 Pages. 18 x 25cms. good in D/W Ship histories of the longest lived & last battleships in the world. "Iowa", "New Jersey", "Missouri", "Wisconsin". 15 append. Sources. Index. End paper maps..


National Watercraft Collection

By Chapelle H I

1960. Unsigned 23 x 28cms. Good. Covers little marked. A catalogue of the collection of models, paintings, drawings & plans in the United States National Museum. Over 200 illus. & plans. Biblipgraphy. Index. 327 art pages. .


Damn The Torpedoes!

By Martin C

1970. Unsigned 280 Pages. 15 x 20cms. Good in D/W Story of America's first Admiral. David Farragut. No illus. Index. .



By Stewart A.

1985. 9 Maps. 35 Illus. 190 Pages. 15 x 23cms. WW2 fiercest naval Campaign. Index..


The Last Patrol.

By Holmes H.

1994. 124 Illus. 212 Pages. 15 x 23cms. V/G in D/W. The service careers of the 52 United States Submarines lost during WW2. 6 appendices including list of Japanese Vessels sunk by the individual submarines. Short biblio. Index..


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