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Reies Tijerina

By Stang Alan

Belmont, Ma: American Opinion, 1967. First Thus. Staplebound Wraps. Good. 22 pages of genuine right wing wacko nut job BULLSH*T in a 6 x 9 inch pamphlet brought to you in black print on white paper with lines down each column so that your eyes do not stray where they shouldn't go, sort of. You know what we mean, don't you? Some minor soiling by an ungrateful reader to front and back cover of this fine piece of intellectual Horse hockey pucks.


None Dare Call It Treason

By Stormer John A

Florissant, Missouri: Liberty Bell Press, 1964. Twentieth printing. Trade Paperback. Very Good. 253 pages, 4 X 7 inches. "1964 is a year of crisis and decision. Will America continue to aid the communist enemy, to disarm in the face of danger, to bow before communist dictators in every corner of the earth? The decision is yours!"A true relic of the Goldwater campaign of 1964. Minor chip to front cover. Because of the cheap paper used foxing throughout. "... We cannot defeat Communism with Socialism, nor with secularism, nor with pacificism, nor with appeasement or accommodation ... a 'soft' attitude toward Communism can destroy us."More gloom and doom from the FAR right wing.