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Plays (Published as Books) From Paper Time Machines


Antigone by Sophocles - by Chandler Editions Study Guides

By Sophocles - (Translated by Michael Townsend)

Published by Chandler Publishing Company (Similar to Cliff's) in 1965. There is very little wear on the book. Aside from a small green mark, the book is free of any writing, markings or stone


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By Owen Meredeth

"Lucile" is a play by Owen Meredeth. From Wikipedia: Lucile was a verse poem written by Robert Bulwer-Lytton writing under the pen name, Owen Meredeth, and published in 1860. The poem is a narrative told in an anapaest meter. It was Meredith's most popular work, achieving wide popularity in the 19th century......""In the century following its initial publication, over 2000 editions were produced by nearly 100 publishers".This beautiful turn of the 19th/20th Centuries edition of "Lucile" was published by Hentry Altemus Company. There is a Christmas 1902 dedication in the front of the book, but the book itself is undated. It is in Good Used Condition, with a typical amount of wear on the beautifully colored hard cover.