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By Robinson, William E. (Assistant to the late Herrmann)

New York: Munn & Company, 1898. HC. good++, decorated red cloth (hardcover) bump top two corners. 66 B&W illustrations. Contents include: The Single Slate; The Double Slate; Miscellaneous Slate Tests; Mind Reading and Kindred Phenomena; Table Lifting and Spirit Rapping; Spiritualistic Ties; Post Tests, Handcuffs, Spirit Collars, etc.; Seances and Miscellaneous Spirit Tricks; Miscellaneous Tricks. Fascinating book in which Robinson shows how with the use of such things as graphite or slate pencil attached to the fingertip, and specially prepared slates, spirit slate-writing is obtained. He also reveals how levitation occurs with pulleys in darkened rooms, tables move in response to lifting by a medium wearing a leather cuff with a retractable hook, and electric signals are transmitted, sometimes by transmitters concealed in the medium's hair. A classic magic title. This copy would be very good, except at one time it must have been dropping causing a bump/bend to the two top corners. This can be seen in the cloth, there are no breaks, and the book block was not affected. A very good copy otherwise. 148pp, ads.



By Kaye, Marvin

Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Company, Inc, 1977. PB. good+, wraps (softcover). ill. by Al Kilgore. ISBN 0385123248 An indispensable guide to the apparatus and technique of over 250 tricks. 280pp.