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Texas: A Salute from Above
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Texas: A Salute from Above

By T. R. Fehrenbach

This book is in good condition. There is some minor wear on the front back and spine of the cover boards. The edges are slightly worn. The corners are definitely bumped on the cover boards. The pages are clean and clear of any markings. "Some time ago I wrote of Texas: In the beginning, before any people, was the land: and immense region 265, 00 square miles in area rising out of the warm muck of the green of the Gulf of Mexico, running for countless leagues of rich coastal prairies, forests, ans savannahs; reaching out hugely 770 miles from boundary to boundary south to north and east to west, to enclose a series of magnificent, rising limestone plateaus, ending in the thin, hot air of blue-shadowed mountains...." - Introduction from Texas: A Salute from Above