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Desperate Man

By Wayne d Overholser

Great Britain: Chivers Press, 1996 A Gunsmoke Western. No rancher in Colorado's Dillon Park Territory was richer or meaner than Cameron Runyon.As treacherous as a rattlesnake,Runyon used his wealth to get whatever he wanted.And what he couldn't buy with a fistful of gold,he sent his murderous gunmen to take.But when his hired killers shot down Dave Munro's father.The book is in good condition. It is ex-library and has all the usual stamps on the second inner page.It may have had the stamp page neatly removed. A small pen number to inner board. The pages are very white and clean. Wonderful laminated pictorial cover showing a gunman sat on his horse,being followed by three other horsemen riding through a ' Western type ' landscape.


Trail the Man Down

By Stephen Payne

London: Wright & Brown, 1957 Binding is dark blue with yellow lettering to the spine. Spine is slightly cocked from being read. Opening and closing pages have some tape marks from an old cover over the dj that was taped to the book. 192 pages. Dj has some chips and what looks like a small, circular cigarette on the back cover and some slight creases, otherwise bright and clean; now protected inside a new cover. May be an ex-library book, but there are no stamps, etc to prove this except for a "Western" sticker on the spine. Cover features a group of cowboys, one of whom is lying on the ground and another of who is holding a smoking revolver. while two others look on. "Missing, a hundred thousand dollars! Bob Carmody, when he was left for dead by a masked man, knew who had it. But how could ge prove it? The only clue was a half-burnt letter. He made his laborious way across the desert on foot, and was rescued from his predicament by a girl who proved a good friend! Bob's arrival at the V. Lightning causes great consternation in certain quarters. He was to be made the scapegoat, and his appearance spoiled the plot. Henceforth he was a marked man, and he learned by bitter experience what it was to be a fugitive with every man's hand against him. Undaunted he pursued his investigations, and besides recovering the money, exposed a great robbery racket."


He Rode with Death - a Black Horse Western

By Cole Richard

Great Britain: Hale, 1986 Abel Duke was just about flat broke when Francine Welham offered him the well paid job of getting her to her husband in Kranz Town. But big pay and big work don't always go hand in hand., and it wasn't long before the men hired to kill Mrs Welham appeared on the scene and began making life difficult for Duke.The book is ex-library and has the usual stamps to the second inner page , also the date record page has been removed. Small pen letter to inner top board., same small mark to inner back board. Otherwise the book is in good clean condition, with very white pages.There is a fabulous picture to the cover which is laminated. It shows a cowboy hiding behind some rocks next to a train line,holing some explosive , and with a train steaming towards him. It is an excellently evocative piece of artwork.The book is sound and firm.


The Western: An Illustrated Guide and Index to 2,200 Films

By Allen Eyles

London: Zwemmer, 1967 183 pages, including an index and numerous black and white photos. An illustrated guide to the stars, supporting players, directors, screenwriters, composers, cameramen, authors and others who have contributed to the Western film, plus a record of screen portrayals of the most famous real-life Westerners and an index to 2,200 films.


The Border Country

By Donn Glendenning

London: Robert Hale, 1981 a very good clean copy of this book. Ex hospital library with two neat stickers and one stamp. The 159 pages are clean and firm. Black cloth boards with no wear , silver title to the spine. A very good colourful jacket - with only the smallest sign of shelfwear to the top of the spine and the tip of the top corners.


Texan Bounty Hunter

By Ron Watkins

London: Hale, 1997 pictorial cover slightly soiled on back board.ex lib with two lib marks.first pge torn out poss by lib.small ink mark inside front cover.pge 50 loose.pge 91 to 96 loose.small ink mark rear inside cover plus 3 small letters.pges clean.


Ambush Trail

By Lee Floren

New York: Belmont Tower a tight clean copy of this paperback date.slight browning to edges of pages due to age.cover is clean with no creases.old price sticker on rear cover.


The Festival of the American West

By Utah State Division of Fine Arts

America: Utah State Division of Fine Arts, 1977 This brochure is in very good condition with very minor creasing to the centre of the stapled spine where it has been held open to be read. It is very clean, both to the cover and internally. The book is packed with pictures and text covering the Festival of the American West ( 5th season ) The history of the American West is the epic of an iron - willed people, brave, adventurous, and frequently bold, whose collective faith in their country helped to shape a dramatic national destiny. The early pioneers lived hardy, chore-filled lives, and were a people challenged as few have ever been. This brochure of the Festival is full of pictures of the pageant, in which all the people taking part wear the appropriate costumes, the Great West Fair, in which there are pictures of people making candles, soap, wood carving, pottery, and Indian crafts and skills.There is an article on Frontier Street, with photos, the Quilt Show with photos, a Western Cookout, with photos. There are articles and photos on the Old West Parade, the Antique Gun Show, the Historical Farm and a Posse. The inner back cover has a wonderful painting of a wagon train on the move being watched by two American Indians. The pageant narrator was Jimmy Stewart ( photo and article ) - Guest host -Ben Murphy ( photo and article ) This is a wonderful memory book for anyone with an interest in thr American Pioneers, their way of life and their costumes. The brochure has 34 pages with a glossy, pictorial cover.


Marked Deck at Topango Wells

By William Colt MacDonald

London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1970 pictorial cover ex lib with usual marks.first blank pge missing.some pges soiled small corner ripped last blank pge.binding sticker back inside board.jacket end piece stuck down to inside back cover.small ink letters back inside cover.some marks inside front cover.otherwise good reading copy.


Gun Trail for Gus Hoffman

By D B Summers

London: Robert Hale, 1971 Gus Hoffman learned the truth about his brother's court martial and execution from Sargeant Jim Benbow. Old hatreds were resurected in Hoffman.,and rvenge was on his mind.But other people also wanted to seek revenge, and Hoffman found himself asking what they were up to. The answer when it came was startling to say the least. The book may be ex-lib as there may have been a page removed at some time but there are no lib. marks.It is clean internally. The jacket is priced clipped and rather chewed along the top edge.The base of the spine on the jacket is also nibbled and the corners are showing some wear. There may be a light lib. mark on the inside of the jacket. The book is still firm and the page edges are clean.


The Camp Robbers

By Buck Thompson

London: Robert Hale, 1985 spine showing signs of wear to top poss been glued down looks ok.ex lib with faint markings ink numbers written on first pge and ink one inch sqiggle to inside cover.first pge removed poss by lib.


Sundown Gun

By Dean Owen

Great Britain: Chivers Press, 1991 Ex-library book with ffep missing. pages clean and bright. library stamps. He smelled trouble as soon as he rode into his home town. Hoyt Sabbath had come home to gather his own herd from his fathers ranch, marry his girl and go back to his job on another range.But when Nord Turnbull collared him outside the saloon with a threatening message for his father,Hoyt knew the old feud between the turnbulls and Sabbaths still raged.The book is ex-lib.with all the usual stamps to the second inner page. Small pen numbers to inner board and the date page has been removed, otherwise the book is in a good clean condition with very clean pages.The book is firm.The cover shows a very angry cowboy firing a gun , the flash of which blazes out from the gun barrel in a flash of colour.A very good piece of artwork on the laminated cover.