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Violets and Vinegar - an Anthology of Women's Writings Snd Sayings Chosen with Tom Hartman

By Illy Cooper

U K: Corgi, 1982. Tight pages. Some light edgewear. One reading crease to the spine.. ISBN: 0552118699. Mass Market Paperback. Good. Womens Studies. Women's Essays. Catalogs: Fiction, Women's Studies.


Professing Feminism - Cautionary Tales from the Strange World of Women's Studies

By Daphne Patai & Noretta Koertge

New York: A New Republic Book - Harper Collins, 1994. both the book and jacket are in very good condition. 235 pages. The pages are very clean and bright. The jacket has only minor shelf wear. No creases.. ISBN: 0465098215. First. Hard Back. Very Good/Very Good. 81/2 in x 51/2 in. Womens Studies. Feminism Women's Studies. Catalogs: Women's Studies.


The Myth of Women\'s Masochism
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The Myth of Women's Masochism

By Paula J. Caplan Ph.D

New York: E. P. Dutton, 1985. An excellent copy of this book. 280 very clean and bright pages inc. index. The jacket is also in excellent condition with no creases or wear, just a very light fading to the spine.. ISBN: 0525243615. First. Hard Back. Fine/Near Fine. 81/2 in x 51/2 in. Physchology. Psychology Physchotherapy Masochism Freud. Catalogs: Psychology, Women's Studies.


Sex in the City - the Essential Guide to Dating and Sex for Modern Women

By Lisa Sussman

U K: Carlton Books, 2004. A new and unread book. Excellent condition with no creases or shelfwear. Glossy laminated covers. 320 tight pages. -- Sex is like shopping - the only way you can decide if something works for you is to try it on and wear it for a while. With literally hundres of hot sex tips, wild ideas for between the sheets bliss and satisfaction guaranteed positions, the author tackles every aspect of dating, relationships and sex you can imagine - and plenty that you can't. published price £14.99p. ISBN: 1862001650. First. Trade Paperback. Fine - New Book. Illus. by Lucy Truman. 8in x 6in. Sex. Sex Dating Girl Power Singletons Cosmopoliton Self Help. Catalogs: Adult, Women's Studies, Health and Fitness.


The Nine Secrets of Women Who Get What They Want
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The Nine Secrets of Women Who Get What They Want

By Kate White

U K: Random House, 1998. A very good copy of this book. No creases to the covers. Reading creases to the spine. 194 very tight, clean pages. Slight 'lean' to the book. ... make your move rather than wait for it. Create the moments yourself. Give yourself more drive, energy and tenacity. Addopt the authors approach and watch your life and career go into orbit.. ISBN: 0712677186. First. Trade Paperback. Very Good. Self Help. Self Help Womens Careers. Catalogs: Self Help, Women's Studies, Business Management.


Great Sex

By Alexandra Penney

London: Piatkus, 1990. No creases to the spine or to the covers. Tight clean pages. A little shelf wear.. ISBN: 086188986 X. Reprint. Mass Market p/back. Near Fine - New Book. Self Help. Sex Sensual Technique Sexual Intensity. Catalogs: Self Help, Adult, Women's Studies.


Mutuwhenua - the Moon Sleeps

By Patricia Grace

London: Livewire from the Women's Press, 1978. No creases to the spine or to the covers. Small rubbed area to the title page.155 clean pages inc. glossary. The book has been laminated. - could be an ex-library but no stamps. Small inked number to title page. Page edges browning. Excellent art-work to the cover.. ISBN: 0704349116. First Paperback. Trade Paperback. Very Good. Illus. by Janet De Wagt. Womens Studies. Womens Press Maori New Zealand. Catalogs: Fiction, Women's Studies.


Roman Women - Their History and Habits

By J. P. V. D. Balsdon

London: The History Book Club, 1966. A book and jacket in excellent condition. 351 very clean and bright pages. Illustrated. The jacket has no faults. An excellent copy.. Hard Back. Fine/Fine. History. Roman History Rome Womens Studies. Catalogs: History, Women's Studies.


The Gaia Atlas of Future Worlds: Challenge and Opportunity in an Age of Change

By Norman Myers, Foreword By Kenneth E. Boulding

London: Robertson McCarta, 1990. Binding is black cloth with silver lettering on the spine; 190 pages including the index. Global warming and lightning political change, supertechnology and famine, chaos theory and the Gaia hypothesis - without doubt, the world of tomorrow will be radically different from that of today. Change is the one thing we can be sure of - environmentally, politically, socially, forces are at work that will ripple through the lives of all creatures on the planet. How far do we understand these processes and the triggers of change? How will they interact, to impact on our lives sooner than we expect? What kind of future world do we want, and how can we exerecise this choice? Do we indeed have a future? Here, for the first time, is a book that addresses these questions in a planetary context. Future Worlds provides a far-sighted, challenging, and sharply focused picture of present forces for change, likely outcomes with their mulitple interplays, and the routes to a sustainable and vital future. We have the skills, and the knowledge, to take these paths. But do we have the wisdom to choose and the courage to avoid delay? With its unique graphics, maps of regional impacts and features on the dynamics of change and how events can take us by surprise, Future Worlds marks a turning point in human perception - amd makes an important contribution to our efforts to shape a more holistic future. . ISBN: 1853651281. First. Hard Back. Fine/Fine. 9 1/2" x 6 1/2". Atlas. Atlas Global Warming Politics Chaos Theory Gaia. Catalogs: Ecology, Women's Studies, Economics, Science, Current Affairs, Atlas, Environmental.


Queen Christabel: Biography of Christabel Pankhurst

By David Mitchell

London: Macdonald and Janes, 1977. Binding is black cloth with silver lettering on spine; 397 pages including the index. Some minor shelfwear to dj; now protected inside a cover. . ISBN: 0-354-04152-5. First. Hard Back. Near Fine/Near Fine. 9 1/2" x 6". Biogaphy. Biography Suffragette. Catalogs: Biography, Women's Studies.


Even the Stars Look Lonesome

By Maya Angelou

London: Virago Modern Classics, 1998. An excellent copy of this book, in a nera fine jacket. Very slight edge wear to the top edge of the cover. 145 clean, tight pages. --- ' I write about being a black American woman, however, I am always talking about what it's like to be a human being. This is how we are, what makes us laugh, and this is how we fall and how we somehow, amazingly, stand up again '- Maya Angelou.. ISBN: 1860494706. First. Hardback. Fine/Near Fine. Autobiography/ Women;s Studies. Womens Studies Autobiography Black American. Catalogs: First Editions, Non-Fiction, Women's Studies, Autobiography.


There is a Place on Earth: a Woman in Birkenau

By Giuliana Tedeschi, Translated By Tim Parks

London: Lime Tree, 1993. 218 pages; some tanning, mainly towards the edge of the pages, otherwise tight and clean. Giuliana Tedeschi, ayoung woman from Turin's Jewish intellectual community, was deported to Birkenau concentration camp in April 1944. How she summoned all her resources to remain alive and human is the subject of this remarkable autobiographical account. This is a woman's story, seen and felt through a woman's sensibility. It is an account of the destruction of the feminine personality, the ooss of the body's rhythms, of intimacy, beauty and the sense of self. Yet simultaneously it affirms the human spirit in bizarre touches of tenderness: women gently pushing prams bearing, not babies, but heaps of Nazi loot: a birch tree in leaf glimpsed as the exhausted inmates return to the camp. Miraculously, despite the ever-present threat of annihilation, what prevails is a woman's frank love of the body and the senses, and a close bond with fellow prisoners. Spanning the extremes of human experience, this book depicts a nightmare world of suffering and survival, inhabited by people stripped to their very essence.. ISBN: 0-413-45711-7. First British Paperback. Large Softcover. Near Fine. 8 1/2" x 5". Autobiography. Autobiography War Jewish Birkenau Concentration Camp Nazi. Catalogs: Biography, Women's Studies, War, Autobiography.


Raging Hormones: Do They Rule Our Lives?

By Gail Vines

London: Virago, 1993. 184 pages including the index; slight tanning towards outer edges of pages, otherwise bright and clean. Are PMT and the menopause "hormonal deficiency" diseases? Is testosterone responsible for male aggression? Do hormones determine our sexuality? Is fatness a hormonal issue? In this lively and fascinating book, Gail Vines challenges the notion that biological explanations alone can make sense of our behaviour. Drawing on evidence from both the social and natural sciences, she argues a case for a new synthesis, at the same time questioning the easy promise of a "chemical fix" from the burgeoning pharmacopoeia of hormonal drugs. Inspecting metabolic myths and mysteries, she presents important data that undermines the traditional divide between mind and body, nature and nurture, making this book a critical intervention into one of the most challenging areas of contemporary social and scientific debate.. ISBN: 1-85381-592-6. First. Large Softcover. Near Fine. 7 1/2" x 5". Health. Health Women's Studies. Catalogs: Medical, Women's Studies, Health and Fitness.


Introducing Women's Studies: Feminist Theory and Practice

By Diane Richardson and Victoria Robinson (editors)

London: Macmillan, 1994. Some very minor shelfwear, otherwise bright and clean. 421 pages including the index. Women's Studies is a rapidly expanding field of study with its own concepts, theories and methodologies. Feminist insights are also transforming the academic disciplines. In the last twenty years there has been a wealth of feminist theory from a variety of perspectives, and to date there has been no comprehensive textbook introducing the main themes and issues in an accessible way. This interdisciplinary introduction to Women's Studies does just this. It looks at the major subject areas of Women's Studies including, among others, "race", feminist theory, sexuality, health, education, work, the family, literature, representation, as well as debates within Women's Studies itself. Each chapter provides an overview of the main issues and debates within each area and offers suggestions for further reading. . ISBN: 0-333-54197-9. Reprint. Large Softcover. Near Fine. 8 1/2" x 5 1/2". Womens Studies. Women's Studies. Catalogs: Women's Studies.


Australian Women Writers: a Bibliographic Guide

By Debra Adelaide

London: Pandora Press, 1988. Mild crease to bottom left hand corner of back cover. 209 pages. This invaluable sourcebook outlines the lives and works of over 450 Australian women writers, and puts rare manuscript collections on the literary map for the first time. It brings to light novelists, short story writers, poets, playwrights, autobiographers, biographers, and non-fiction writers from the earliest days of white settlement to the present. It provides biographical information as well as comprehensive bibliographical details: complete listings of the authors' publications, biographical studies, the most recent and influential critical surveys of their work and maniscript locations. This book opens up a whole continent of women's writing for enthusiasts and curious readers alike. Arranged alphabetically for easy reference.. ISBN: 0-86358-149-8. First. Large Softcover. Very Good Plus. Illus. by Cover: Lucy Richardson. 8 1/2" x 5 1/2". Literature. Literature Women's Studies. Catalogs: Women's Studies, Literary Criticism.


Companeras - Voices from the Latin American Women's Movement

By Gaby Kuppers - Editor

U K: Latin American Bureau, 1994. A very good copy of this book. No creases to the spine. Very light shelf wear. 198 pages.----- This book is of importance to all those interested in how women build viable movements to change their nations and themselves. A vital guide to Latin America women's activism today.An upsurge in women's activism across Latin America over the past decade has provoked vigorous discussions about feminism, machismo and the whole process of social change in this diverse continent. The 25 essays in this book present a unique overview of debates amongst women activists.. ISBN: 0906156866. First. Trade Paperback. Very Good. Illus. by Andy Dark. Womens Studies. Womens Studies Sociology Feminism MacHismo. Catalogs: Student Text Book, Sociology, Women's Studies, Essays.



By Shizuko go

London: The Womans Press, 1985. An excellent copy of this book. No creases to the spine or the covers. --- The year is 1945. Setsuko is a 16 year old schoolgirl who writes to Japanese soldiers, urging them to fight harder. Naomi is griefsricken because her father is in prison for opposing the war effort. Amid sickness, starvation and death, the two girls find comfort in frienship. They argue about patriosm, honour, democracy. The firebombing of Yokohama brings destruction beyond imaginaton, and the end of their world.. ISBN: 0704339617. Translation. Trade Paperback. Fine. Illus. by Lesli Sternberg. Fiction. Womens Press Japanese Yokohama. Catalogs: Fiction, Women's Studies.


Out of the Shadows - Women, Resistance and Politics in South America

By Jo Fisher

London: Latin America Bureau, 1993. A very good copy of this book. No creases to the spine or the covers. 228 clean, tight pages. --- Since the early 1970s the lives of South American women have been dramatically transformed by military rule in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Paraguay, women led the opposition to dictators such as Chile's General Pinochet and Paraguay's General Stressner. In this book women tell the story of the fight against the generals.. ISBN: 0906156777. First. Trade Paperback. Very Good. Illus. by Andy Dark. Womens Studies. Womens Studies South America Argentina Chile Urugay Paraguay. Catalogs: Politics, Student Text Book, Sociology, Women's Studies.


The Stone Diaries

By Carol Shields

London: Forth Estate, 1994. Very light reading crease to the spine. The covers are uncreased. 361 very clean pages. Photographic illustrations. --- This is the story of Daisy Goodwill, from her birth on the kitchen floor in Manioba, Canada, to her death in a Florida nursing home nearly 90 years later. --- Winner of several awards.. ISBN: 1857022254. First Paperback. Trade Paperback. Very Good. Illus. by Andrea Purdie. Novel. Womens Studies. Catalogs: Fiction, Women's Studies.


Getting it Together - Women as Trade Unionists

By Jenny Beale

London: Pluto Press, 1982. A very good copy of this book. No creases to the spine or the covers. 112 tight pages, browning to the edges. --- this book examines the overlap between feminist politics and trade unionism and shows that house work and children should concern all trade unions.. ISBN: 0861045009. First. Trade Paperback. Very Good. Non-fic / Socialism. Politics Socialism Feminism Trade Unions. Catalogs: Women's Studies, Trade Unions.


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