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Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu From Timeless Books


Atlantis Connection : Beyond the Myth and Legend to the Here and Now

By Samsel, W.T

Tal/San Publishing 294 pages. Book is clean inside & out, slant, light edge & corner wear, scuff. Contents include: First Past Life Regression; Tiagorrab of Poseidon; Atlantean Creation Story; On Recorded History and the Cycles of Humanity; Our Relations from the Pleiades & Orion; Descriptions of Early Atlantis; Order of the Ward; Earth Keepers; The First Cataclysm; Birth of an Empire; Aeronautical Development; The Law of One; Opening to Channel.. Soft Cover. Good. Used.


Lost Civilization of Lemuria : The Rise and Fall of the World's Oldest Culture
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Lost Civilization of Lemuria : The Rise and Fall of the World's Oldest Culture

By Joseph, Frank

Rochester, VT, USA: Bear & Co, 2006 343 pages, Bibliography, B/W Photos & Illustrations. Clean inside & out, crisp copy. Contents include: A Lost Super Science; Navel of the World; Giants Speak; Ancient Oceanic Technology; Colonel of Mu; Garden of Eden?; Hawaiian Motherland; Lemurians in America; Asia's Debt to Lemuria; Sleeping Prophet of Lemuria; Destruction of Lemuria; Discovery of Lemuria; Two Hundred Thousand Years in One Thousand Words.. Trade Paper. Very Good +. Used.


Symbols for Eternity : Hidden Wisdom of the Sacred Writings

By Rolfe, Mona; Shephard, Betty; Master Initiate Oneferu; Oneferu

Jersey, UK: Neville Spearman, 1980 175 pages. Book is clean inside & out but for price/name inked out on first page. Dustjacket is clean, has scuff & scratches, small tears. These writing depict the whole story of man's life on earth from his first incarnation in Atlantis, down through the ages and the beginning of his return to the planes of light. Contents include: Visitors from Outer Space; The Stone; Key; Light; Wheat; Vine; Dove; Lamb; Loaves and the Fishes; Cross; Lamp; Lilly; Rose; Apple Tree; Cosmic Bloodstream as the Link between God and Man; Light of Jesus; Early Years of Jesus; St. Matthew; St. Mark; St. Luke; St. John; St. Peter; Judas Iscariot; Thomas, Philip and Judas Thaddaeus; St. James the Beloved; James the Less; St. Paul.. Hard Cover. Very Good/Good. Used.