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ESP, Psychic, Prophecies From Timeless Books


Truth About Mental Telepathy

By Brown, Beth

Simon & Schuster, 1970. 124 pages. Clean, crisp copy, very light edge & corner wear. Author shares her knowledge and belief with a factual guide to developing your telepathic powers - with case histories. . Mass Market Paperback. Very Good. Used.


Boy Who Saw True
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Boy Who Saw True

By Scott, Cyril

C W Daniel Co., 1991. 248 pages. Covers are clean, light corner wear, both covers have crease, dents, text free of marks except last two pages have writing notes. True story of a young boy with clairvoyance who could see auras and spirits, yet failed to realise that other people were not similarly gifted. Prior to his death, the author's wife persuaded him to let the diary be published, he agreed with the stipulation that it was not to appear till several years after his death. . Soft Cover. Good. Used.


Truth About ESP : What It Is, How It Works, & How YOu Develop It

By Holzer, Hans

Manor Books, 1975. 176 pages. Few smudges to covers, pages browning, one page has underlining, edge & corner wear. Contents include: Science & ESP; What Actually is ESP?; Can We Foretell the Future?; Can We Walk Into the Past?; ESP and the Dead; Astral Projection, Bilocation, and ESP; Ouija Boards and Other Psychic Tools; ESP in Twins, Blind People and Drug Addicts; ESP and Telepathy; Nature of Time and ESP; ESP Test Sheets.. Mass Market Paperback. Good. Used.


Mind Trek : Exploring Consciousness, Time, and Space Through Remote Viewing
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Mind Trek : Exploring Consciousness, Time, and Space Through Remote Viewing

By McMoneagle, Joseph

Norfolk, VA, USA: Hampton Roads, 1993 231 pages, b/w photos, line drawings. Clean, crisp copy. Contents include: The NDE; Aftereffects; The SRI Experience; Altering Beliefs; Early Tests; Exercises; Early Examples; Remote Viewing at TMI; Targeting; Opening the Heart; Another World; A Snap in Reality; Levels of RV; Target Rules; Questions & Answers.. Soft Cover. Very Good. Used.


Mediumship As A Way Of Being : A Mini Reference Book

By Nafzinger, Zing

Morrisville, NC, USA: Lulu Publishing, 2008 128 pages, Index, Glossary. Book is clean inside & out, dents & light scuff to covers. Contents include: Banishment and Protection; Detachment and Love; Living As If; Doubt and Discernment; Love Is All There Is; Loving the Meaning; Forgiveness; Managing Psychic Flares; Speaking Truth to Stuckness; Enjoying Your Life; Unprecedented Opportunity; Anthropomorphizing Spiritual Energies; Commitment To Connection; Solidification; Opening To the Spirit Within You; Standing FOR Something; Remembering Who You Are; Living the "Future" Now; Moving Into Higher Awareness; Being Who You Are; Blessing the Whole. . Soft Cover. Very Good. Used.


Develop Your Latent Paranormal Powers : An Eleven Lesson Course
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Develop Your Latent Paranormal Powers : An Eleven Lesson Course

By Dragonstar; Atkinson, Sir William Walker

New Brunswick, NJ, U.S.A.: Inner Light Publications, 2002 93 pages, b/w illustrations. Book is clean inside & out, few page corners folded. An 11 lesson course on crystal gazing, clairvoyance, de-materialization, seeing through solid objects... and learning to excel at other forms of supernatural phenomena.. Soft Cover. Very Good. Used.


My Route to the Other World

By Muir, Gaye

Altstatten, Schweiz: Panorama-Verlag, 1983 349 pages. Clean, inside & out, light edge & corner wear, small light thumb crease in front cover. Author tells of her life and experiences as a spiritualist medium. Contents include: Born in a Storm; Childhood Experiences; Psychic Children; My First Seance; Healing Ventures; The Darker Side; Psychic Phenomena; Getting Known; Trip to Switzerland; Premonition - My Sister's Passing; The Missing Child; Shock through Death; Rattling China; Painter's Prophecy; Ghostly Sitter; Mother's Dog; Healing Cases; How Mental Mediumship Takes Places; Circle Work; Clairvoyance; Trance Mediumship; Demonstration of Trance; Windows of the Soul; The Reason for Living (Trance Address); etc. Trade Paper. Very Good. Used.


Sacred History and Earth Prophecies
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Sacred History and Earth Prophecies

By Dinawa

Sedona, AZ, U.S.A.: In Print Publishing, 1997 232 pages, Line Drawings, Maps. Bright cleann covers, very light edge & corner wear, light crease at hinge, 23 pages have margin marks or hi-lighting. Contents include: Our Mysterious Beginnings; Word and Worship; The Divine Responds; Love Reveals All; False Masters; Quest for Fool's Gold; Rights without Responsibility; Emissaries of Grace; Ego Terrorism; Prophecy; Towards the Sacred Boundless; etc.. Soft Cover. Very Good. Used.


Prophecies with a Divine Answer : A Message from God to the World of Mankind

By Homey 3; Only a Messenger Homey 3

Boca Raton, FL, U.S.A.: Sonicare Solutions, 2003 85 pages, Color Photos, author's signature on title page. Clean, crisp copy, very light corner wear. Book offers a clean and insightful view of the prophecies that have been handed down through the ages, including Bible Code, Hopi Indians, Nostradamus and many more.. Signed. Soft Cover. Very Good. Used.