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Introduction to Aboriginal Societies

By Edwards, W.H.

Social Science Press, 1999. 121 pages, index, references, black-and-white photos. Clean, crisp copy. Contents include: Australian Prehistory; The Dreaming; Environment - Economic Organization; Social Organization; Political Organization; Aboriginal Religion; Language & Signs - Communication in Aboriginal Societies; Aboriginal Art; Values & Change. . Oversized Soft Cover. Very Good. Used.


Seri Indians : A Primitive People of Tiburon Island in the Gulf of California

By De Grazia, Ted; Smith, William Neil

Northland Press, 1970. 63 pages, color & black-and-white illustrations. Book is clean with light scuff on spine area. Dustjacket in Brodart, has some light soil. In this book the author celebrates "The People," as the Seris call themselves, their extraordinary legends and arts in many charming sketches and fifteen paintings. . Hard Cover. Very Good/Good. Used.


Maya Society Under Colonial Rule : The Collective Enterprise of Survival
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Maya Society Under Colonial Rule : The Collective Enterprise of Survival

By Farriss, Nancy M

Ewing, New Jersey, U.S.A.: Princeton Univ Press, 1984. 585 pages, index, bibliography, b/w photos. Edge & corner wear, covers are clean but for few inck smudges on rear cover, small amount of hi-lighting (approx. 50 pages), small light stains on edges (show just slightly on few pages). Contents include: Colonial Regime; Indian Reactions and Spanish Modifications; Divided Colonial World; Elusive Social Bond; Creation of the Colonial Community; Snags and Tears in the Social Fabric; Population Movements; Maya Elites - The Fixed Center; Survival As a Corporate Enterprise; Cosmic Order in Crisis; Maintaining the Cosmos; Neo-Colonial Society.. Oversized Soft Cover. Good. Used.


Sky in Mayan Literature

By Aveni, Anthony F. (editor); Tedlock, Barbara; Bricker, Victoria; Bricker, Harvey; Hofling, Charles; O'Neil, Thomas; Closs, Michael; Lounsbury, Floyd; Paxton, Merideth; Frake, Charles

Oxford Univ Pr, 1992. 297 pages, index, b/w illustrations. Text free of marks, small light spots on bottom edge shows slightly on first 6 pages, boards are clean. Dustjacket in Brodart, bright & clean with light scuff. Book deals with texts written in hieroglyphic script as well as post-contact alphabetic script. Contents include: Method for Cross-Dating Almanacs with Tables in the Dresden Codex; The Moon and the Venus Table; Eclipse Cycles in the Moon Goddess Almanacs; Some Parallels in the Astronomical Events Recorded in the Maya Codices and Inscriptions; Zodiacal References; A Derivation of the Mayan-to-Julian Calendar; Solution for the Number of the Mayan Venus Table; The Books of Chilam Balam; Myth, Math and the Problem of Correlation; Lessons of the Mayan Sky.. Hard Cover. Very Good/Very Good. Used.


Native American Heritage

By Garbarino, Merwyn S

Prospect Heights, IL, USA: Waveland Press, 1988 564 pages, Index, Glossary, Bibliography, B/W Illustrations. Book is clean inside & out but for owners name in pencil on first page, front cover has ceased corners, creased spine. Contents include: First Settlers in the New World; Cultivation and American Cultures; Culture Areas of North America; Artic and the Subarctic; Plateau and the Northwest Coast; California; Great Basin and the Southwest; The Plains; The East; Technology, Art, and Religion; Social and Political Systems; Conflict Between Cultures; Indian-White Relations; Contemporary Indians; . Oversized Soft Cover. Very Good. Used.


Indian Education in the Chiapas Highlands : Case Studies in Education and Culture

By Modiano, Nancy

New York, NY, USA: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1973. 150 pages, Bibliography, Glossary, B/W Photos. Book is clean inside & out, sun fade to spine, light scuff. Contents include: History of the Region; Early Childhood; Middle and Later Childhood; The Schools; Effectiveness of the Schools.. ISBN: 0-03-084237-9. Trade Paper. Very Good. Used. Native Peoples. Catalogs: Native Peoples.


Breath of the Invisible : The Way of the Pipe

By Freesoul, John Redtail

Wheaton, IL, U.S.A.: Theosophical Publishing House, 1991. 217 pages, B/W photos & illustrations. Bright covers, tight wrap, clean but for small ink marks on side edge (not remainder marks). Book traces the dramatic revival of the Plains Ceremonial Pipe as a tool of self-realization and unity. Contents include: Invoking the Invisible through Ceremony; The Sacred Sweat; The Vision Quest; Medicine Wheel; Sorcery or Medicine?; Native Indian Healing; A Hopi Healer's Power; The Jesus Road; Centuries of Pipe-Making; etc.. ISBN: 0-8356-0611-2. Soft Cover. Very Good. Used. Native Peoples. Catalogs: Native Peoples.


My People the Cherokee

By Gibbs, Hugh W

Tennessee, USA: Self Published, 1988 184 pages, staple bound, line drawings. Clean inside & out but for one tiny speck on front cover. Book will enlighten you on the traditional Eastern Cherokee ways. The ways of the Etowah Cherokee. Ways and practices born of those old mountains: the Appalachians. Contents include: Did You Know; Cherokee Sayings; Notable Cherokee Cherokee; Cherokee Religion; Trail of Tears; Etowah; The Trail Ahead.. Soft Cover. Very Good. Used.


American Indian Music : Lakota Collectibles

By Powers, William K.

Kendall Park, NJ, USa: Lakota Books, 1994. Unpaginated, approx. 50 pages, staple bound, B/W Photos. Front cover, has small faint spot, rear cover has several light spots, light edge & corner wear, text clean & unmarked, old price sticker on front cover. Contents include: The Language; Social Dances; War Dance Songs; Contemporary Music and Dance of the Western Sioux; Sioux Omaha Dance; Rabbit Dance; Sneak-Up Dance; Drum Dance; Flag Dance.. Soft Cover. Good. Used.


Aborigines of Arnhem Land, The

By Cole, Keith

Australia: Rigby Limited, 1979. 298 pages, Index, Bibliography, B/W Photos, endpapers are maps. Clean but for name written in pencil in two places and address label on front endpaper, light scuff at bottom edge, tiny faint spot on top edge. Dustjacket has light scuff, tiny nick at one corner. Author spent 10 years working with the Aborigines and lets them speak for themselves. Along with Reverend Lazarus Lamilami he looked at their tribal laws, sexual behaviour, totem worship, customs, their first contact with foreigners, the Macassan trepangers in the seventeenth century.. Hard Cover. Very Good/Good. Used.