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Viva-Facts on File Encyclopedia of Pollution, 2 Vols

By Alexander E. Gates,Robert P. Blauvelt

Viva Books Private Limited, 2012. Hardcover. New. Description: Pollution is the release to the environment of contaminants that can cause discomfort, disorder, harm, or instability. Considering its impact, it is important that there should be resource that addresses all aspects of pollution. Encyclopedia of Pollution is a comprehensive full-color reference that discusses the myriad types of pollutants—including their properties, production, and uses; their emission into the environment; the effect to one’s health of exposure; the role of the government in funding research and assistance programs; legislation on preventive measures; and environmental regulations. The two-volume encyclopedia features more than 300 up-to-date cross-referenced entries—most concluding with sources for further reading—that detail a subject’s significance and relevance to the topic. The set includes 12 essays, interspersed throughout the text, that discuss epidemiology, space shuttle launches and air pollution, regulation of ocean pollution, the surprising impact of golf courses on pollution, Hurricane Floyd, and other topical issues. Enhanced by nearly 300 four-color line illustrations and color photographs, entries include • agriculture and pollution • Deepwater Horizon oil spill • hurricanes and pollution • indoor air pollution • Kerr-McGee Rare Earths Facility • Love Canal • mining and pollution • ozone • pesticides • soil pollution • Three Mile Island • vinyl chloride • war and pollution • World Trade Center disaster The encyclopedia includes 13 helpful appendixes—including, a chronology, a glossary, a bibliography of print and Web resources, the EPA drinking water standards, a list of chemicals analyzed at Superfund Sites, the EPA National Air Quality Index, and a list of the top 25 oil spills in the world—as well as an extensive index. Encyclopedia of Pollution is an indispensable publication that will meet the specific demands of students, interested laypersons, and working professionals with an interest in this interdisciplinary field. Contents: Introduction • Cross-referenced Lists of Entries • Entries A–Z • Feature Essay • Air Pollution in National Parks – by Robert P. Blauvelt • Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone – by Alexander E. Gates, Ph.D. • Epidemiology and Health Effects – by Robert P. Blauvelt • Hurricane Floyd and Hog Waste in Eastern North Carolina – by Alexander E. Gates, Ph.D. • Space Shuttle Launches and Air Pollution – by Robert P. Blauvelt • Regulation of Ocean Pollution – by Robert P. Blauvelt • Air Pollution over the Ocean – by Robert P. Blauvelt • Dry Cleaning and the Environment – by Robert P. Blauvelt • Deicing Chemicals and the Environment – by Robert P. Blauvelt • Golf Courses and Pollution – by Robert P. Blauvelt • Colorado River – by Alexander E. Gates, Ph.D. • Cemeteries and Groundwater Contamination – by Robert P. Blauvelt • Appendixes: List of Acronyms • Chronology of Pollution Events • Glossary • Further Resources • 2007 CERCLA Priority List of Hazardous Substances • EPA Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) for Industrial Pollutants • Released to the Environment by All Industries in the United States • EPA Drinking Water Standards • EPA Current National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for All Controlled Pollutants • National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), List of Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health (IDLH) Values for Controlled Chemicals • U.S. EPA National Air Quality Index • Chemicals Analyzed at Superfund Sites • U.S. National Priorities List (NPL or Superfund) Sites • Top 25 Oil Spills in the World • Index Printed Pages: 1080. NA


Encyclopaedia of the Holy Qur’an, 5 Vols

By N.K. Singh & A.R. Agwan (Eds)

Global Vision Publishing House, 2006. 5th or later edition. Hardcover. New. International Centre for Religious Studies has made an effort to compile a comprehensive Encyclopaedia of the Holy Qur’an in 5 volumes which explores about 300 important themes to meet the demand of the contemporary world. CoNTENTS Volume - 1 A Abd All£h Ibn Abbas (d. 68/687): Qur`anic Interpreter • Abd Al-Ra’uf of Singkel (1615—1693): Qur`anic Interpreter • Abraham, Prophet • Abrogations • Abu al-Ala MawdudÌ (d. 1339/1979): Qur`anic Interpreter • Abu Muhammad, Abd Allah. b. Muslim b. Qutaybah al-Dinawari (d. 276/889): Qur`anic Interpreter • The Àd (People of Qur`an) • Adam’s Wife (HawwÊ) • Adverse Circumtances: Way to Overcome • Ahl-i-ismah • Ali Shariati: A Qur`anic Interpreter • Al-Alusi, Abu I-Thana (d. 1270/1854): Qur`anic Interpreter • AMR • Angels (Mala’ika) • AQL • Arabia during the Qur`anic Period • The Arabs • AsbÊb al-Nuzul (Occasions of Revelation) • Astrology • Astronomy • Àyat (Signs) • Aziz’s Wife and Prophet Joseph (Yusuf) B The Bani-n-Nadir • The Bani-Qainqa’ • The Bani-Quraidhah • Bilqis: Queen of Sheba • Biodiversity C Character Building: the Qur`anic Attributes • Characteristics of Qur`anic Teachings: Qadiani Point of View • Chemistry • Christian Symbolism and Typology in the Qur`an • Co-existence: Qur`anic Injunctions • Compilation and the Teachings of the Qur`an • Cosmology • Creation • The Creator • The Crucifixion of Jesus D Death, Concept of • Destruction of Abraha’s Army • Divine Attributes • The Divine Message of the Previous • Bearers • Divorce, Procedure of E Ecological Crisis and its Solution • Economic Philosophy • Education • The Environment • Ethics • Exegesis (Ta’wil) • Existence of God Volume - 2 F Fast (Siyam) • Fatwa • Faydi and his Undotted TafsÌr of the Qur`an • Fazlar Rahman: Qur`anic Interpreter • Fiqh • Forgiveness • Freedom of Religious Belief G God • God’s Throne and the Biblical Symbolism • The Government H Hajj (Pilgrimage to Mecca) • Hamza B. Hab«b B. ‘Um£ra B. Ism£‘«l: Readers of the Qur`an • Hasan Askari: Qur`anic Interpreter • ÈayÊt (Life) • Health and Healing • History of the Qur`an • Hûd •Human Development • Human Effort for Knowing the God’s Mind • The Human Eye and Vision • The Human Intelligence • Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence • The Human Soul • Humanism I Ibn-‘Abb£s’s Al-Lugh£t Fi’l-Qur`an • Ibn Al-Am«n Mahmûd Kamel: a reader of the Qur`an (d. 118/736) • Ibn Al-Banna: Qur`anic Scholar (1005 — 1079) • Ibn Kathir (701/1301—774/1373):Qur`anic Interpreter • Ibn Mas‘ud: A Reader of the Qur`an • Ily£s • Iman and Ilm • Implication of Choice • Industry • Inheritance • Inimitability • Injuring Oneself • InsÊn • Inspiration, Revelation and Prayer • Instincts, Dispositions and Propensities • Interest, the Qur`anic Theories of Interpretation of the Qur`an • Iqbal, Schopenhauer and the Qur`an • IsÔÊk • Islam as Defined in the Qur`an • IsmaÌl ibn Abd al-Rahman al-Suddi (d.127/744) • IsmÊ‘il J Ja‘far Ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq (d. 148/765) • Jerusalem • Jesus • JihÊd • Jinn • The Jurhamites: People of Qur`an K KalÊm • Kawâwar (Abundant Goodness) • Al-Ûadir (Al-Ûidr) • Ûalq (Creation) • ÛÊzin Volume - 3 L Law • Law of Nature and Law of Shar«‘at • Life after Death • Light and Darkness • The Lightning • The LiÔyanites: Poeple of the Qur`an • Living Together, the Qur`anic View of LuqmÊn: a Legendary M MakkÌ, AbÎ MuÔammad MakkÌ B. AbÌ TÊlib B.: Reader of Qur`an • Mamadou Dia: Qur`anic Interpreter • Man • Mary and A’isha • Mary: Mother of Jesus • Mathematics • Al-MÊturÌdÌ: a Qur`anic Commentator • Maulana Azad’s Understanding of the Qur`an • Maulana Maudadi: a Qur`anic Commentator • Al-MÊzinÌ: the Qur`an reader • Medicine • Metaphysical World • The Minaeans: People of Qur`an • Miracles • Modernists Approach to the Qur`an: Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan and • Moul Printed Pages: 1724. Encyclopaedia of the Holy Qur’an, 5 VolsN.K. Singh & A.R. Agwan (Eds)9788187746003


The Encyclopaedia of Sports, (4 Vols)

By Hedley Peek

Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd., 1997. Hardcover. New. 23 x 29 cm. Wildlifeenty of Books on Sports are available in the market, but most of them are only Elementary reading. Quite a few pretend to be encyclopaedias, but are really not so. A comprehensive sports encyclopaedia, therefore, is the need of the hour. This well-knitted work fulfils the need to a large degree. The world of Sports undergoes changes like customs, habits and modes of amusement. The rules of games, too, are changed from time to time. Cricket, for examples, has been completely revolutionized during the last five decades. Women now Play hockey, lawn tennis, Football and a number of sports which they did not play earlier. Many popular sports of the present Stage of world sports and therefore deserves a place in any encyclopaedia. This work ensures that nothing is left out by the editors in this multi-voluminous study. For any wide-ranging discussion on sports, scores of experts must collaborate. Each contributor has his own field of specialization. Luckily the editors of these volumes have received cooperation of some of the best sports historians and commentators. All the contributions have carefully checked and corrected by other experts. The scope of the work is very wide and includes articles on subjects which thought not sports in themselves are connected with it. Such are, for instance, ‘First aid’, ‘Taxidermy’ and ‘Veterinary Work’, etc. An elabi\orate Study of Natural History and Wildlife is incorporated in this encyclopaedia. For Hunting and bird-watching this encyclopaedia can serve as an excellent guidebook. In these volumes, without any sacrificeof accuracy or Technical details, a lighter Style has been adopted. This scholarly technique makes the subject lively and the reading easy and interesting even to common readers. Beautiful photographs, line Drawings and sketches enhance the value of this work. This first and only real encyclopaedia will serve the intellectual and information need of sports associations, sports authorities, sports associations, sports writers, sports-editorsand very many sportspersons and sports enthusiasts. Contents: 1. A Reference Work 2. Arranged in Alphabetical Order 3. Which Presents Abundant Details of all World Sports 4. Well-Known and Not so Well Known 5. Old and New 6. Their Technical Aspects 7. Variation 8. Critical Observations 9. Glossary of Terms Printed Pages: 1340. Encyclopaedia of Sports, (4 Vols)Hedley Peek9788121202763


Encyclopaedia of Women in South Asia, (8 Vols)

By Bachchan Kumar,Sangh Mittra

Kalpaz Publications/Gyan Books Pvt Ltd, 2004. Hardcover. New. The Encyclopaedia of Women in South Asia is a detailed Study of eight Countries including India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Maldive. Inhabited mostly in the Rural areas, they had been the crippling handicaps of illiteracy, constant Motherhood and Poor health. This effected their self-confidence, limited their access to information and skills. However women`s Legal and social status has changed throughout these countries Political History on Account of the own consistent efforts. The theme has been weaved into eight comprehensive Chapters having deep bearing on historical background, Geography and people, social status of women, including their Education and employment, Discrimination against women, women`s role in government, the national policy, and women in politics. The Bibliography is attached at the end of each volume. These volumes are useful for women, social scientists, Teachers and students, not only in these countries but also all over the world. Printed Pages: 2426. Encyclopaedia of Women in South Asia, (8 Vols)Bachchan Kumar,Sangh Mittra9788178351872


Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Horticulture, 2 Vols Set

By E.L.D. Seymour (Ed.)

Discovery Publishing House Pvt. Ltd., 1997. Hardcover. New. The book treats several thousand items and covers multiple phases of a beautiful yet complex subject as gardening. The authors have made a commendable effort to produce an exhaustive account of individual plants and the garden in which they grow. The voluminous compilation has been produced in two volumes. This encyclopedical work includes basic facts about science of botany which underlies all plant growing; it deals with theory and principle, from which the gardener can obtain information and assistance. The materials also include common garden plants, soils in which they grow, the general methods of gardening and simple cultural directions. In this new work a plant (or a genus) is mostly listed twice, once under its correct botanical name, and again under its common name. Garden soils–their use and improvement have been dealt with in detail wherever necessary. Gardening implements, accessories and aids with which the gardens are made and cared for and plants and grown have been discussed in detail. They include tools, fertilizers and spray materials. The contents also include plant enemies and their control. The notes under each plant or genus being supplemented in many instances by more detailed accounts of the more serious diseases or pests and the directions for the use of spray or dust. The voluminous work is meant to give a general botany student with limited commercial and industrial life; a broader horizon and an idea about the manual work associated with gardening. Such treasure house of information are worthy of decorating the shelves of rich libraries of the world. Printed Pages: 1300. Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Horticulture, 2 Vols SetE.L.D. Seymour (Ed.)9788171413874


Encyclopaedia of Backward Castes, (4 Vols)
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Encyclopaedia of Backward Castes, (4 Vols)

By M.L. Mathur

Kalpaz Publications/Gyan Books Pvt Ltd, 2004. Hardcover. New. The present work on Backward Castes critically examined and analyzed History of reservation Policies and programmes for backward castes from the Beginning in different states, Recommendations given by various committees and commissions etc. The book also focused on after effects of announcement of Mandal recommendations and development after Mandal Judgement (1992). The following are the highlights of the book. The Volume I discusses reservation concerning the origin and rational behind its history, problems faced by backward castes in getting Recognition for the Purpose of reservation for a long period before and after independence. The Volume II discusses the recommendations made by various committees and commissions in states and two important commissions set up by government after independence. Volume III examines compulsions under which the National Front Government announced 27 per cent reservation for other backward Classes and compiled Views of Cross sections of people such as lawyers, jurists, journalists and social scientists etc. Volume IV discusses that the Backward Castes have been striving hard to get reservation benefit in Education under Article 15 [4] and in Employment under Article 16 [4] of the Constitution of India for which they had to seek interventions in different High Courts and the Supreme Court of India. Printed Pages: 1500. Encyclopaedia of Backward Castes, (4 Vols)M.L. Mathur9788178350691


Encyclopaedia of Higher Education 5 Vols

By S.K. Sharma

Mittal Publications, 2005. Hardcover. New. The Progress of higher Education in a society shapes the advancement of technology and enhances the skill of human resources to scale the peak of human development. Undoubtedly, universities, now-a-days, are confronting challenges which are multi-dimensional and multi-faceted. The 21st century has rightly been epitomized as the ?Century of Knowledge? as there will be an explosion of information. Higher education, over the years, has made substantial contribution to the socio-economic developmental needs of our country. The present work-Encyclopaedia of Higher Education: The Indian Perspective-has been categorised in the following manner: Vol.1 Historical Survey-Pre-Independence Period, Vol.2 Historical Survey-Post-Independence Period, Vol.3 Committees and Commissions, Vol.4 Convocation Addresses, Vol. 5 Scientific and Technical Education. This multi-vulume set, it is hoped, will be well received by the academics and scholarly community in our Indian subcontinent and other parts of the world. Printed Pages: 416. NA


Encyclopaedia of Commerce

By Ashu Ahuja

Anmol Publications Pvt. Ltd., 2006. Hardcover. New. This book is intended especially for teachers and students of Commerce. An essential tool for students, undergraduates and students of related disciplines, this encyclopaedia offers clear explanations of concepts and processes, and the broadest coverage of the field, hobbyists, students, or any one interested in Commerce. The terms defined in this book include laws, relationships, basic principles and concepts. Completely updated, this encyclopaedia contains terms, phrases, acronyms, and abbreviations from the ever expanding world of commerce. From the basic elements of theory to the most contemporary development, all is explained in this book. Printed Pages: 434. Encyclopaedia of CommerceAshu Ahuja9788126128631


Encyclopaedia of Endocrinology, 6 Vols Set

By Manju Yadav

Discovery Publishing House Pvt. Ltd., 2007. Hardcover. New. The present title Encyclopaedia of Endocrinology provides a definitive and comprehensive review of all aspects relating to hormones in different animals including wild and democratic species. It discusses the intimate physiology of the endocrine system itself and describes the ole of hormones in the processes of nutrition, Cosmo regulation, color change, calcium metabolism and reproduction. Subject matter has been presented in a readable way emphasizing the differences between species from a functional aspects. It not only contains a wealth of information concerning the endocrinology of the various species but also contains more than enough basic information concerning the biosynthesis, metabolism and mode of action of the hormones for the book to be read and understood without referring to a text book of basic endocrinology. This book has been written primarily for use as a text book by under-graduate, as well as graduate students. Volume Details 1. Fish Endocrinology 2. Animal Endocrinology 3. Reptilian Endocrinology 4. Avian Endocrinology 5. Mammalian Endocrinology 6. General and Comparative Endocrinology Printed Pages: 1688. Encyclopaedia of Endocrinology, 6 Vols SetManju Yadav9788183562782


The Indian Encyclopaedia: Biographical Historical Religious Administrative Ethnological Commercial and Scientific, 5 Vols

By Subodh Kapoor

Cosmo Publications, 2002. First edition. Hardcover. New. Arranged Alphabetically Over 46,000 Entries including India, Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Sikkim, Bangladesh, Myanmaar and Central Asia. The growing importance of India as an emerging superpower and an economic powerhouse has emphasized the need for a compact and authentic information, on and about India, for easy processing and decision-making, by countrymen and foreigners alike. This work compiles the vast and varied literature, and is the biggest, most comprehensive, and an ambitious first attempt, the need for which was long felt. The subject matter of this Encyclopaedia is not only India but the whole of the Indian Sub-continent and includes articles & entries on almost all the subject areas in Art, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Pure & Applied Sciences. It presents, in the 46,000 odd entries, the information acquired from contributors and scholars, in a condensed form. Organized alphabetically, the work guides the user, quickly, to the required information and related knowledge through an extensive system of cross-references. Though, focussing generally on India, the coverage of the Indian Encyclopaedia is wide, ranging from Russia Caucuses and Central Asia to Arabia, Persia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, China and of course Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka. It is an authentic treasure house of names, titles, dates, articles, and discoveries, which authors and inquirers have been amassing and communicating for a long time. The subjects covered include: Agriculture; Agricultural, Industrial and Scientific Research; Aryuveda; Anthropology; Architecture; Archaeology; Archaeological sites; Astrology; Astronomy; Armed Forces; Atomic Theory; Arts; Alchemy; Biological and Chemical Sciences; Botany; Banking; Business and Finance; Business Associations, Business Leaders and Tycoons; Buddhism; Ceremonies and Customs; Cultural Heritage; Chemistry; Civil Government; Commerce and Industry; Commercial Products; Dance and Performing Arts; Domestic Science; Drugs and Medicine; Economics; Economic Policies; Education; Ethics; Ethnography; Flora and Fauna; Forestry; Folk Arts; Folk Lore; Folk Music and Folk Dance; Fine Arts; Freedom Movement; Foreign Relations; Games and Sports; Geography; Geology; Habits and Traditions; History and Culture; Horticulture; Homeopathy; Hinduism; Islam; Indian States (former); Kings and Monarchs; Language and Literature; Linguistics; Law and Judiciary; Local Governance; Logic; Landmarks and Monuments; Major Events; Modern India; Military and War; Marine Archaeology; Mathematics; Music; Mythology; Moral and Spiritual Practice; Mountains; Mineral and other Natural Resources; Natural History; Natural Sciences; Nuclear Research; National Institutions; Pantheon; Personalities; Philosophy; Philosophical Systems; Physical Culture; Physics; Plant Sciences; Pharmacy and Pharmacology; Politics and Diplomacy; Planning Process; Political, Social and Religious Leaders; Psychology; Psychiatry; Places of Interest; Pilgrimage; Religions; Rulers and Princes; Sacred and Religious Literature; Sacred Cities; Sacred Rivers; Schools of Thought; Sages, Seers and Thinkers; Sikhism; Social Traditions; Society; Sociology; Scientists; Sciences; Sculpture; Sanitation; Taxation; Tourism; Transportation and Communication; Theology; Traditions and Customs; Tribal Culture; Tribes and Castes; Tantric Literature and its mysterious practices; Weapons, Missile Systems and Nuclear Assets; Zoology; and many more. Specifically, the Encyclopaedia contains entries on every Ethical, Political and Religious Movement; each Philosophical, Spiritual and Social Ideas ever propounded; Vedic Literature, the Puranas, the Epic Literature, the Upanisads and the philosophy they contemplate; popular and tradition-bound Festivals, Vows and Practices; all important Personages, Deities and Pl Printed Pages: 8250. Indian Encyclopaedia: Biographical Historical Religious Administrative Ethnological Commercial and Scientific, 5 VolsSubodh Kapoor9788177552577


Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Clothing and Textiles (Two Parts)

By K.K. Maitra

Mittal Publications, 2007. Hardcover. New. The Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Clothing and Textiles is designed to aid the reader as an efficient reference guide to the world of the textile industry. The industry`s growth and revamp in the past few years has brought about new changes, which continue to evolve. No wonder then, that this book contains the latest, and the most up-to-date terminology of the industry. Bringing forth a large collection of the textile sector jargon under one roof, the book seeks to act as a useful manual incorporating all the sector. With comprehensive terminology, simple language and illustrations fostering enhanced knowledge and application of the working of the textile industry, this book should prove to be highly useful for today`s textile industrialist and manager. Printed Pages: 512. NA


Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Arts and Industry of all Nations, 2 Vols

By Charles Knight

Aryan Books International, 1993. First edition. Hardcover. New. 37 x 27 cm. Art is the practical application of knowledge to the production all things whatever that can administer to the uses of man : To the humblest necessities of the body, to the highest gratifications of the mind. The word art, then, is all-comprehensive. The elder writers, especially, make no distinctions in the application of the word art and arts. This illustrated encyclopaedia attempts to distinguish between and artist, and an artificer, or an artisan. With this wide range of the term arts, an exhibition that contains everything relating to art will be a world in little : And yet, if such an exhibition were possible, what an important and interesting study would it afford. This work has been divided into two distinct volumes. The first volume is devoted to what we have been accustomed to call the Useful arts. This includes all the processes and products that have relation to our daily sustenance. The second volume on Fine arts displays pictorial representations of Architecture, sculpture and Painting : Ancient and Modern : And depicts a familiarity with the beautiful sculptures of antiquity, with the noble paintings of the great modern schools and the glorious monuments of Grecian and middle-age architecture. The union of all the art has essentially been kept in mind. These volumes are ""a School of Design"" of no inconsiderable value by this union of the useful and the ornamental. This encyclopaedia is the most complete Polytechnicon ever opened for public instruction and amusement. A glance at the list of contents (given in the back flap) will show how wide is the survey and how great the feast of intellectual pleasure. Illustrated with as many as 4000 sketches, this monumental work will prove an invaluable asset to the art lovers. Printed Pages: 848. NA


Encyclopaedia of North-East India, Vol. III
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Encyclopaedia of North-East India, Vol. III

By Col Ved Prakash

Atlantic Publishers & Distributors (P) Ltd., 2007. Hardcover. New. This 5-volume, encyclopaedic study of India’s North-East is the result of the Author’s 11 years of service extended over three tenures in the region, followed by 6 years of library research after his retirement. Being the first of its kind, given its contents and sheer size, over 2,5 pages, it is a unique book. Writing on the North-East is not an easy exercise, given its diversity (ethnic, racial, religious and linguistic), size, history and geography. If India is microcosmic world, the North-East is microcosmic India. Of the 5,653 communities in India, 653 are tribal of which the 213 are indigenous to the North-East. Of the 213, 111 are found in Arunachal Pradesh alone. Illumined by an equally amazing linguistic diversity, it is home to 325 of the 1,652 languages spoken in India. Yet again, North-East’s total population of 3,84,95,89 (21) constitutes 2.69 per cent of India’s 1,2,7,15,247, while its area of 2,55,88 sq km is 7.75 per cent of India’s 32,87,263 sq km. Contents : BOOK THREE : ARUNACHAL PRADESH 26. Arunachal Pradesh: A Profile 27. Tribes in Western Arunachal 28. Tribes in Central Arunachal 29. Tribes in Eastern Arunachal 3. Buddhist Tribes of Arunachal 31. The McMahon Line 32. Ripples in the Idyll 33. Destination: Arunachal BOOK FOUR : MANIPUR 34. Manipur: A Kingdom in History 35. Queen Empress Vs Tikendrajit, Prince of Manipur 36. Manipur: Insurgent Violence Printed Pages: 424. NA


Fundamentals of Garden Designing: A Colour Encyclopedia

By R.K. Roy

New India Publishing Agency, 2013. Hardcover. New. His main field of specialization is ornamental horticulture and landscaping. Dr. Roy has got specially trained on ornamental gardening, plant conservation techniques and management of fully climate controlled green-house from Royal Horticultural Society, London; Royal Botanic Garden, Kew and The Eden Project, Cornwall, United Kingdom; Warsaw Botanical Garden, Poland; Natural History Museum and Arboretum, Paris, France. This perplexity of common people inspired me to record technical information in concise way on garden designing in the form of this book. The main purpose is to provide basic information on design, features, plants, maintenance and how to combine these in the form of gardens. The way these have been illustrated with examples, photographs and list of plants for each feature will certainly help all for finalizing various issues of garden developments. Students of ornamental horticulture and researchers will find chapters on historical aspects, principles and various styles of garden designing of the world supported with relevant reference for further studies. Amateur garden lovers and house owners who like to do designing, selection of plants for their own garden, will find the practical guidelines contained in the book most useful. Professionals, who are associated with designing and development of gardens, will find complete guidelines in the form of designs, features, plants and maintenance of specialized gardens to fulfill the requirements of various situations like factories, temples, avenues, airports, home etc. Those who like to get the garden development job thorough agencies / landscape contractors will find relevant information in the appendix. Even sources of supplies in different region have been provided for facilitating procurement of plant and sundries. By that way, the book will serve as a complete guide for those who are in need of technical information on garden development. Contents Preface Chapter 1. Introduction Chapter 2. History of Gardening in India Chapter 3. Principles of Garden Designing Chapter 4. Different Styles of Garden Designing Chapter 5. Planning a Garden Chapter 6. Features and Structures Chapter 7. Lawn Chapter 8. Plants for the Garden Chapter 9. Ornamental Shrubs Chapter 10. Ornamental Climbers Chapter 11. Ornamental Annuals Chapter 12. House Plants Chapter 13. Bougainvilleas Chapter 14. Chrysanthemums Chapter 15. Coleus Chapter 16. Rose Chapter 17. Hedge, Edge and Topiary Chapter 18. Bulbous and Rhizomatous Plants Chapter 19. Cacti and Succulents Chapter 20. Bonsai Chapter 21. Dahlia Chapter 22. Cycads Chapter 23. Rock Garden and Pool Chapter 24. Designing of Specialized Gardens Chapter 25. Factory Garden Chapter 26. Institutional Gardens Chapter 27. Park Chapter 28. Airport Garden Chapter 29. Vertical Gardening Chapter 30. Temple, Mosque and Shrine Garden Chapter 31. Roof Garden Chapter 32. Roadside Gardens, Traffic Islands, Central Verge Chapter 33. Garden for the Visually Impaired and Disabled Chapter 34. Floral Decoration Chapter 35. Maintenance Calender of the Garden Appendices Printed Pages: 712. NA


Concise Encyclopaedia of World History

By Carlos Ramirez-Faria

Atlantic Publishers & Distributors (P) Ltd., 2007. Hardcover. New. The Concise Encyclopedia of World History offers the global reading public, students, and professors a handy, complete, and accurate guide to all political formations since the beginning of history. It reaches into pre-history through the inclusion of the important families of languages spoken today. It also tracks ethnic groups, especially nomadic, which have been influential in the creation of civilizations and states. The entries on existing independent states include up-to-date political facts and statistics. They mention each country’s World Heritage Sites. To complement the individual entries in this encyclopedia, there is an extensive, commentated world-historical chronology. A special feature in this work is the inclusion of individual political chronologies for ancient civilizations and important countries and regions the world over. To round out this easy-to-consult and thoroughly researched work, there is a cross-referenced index especially designed for provinces, cities, and other entities which have no entries of their own but appear in the entries, sometimes prominently, as, for example, Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates or Amritsar in India. Contents : I. Entries; II. Political Chronologies; III. World Chronology; IV. Post-2 Chronology; Index; Maps Printed Pages: 1000. NA


Concise Encyclopaedia of India, Vol. III

By K.R. Gupta,Amita Gupta

Atlantic Publishers & Distributors (P) Ltd., 2006. Hardcover. New. The present book, Concise Encyclopaedia of India, is a compendium of diverse aspects of India which is one of the oldest civilisations with a kaleidoscopic variety, rich cultural heritage and multifaceted socio-economic progress. The idea behind bringing out this book is to help one and all in understanding the country and its unity in diversity. In its three volumes, the Encyclopaedia encompasses a remarkably wide range of topics related to India—its history, physiography, people, population, national symbols, national leaders, languages and literatures, art, culture, defence, education, economy, polity, foreign policy and relations, scientific and technological developments, law and justice, sports, festivals, transport, communication and related activities. In addition, a profile of all its 28 states and 7 union territories has also been provided. Furthermore, it provides an accessible, authoritative account of the latest developments made in varied fields alongwith the data from the Central and State Governments, their establishments, constitutional bodies, autonomous and semi-autonomous bodies and the like. The book is comprehensive, self-contained and user-friendly, as the emphasis throughout is on ensuring that readers, particularly students, receive worthwhile, authentic information instead of irrelevant and outdated details. It will definitely prove an invaluable reference book to students of different educational levels and candidates preparing for Civil Services Examinations or other competitive exams and interviews for various jobs. Besides students, the researchers, executives in government and private sector and also the common man will find it highly informative. Contents : Volume III; 26. Scientific and Technological Developments; 27. Law and Justice; 28. Youth Affairs, Sports and Games; 29. Housing; 3. Festivals of India; 31. National Leaders; 32. India’s Relations with Outside World; 33. Indian States and Union Territories; 34. Calendar of Events Printed Pages: 432. NA


Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Historic Places: Asia and Oceania, 3 Vols

By Paul E. Schellinger,Robert M. Salkin

Aryan Books International, 1997. First edition. Hardcover. New. 22 x 28 cm. Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Historic Places is a stimulative and perceptive survey of the most important cities and sites in Asia and Oceania. The book offers extended, histories of the pre-eminent sites, those that have been most notable in human history from ancient times to the present. Each entry contains an essay that provides an historical overview of the site as well as information about what the site offers to contemporary visitors, Entries Include: three separate preliminary sections—Location, Description. Site Office. This introduction is followed by a 3,000-4,000 word essay in two parts. Part One is a description of the ""condition"" of thisite, what may be seen there currently. Part Two, the main portion of the essay, is the history of the place, the events that happened there and their significance. Printed Pages: 1006. NA


Encyclopedia of Genetics, 4 Vols

By Brenner

CBS Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd., 2009. Hardcover. New. Printed Pages: 0. NA


Encyclopaedia of the Universe, 4 Vols Set

By Walter Hutchinson

Discovery Publishing House Pvt. Ltd., 2011. Softcover. New. Printed Pages: 1170. Encyclopaedia of the Universe, 4 Vols SetWalter Hutchinson9788171413102


Hindi Vishva Kosh (The Encyclopaedia Indica) 25 Vols

By Nagender Nath Vasu

B.R. Publishing Corporation, 2008. 5th or later edition. Hardcover. New. Bangla encyclopedia editor, Nagendranath Vasu and compiled by renowned scholars of Hindi. Printed Pages: 18616. Hindi Vishva Kosh (The Encyclopaedia Indica) 25 VolsNagender Nath Vasu9788176466301


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