Bookstores in Spain

Agapea Libros Urgentes

Agapea Libros Urgentes also has a brick-and-mortar store! Visit them in:

Malaga, Málaga, Spain is a book retailer with more than 250.000 different titles in stock while our catalog contains more than 15 million references for our users to choose from.The love of books and what they represent - freedom, knowledge and cultural diversity - are key points that key- started Agapea in 2002. A young and enthusiastic team took part in this project aimed to sell books quickly, safely and effectively worldwide.

Alcana Libros

Alcana Libros also has a brick-and-mortar store! Visit them in:

Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Librería especializada en libros antiguos, raros, curiosos, descatalogados, de
ocasión, lance y de viejo.
Disponemos de mas de 200.000 títulos.
Se realizan tasaciones.
Compramos libros y Bibliotecas.

Alonso Quijano Libros

Alcobendas, Spain


Redondela, Pontevedra, Spain

Campbell Llibres

Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Llibres de segona mà des de Barcelona.
Libros de segunda mano desde Barcelona.
Second Hand books. Barcelona based.

Carmichael Alonso Libros

Carmichael Alonso Libros also has a brick-and-mortar store! Visit them in:

Lloreda de Cayón, Cantabria , Cantabria, Spain

We are a small specialist book shop in a small village in northern Spain. Our opening hours are entirely flexible and we speak English and Spanish. Customers are always welcome. We publish specialist catalogues on a wide range of subjects that can be consulted on our website. Carmichael Alonso Libros also (occasionally) indulges in hand printing.


MADRID, Madrid, Spain

We are, from 1987, a publisher and an Internet and mail orders bookstore in Madrid, specialized in Latin American books, more of them from Argentina, Chile, Venezuela and Mexico, in the following subjects: Anthropology, Architecture, Arts, Children books, Communication, Economics, Education, History, Law, Literary Criticism, Literature, Philosophy, Poetry, Politics, Psychology, Sociology and Theatre.

Cole & Contreras

Sitges (BCN), Barcelona, Spain

We are located in sunny Sitges, on the Mediterranean Coast, half an hour from Barcelona. We have been dealing in rare books since 1991.

Comellas Rare Books

Comellas Rare Books also has a brick-and-mortar store! Visit them in:

Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Founded in Paris, Comellas Rare Books has been dealing with antiquarian books and manuscripts since 1969. In 2001 we settled in Barcelona, Spain, where we happily welcome our visitors by appointment).And in 2021, we opened a second office in Paris (by appointment also).We specialise in rare items in French, Spanish and Latin - with a special emphasis on bibliographic curiosities and unique copies (provenances, annotations, bindings). Subjects of interest include (but are not limited to) early printed books, science, medicine, history of ideas, social sciences, art and literature.Latest acquisitions, catalogue previews and bibliophilic delicatessen of various kinds are available for the registered customers of our four-languages web site


Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

We are located in Barcelona ( Spain ). In the beginning, 30 years ago we started publishing a comics' fanzine. We have a huge knowledgment about spanish comics since then. Because all the friends and contacts we made we continue selling comics at that time. Now we also sell books, magazines, postcards, photographs, figures... and in general second hand collectibles. Our catalog is about 510.000 products and we have sold products all over the world.

Els llibres de la Vallrovira - Vallrovira Books

Els llibres de la Vallrovira - Vallrovira Books also has a brick-and-mortar store! Visit them in:

Calaceite, Teruel, Spain

Vallrovira Books is a young bookstore located in Calaceite, a small rural town in the Matarranya region, in the province of Teruel. In our background, the themes of history, philosophy and literature stand out, although it is not difficult to find books on the most diverse topics. We like books and we like to give them a second or third chance… that's why we offer second-hand books in good condition at competitive prices.

Espacio Logopedico

Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Library specialized in education, psychology ans special needs


Valencia, Valencia, Spain

Galarreta is an antiquarian bookshop that was born as a result of the passion that my grandparents had for books. Now the one who speaks to you, his nephew and grandson, is proud to inherit polymathy, curiosity and passion for old books. At the moment we are in the city of Valencia from where we send all our orders.


Coslada, Madrid, Spain

♻️📖 National leader in the sale of refurbished books. Here you can find more than 500,000 books at unbeatable prices.

📦🕒 Receive your book at home within the Peninsula in less than 48 working hours.

🌎🛩️ Shipping to any country in the world.

🎁💸 Need to give a book as a gift and play it safe? Find out which books are the best sellers, the ones everyone is talking about. Search and find cheap books for less than 10€.

Ibérica Libros

Ibérica Libros also has a brick-and-mortar store! Visit them in:

Madrid, Madrid, Spain

libreria en general // especializada libros agotados
libreria en general // especializada libros descatalogados

John Atkins

Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Direct sales, occasional catalogues, and book search service.
All images included with listings are of the actual books in stock.

José María Amat

Alicante, Alicante, Spain

Se trata de la librería de autor. Como particular público y vendo los libros sobre la industria del calzado, la moda y su historia, siempre desde el ámbito del zapato.

Lauso Books

Llissa de Vall, Barcelona, Spain

Venta por Internet 100% nos gusta que nos valoren por dar un servicio personalizado, ágil y de calidad , con respuestas rápidas y velocidad en los envíos. Las valoraciones de nuestros compradores satisfechos son nuestra mejor carta de presentación. Trabajamos para que nuestra seña de identidad sea una gran experiencia de compra y una perfecta comunicación cliente-librería. Le agradecemos de antemano su visita, y recuerde que "El regalo de un libro, además de obsequio, es un delicado elogio".

"On line business 100%". Focused on providing a personalized, agile and quality service to our clients, giving quick responses and speed in shipments. The evaluations of our satisfied buyers are our best letter of introduction. We work so that our hallmark is a great shopping experience and perfect client-bookstore communication. We thank you in advance for your visit.

Librería Anticuaria El Camino de Santiago

San Andrés del Rabanedo - Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Somos una librería generalista pero especializada en libros impresos y manuscritos antiguos de todas las épocas, consulte nuestro catálogo.

Ofrecemos servicios periciales profesionalizados de tasación de libros y documentos, archivos y bibliotecas para herencias, donaciones, daciones en pago, judicial.

Impartimos cursos on line de tasación de libros, archivos y bibliotecas desde la Universidad de León

We are a general bookstore but specialized in printed books and old manuscripts from the s. XIII, consult our catalog.

We offer professional expert appraisal services for books and documents, archives and libraries for inheritances, donations, dations in payment, judicial.

We teach online courses on the appraisal of books, archives and libraries from the University of León

Librería José Porrúa Turanzas

Librería José Porrúa Turanzas also has a brick-and-mortar store! Visit them in:

Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Antiquarian bookdealers since 1954, we specialize in old and rare boooks, manuscripts and prints from various areas: incunabula and first impressions,books on history, science, art and humanities, with emphasis on the ancient Spanish book and Hispanic American. Americana, literature, travel, discoveries,natural history, botany, geography and many other subjects are part of our stock.

Librería Miguel Miranda, AILA ILAB

Librería Miguel Miranda, AILA ILAB also has a brick-and-mortar store! Visit them in:

Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Esta librería fue fundada por Miguel Miranda Vicente en el año 1949. Su primera ubicación estuvo en la calle del Prado, junto al Ateneo de Madrid. Con el tiempo, la tienda fue definiéndose como un centro de tertulias entre académicos, escritores, catedráticos y gente de lo más variopinto y curioso. Más tarde sería trasladada a la calle Lope de Vega. A partir del año 1980 se abrió una librería más en la calle San Pedro, dirigida por el hijo y discípulo, Miguel Miranda Miravet. En la actualidad es el nieto del fundador, Miguel Miranda Barrientos, quien regenta todo el negocio desde la tienda sita en la calle Lope de Vega, ¡justo enfrente de la tumba de Cervantes!

The bookshop was founded by Miguel Miranda Vicente in 1949. At that time, it was located on the Prado Street, next to the Atheneum of Madrid. Over time, the shop became a social gathering place for academics, intellectuals, university professors, and many others of diverse cultures and interests. He would later transfer to a location on Lope de Vega Street. In 1980, another shop was opened on San Pedro Street, directed by Miguel's son and disciple, Miguel Miranda Miravet. At present the grandson of the founder, Miguel Miranda Barrientos, has taken over all aspects of the business, which he operates from the location on Lope de Vega Street, just in front of the tomb of Cervantes!

Librería Releo

Librería Releo also has a brick-and-mortar store! Visit them in:

Valencia, Valencia, Spain

We are a bookshop from Valencia (Spain). Our specialty is books from the last 20 years.

Librería y Editorial Renacimiento

VALENCINA DE LA CONCEPCIÓN (Sevilla), Sevilla, Spain

En 1974 fundó Abelardo Linares, en el Barrio de Santa Cruz de Sevilla, la librería de libros viejos y antiguos Renacimiento, especializada desde un principio en literatura española e hispanoamericana y en primeras ediciones de las generaciones del 98 y del 27.

El fondo se incrementó notablemente con la compra, en 1995, de la librería neoyorquina de Eliseo Torres, de más de un millón de volúmenes (literatura española e hispanoamericana, crítica literaria, exilio español, historia, arte, Galicia, etc.). Tras esta compra, aunque se mantiene la tienda sevillana en Mateos Gago, 27, el almacén de la librería se traslada a una nave industrial de las afueras.

Llibreria Antiquaria Delstres

Llibreria Antiquaria Delstres also has a brick-and-mortar store! Visit them in:

Canet de Mar (Barcelona), Barcelona, Spain

Llibreria Antiquària Delstres was born in Barcelona in 1977, after a long collaboration with our father and teacher Diego Gómez Flores. We specialize in rare and antique and antique books, preferably prior to the twentieth century; in Latin, Spanish, Catalan and other of romance field (French, Italian, etc.) Our funds are specializing in subjects such as history and literature, fine arts and applied arts, history of the church and inquisition, social minorities, Jewish, economy and trade, literature and history of the Catalan-speaking countries, historical and literature spanish colonial americana (most Philippines).

marcos ottone

Palma de Mallorca, Balears, Spain

Private collector.Specialiced in comedy authors, natural world and books for young audiences


Alicante, Alicante, Spain

MIMO Libros

JAÉN, Jaén, Spain

Decía Francisco Vindel en sus Solaces bibliográficos que las librerías son enciclopedias abiertas a la vista de todos los ciudadanos. Nos dedicamos a la compra y venta de libros por internet desde 1997, trabajamos libros de filosofía, arte, derecho, poesía, narrativa, ciencias, antropología, políticas, temas locales, disponemos de grabados, carteles y mapas. En MIMO la idea que permanece, es la de rescatar viejos libros y darles la oportunidad de llegar al público nuevamente. Esperamos disfruten su paseo por estas vitrinas y estantes virtuales y, si se tercia, adquieran alguna de las joyitas para su recreo espiritual.

Francisco Vindel said in his bibliographic Solaces that bookstores are encyclopedias open to the view of all citizens. We have been buying and selling books online since 1997, we work with books on philosophy, art, law, poetry, narrative, science, anthropology, politics, local issues, we have prints, posters and maps. In MIMO the idea that remains is to rescue old books and give them the opportunity to reach the public again. We hope you enjoy your walk through these virtual showcases and shelves and, if necessary, acquire some of the jewels for your spiritual recreation.


Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain

Tienda on-line. Venta de libros de segunda mano y descatalogados.


ESPAÑA, Soria, Spain

Atendemos sus consultas por escrito MEDIANTE WHATSAPP O Cuidamos los libros como el objeto delicado que son: un contenedor de cultura. Libro usado, nuevo, reserva de preventas. Una selección muy personal que renovamos constantemente. Envío de libros editados en Castellano a todo el mundo. PEDIDO MINIMO 5 + gastos de envío

Sin Dimensión

Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Sin Dimensión es una librería anticuaria y de segunda mano que trata de conservar las mejores y más buscadas ediciones de libros poco comunes.


Torredembarra, Tarragona, Spain

male photography and comic

Test account

Test account also has a brick-and-mortar store! Visit them in:

Asheville, A Coruña, Spain

"This is not a testfor I'd be a "monkey" in they're


ULTIMO CAPITULO S.L also has a brick-and-mortar store! Visit them in:

Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Second-hand and antiquarian French books on all subjects.