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Joan D Vinge

Joan D.

Vinge (born 1948 in Baltimore, Maryland) is an American science fiction author. She is known for her Hugo Award-winning novel The Snow Queen, its sequels, and her series about the telepath named Cat.

Vinge studied art in college, but eventually changed to a major in anthropology, and received a B.A. degree in it from San Diego State University.

Her first published story, "Tin Soldier", a novelette, appeared in Orbit 14 in 1974. Stories have also appeared in Analog, Millennial Women, Asimov's Science Fiction, Omni Magazine, and several "Best of the Year" anthologies.

Several of her stories have won major awards: Her novel The Snow Queen won the 1981 Hugo Award for Best science fiction Novel. "Psion was named a Best Book for Young Adults by the American Library Association.

Her Return Of the Jedi Storybook was the #1 bestseller on the New York Times Book Review List for two months; it was the first such book to reach #1 on the list, and the bestselling hardcover book of 1983.

Vinge has been married twice: First to fellow SF author Vernor Vinge, and then to SF editor James Frenkel. Vinge and Frenkel have two children

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