Rare and Antiquarian Books

Animals and Animalia

Birds and Ornithology

The fascination with birds began long before the formation of The Audubon Society, and we have a large collection of rare literature and reference books dedicated to birds.


Our fantastic, feline friends. These curious, friendly, but never quite tame creatures with whom we share our homes have enchanted artists and authors for centuries.


Canine companions in the field and home. Fine them mushing, flushing game or just curling up for a quiet nap.


From the game of kings to the labors of the dray horse, here are gathered all things equestrian.


Cows, sheep, goats and the miscellaneous cast of the creatures of the field.

Wild Animals

The villians of fairy tales, the fascination of natualists, the creatures that occupy the forests and jungles of the world.