Rare and Antiquarian Books

Antiquarian Books

Antique & Collectible Books

Particularly scarce and sought-after books, some dating back to the 15th century, and others who hold significant historical and religious value.


Gutenberg and Coster came upon the concepts of printing books rather than copying them by hand around 1440. Their invention of moveable type forever changed books. These offerings of incunabula are among the earliest printed books in the Western World.

XVIIth Century

Shakespeare is only of the luminaries that established the 17th century as one of the most significant epochs in literary history.

XVIth Century Books

Technologies in printing helped the proliferation of books in the 16th century, and Desiderius Erasmus and Ben Johnson, to name only two literary notables, were introduced to readers.

XVth Century Books

While Incunabula includes printed works from the 15th century, this category includes bookish works like manuscripts and hand-written books and journals.