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Book Price Comparison

Searching for multiple books? Find the best possible combination of matches to save on shipping.

Get the best possible deals on used books and textbooks

If you buy a lot of used books online, you know it can be difficult to find the right combination of books and booksellers to get the best possible savings on books and shipping.

No longer! simplifies searching for multiple used books, so you can spend less time playing with cart combinations, and more time reading!

Simply enter all of the ISBNs (what is an ISBN?) you are looking for (one per line) in the field provided above, and answer three brief questions, and will choose the best possible combination of books to save you money! If you are searching for books published before 1971 (which do not have an ISBN), use our advanced book search instead.

Where to Find an ISBN Number

isbn location ISBN numbers are found on the back cover of most books near the UPC symbol or barcode. This 10 or 13 digit number uniquely identifies the book.

ISBN Highlight image Note: If you cannot find the book's ISBN number by the UPC or barcode, be sure to check inside the book where the copyright information is contained. Books published before 1970 will not have an ISBN number.