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Vancouver defended: History of the men and guns of the Lower Mainland defences, 1859-1949

By Moogk, Peter N

Canada: Antonson Pub. Hardcover. 0919900267 128 pages. Abundantly illustrated with reproductions of archival black and white photos. Bibliography. Footnotes. Index. "...Recounts the trials and traumas of the British Columbia soldier, from 'Early Beginnings at New Westminster' to 'Going Yorkey' during the second world war... comments on the military defences and equipment, as well as the moral fortitutde and integrity of those involved in the devense of the Coastal area.' - from dust jacket. Neatly signed by both authors upon title page. Book clean, bright and unmarked with very light wear. Light wear to dust jacket which is now preserved in a glossy new archival-grade Brodart cover. A nice copy. . Very Good. 1978. First Edition.

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The Cape Scott story

By Peterson, Lester Ray

Canada: Mitchell Press. Paperback. 0888360045 134 pages. Index. Bibliography. Numerous reproductions of archival black and white photos. "The true story of a valiant struggle as hardy Scandinavian and other settlers attempted to tame and soften the rigors of a rugged and beautiful wilderness at the northern extremity of Vancouver Island." - from back cover. Average wear. Binding intact. Faint bit of writing on front cover. Gift greetings inside front cover. A sound copy. . Good. 1976. Reprint.

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Moyie Reflections

By Zimmerman, Michael

Canada: Moyie History Book Committee. Paperback. 0919873162 209 pages. Index. Bibliography. Footnotes. Profusely illustrated in black and white. "An account of Moyie's heyday; a collection of facts, anecdotes, newspaper articles of the day, reminiscences, letters and photographs, compiled under one cover to share with present and future generations." - from Introduction. Unmarked with average wear. Binding intact. A sound copy of this great local history. . Good. 1988. First Edition.

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Our Little Army in the Field: The Canadians in South Africa, 1899-1902

By Reid, Brian A

Canada: Vanwell Publishing Ltd.. Hardcover. 1551250241 206 pages. Index. Bibliography. Footnotes. Average wear. Unmarked. A sound copy. . Good. 1996. First Edition.

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Voices from the Sound : Chronicles of Clayoquot Sound and Tofino, 1899-1929

By Horsfield, Margaret

Canada: Salal Books. Hardcover. 0969700822 365 pages. Index. Select bibliography. Footnotes. Numerous reproductions of archival black and white photos. Signed by author upon title page. "Set against a background of rapid social and economic change, this work examines the years 1899 to 1929. This era saw the demise of the fur seal trade, the coming of scheduled steamships and the development of commercial whaling, logging and fishing. Zealous missionaries radically altered the lives of native people, while the upstart settlement called Tofino gradually eclipsed nearby Clayoquot as the dominant community in the area." - from dust jacket. Clean, bright and unmarked with negligible wear. Dust jacket now preserved in glossy new archival-grade Brodart cover. An excellent copy. . Fine. 2008. First Edition.

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Vancouver's Glory Years: Public Transit 1890 - 1915

By Conn, Heather; Ewert, Henry

Canada: Whitecap Books. Hardcover. 1552855171 224 pages. Index. "This photo-rich collection heralds 25 years of startling growth and transformation, when revolutionary streetcars and interurbans launched an era of unprecedented change... Showcases the city's vibrant transportation past - from fun observation cars to the unique women's hobble skirt car, from safety issues and crime reports to unsavoury entertainment." - from dust jacket. An unread copy with zero wear. Dust jacket preserved in a glossy new archival-grade Brodart cover. Beautiful. . New. 2003. First Edition.

Rain People: The Story of Ocean Falls, British Columbia

By Ramsey, Bruce

British Columbia: Ocean Falls Centennial '71 Committee. Paperback. 233 pages. Index. Reproductions of many black and white archival photos. "Average wear. Unmarked. Binding intact. A sound first edition copy. . Good. 1971. First Edition.

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We'll Win the War with Wings (Nous Gagnerons La Guerre Avec Nos Ailes) - Sheet Music for Piano and Voice

By MacNutt, Albert; Moran, E.M.; Sawyer, Clarence; Addison, L.F

Toronto: Royal Music Co.. Paperback. 6 pages. Dedicated to Air Marshall William Avery Bishop, VC, DSO, whose illustration is included upon the martial front cover. Average wear and soiling. Unmarked. A worthy vintage copy of this uncommonn historic item. . Good. 1940. First Edition.

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75 Years of Greyhound Canada


Canada: Greyhound Canada. Hardcover. 1553830512 192 pages. Index. Reproductions of archival black and white photos. "Chronicles Greyhound's rise from small beginnings in 1929 to the dynamic Canadian icon status it enjoys today, tracking historic moments such as the wartime North West Service Command, opening the Trans Canada Highway, Saskatchewan nationalization, Creating Motor Coach Industries (MCI), launching Greyhound Air, and many other pivotal events in the history of Canada's vigorous intercity bus industry." - from dust jacket. Clean, bright and unmarked with very light wear. A nice copy. . Very Good. 2004. First Edition.

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Far Eastern Tour: The Canadian Infantry in Korea, 1950-1953

By Watson, Brent Byron

Canada: McGill-Queen's University Press. Hardcover. 0773523723 238 pages. Footnotes. Bibliography. Index. "Tells the story of Canada's 'forgotten war' in which soldiers in Korea suffered needless casualties and endured conditions that bordered on criminal neglect." - from dust jacket. Moderate wear. Minimal library markings. Dust jacket preserved in glossy new archival-grade Brodart. A sound copy. . Good. 2002. First Edition.

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A Concise History of Canadian Architecture

By Kalman, Harold

Canada: Oxford University Press. Hardcover. 0195407008 661 pages. Glossary. Index. Profusely illustrated with reproductions of black and white photos. "The definitive work on Canadian architecture." - from dust jacket. Light wear and bit of sunning to spine of dust jacket which is now preserved in glossy new archival-grade Brodart. Somewhat above-average wear and some library markings to book. Front hinge securely taped. A worthy copy of this informative reference. . Fair. 2000. First Edition.

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Collingwood Pioneers - Memories of a Vancouver District

By Nielsen, Barbara

Canada: Collingwood Pioneers. Paperback. 112 pages. Reproductions of archival black and white photos. Provides details of historic schools, chuches, notable individuals, trivia, and much more. Signed and inscribed inside front cover by Jean Crowley of the book committee, otherwise clean and unmarked with moderate wear. Undated but appears to be circa 1985. A sound copy of this charming local history. . Good. 1985. First Edition.

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Canada's Illustrated Heritage - Complete Set in 16 Volumes

By Atwood, Multiple Contributors Including Margaret; Others, many

Toronto: N.S.L. Natural Science of Canada Limited. Hardcover. Published in the late 1970s, this magnificently illustrated set brings to life the richness of our real Canadian past, in all its colour and vitality. "There are no fictional embellishments. Some of Canada's best authors have used sensitivity, imagination, and true literary skill to tell Canada's story as it really was. These are not academic textbooks, but a fascinating and accurate 'social history' that should appeal to everyone." - Professor J. Michael Bliss, University of Toronto. "Delivers a totally new and essential look at ourselves, with a broad down-to-realities approach." - Peter C. Newman. Includes the following volumes: The First Canadians, The Colonial Dream 1497-1760, Redcoats and Loyalists 1760-1815, Days of the Rebels 1815-1840, Pioneer Days 1840-1860, Dawn of the Nation 1860-1870, The Age of Innocence 1870-1880, Canada Moves Westward 1880-1890, The Naughty Nineties 1890-1900, Into the 20th Century 1900-1910, The Years of Agony 1910-1920, The Crazy Twenties 1920-1930, The Hungry Thirties 1930-1940, A Time of Heroes 1940-1950, The Booming Fifites 1950-1960, The Years of Progress 1960-1970. Moderate to average wear. Unmarked with the exception of the last volume which bears a few library markings. Binding of the 1930-1940 volume is taped at title page. Binding of the 1900-1910 volume is weak at title page. A quality copy of this magnificent set. . Good. 1978. First Edition.

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Lahr Schwarzwald: Canadian Forces Base / Base Des Forces Canadiennes Lahr - 25 Years, 1967-1992

By Nicks, Don A

Ottawa: Department of National Defence, Canada. Hardcover. 127 pages. Bibliography. Honour list. Bilingual English/French. Printed upon glossy stock. "The history of Lahr and the Canadian chapter of that history." - from dust jacket. Profusely illustrated with reproductions of black and white photos. Decorated endpapers. Dust jacket preserved in glossy new archival-grade Brodart. A superb copy. Please note: isbn number 1895896002 appears on book and dust jacket but is apparently incorrect. . Fine. 1992. First Edition.

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Winnipeg: Where the new west begins : an illustrated history

By Wells, Eric

Canada: Windsor Publications. Hardcover. 0897810392 288 pages. Signed by author upon front free endpaper. Index. "The text is handsomely accompanied by several hundred historical illustrations, many seldom published. A chapter with full-colour plates displays Winnipeg through paintings and contemporary photographs. Here is a lively and charmingly informative story of Winnipeg, viewed in the long perspective of almost four centuries of time." - from dust jacket. Printed on glossy stock. Clean, bright and unmarked with negligible wear. Dust jacket now preserved in glossy new archival-grade Brodart. A superior copy. . Fine. 1982. First Edition.

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The Library Book : A History of Service to British Columbia

By OBEE, Dave

Vancouver, B.C.: British Columbia Library Association. Hardcover. 0969261497 "A comprehenvise, entertaining look at some of the most important public organizations in British Columbia. Lavishly illustrated, it tells of the early librarians, library supporters and library trustees, and traces the development of libraries from simple bookshelves to complex internet-based collections." - from dust jacket. . New. 2011. First Edition.

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EACH MORNING BRIGHT. 160 Years of Selected Reading from the Ottawa Citizen 1845-2005

Ontario, ON, Canada: n/a. Hardcover. 0969890885 460 pages. Index. Map endpapers. "In this very special collection of excerpts from the finest journalism produced by the Ottawa Citizen over 160 years, you will be taken on a journey from 1845 to the present day, from the flowery prose of the earliest editions, to the leaner writing of modern times. Illustrations, editorials, feature stories and advertisements will bring back fond memories, broaden understanding of Ottawa's roots and provide plenty of food for thought and fodder for conversation." - from dust jacket. Numerous reproductions of illustrations, primarily in black and white. Clean, bright and unmarked with negligible wear. Dust jacket now preserved in glossy new archival-grade Brodart cover. A beautiful copy. Gift quality. . Fine. 2005. First Edition.

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Uranium in Canada

By Diefenbaker, The Right Honourable John G. (Foreword)

Canada: Canadian Uranium Producers. Paperback. 16 pages. Promotional booklet for Canada's early uranium industry. Following the foreword by Prime Minister Diefenbaker are sections describing the development of uranium in Canada, a listing of products available, method of purchase, Directory of uranium producing companies, plus a list of sources of further information. Faint bit of writing atop front cover otherwise unmarked with average wear. Binding intact. A sound copy of this vintage item. . Good. 1959. First Edition.

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Injustice Served: The Story of British Columbia's Italian Enemy Aliens During World War II

By Culos, Raymond; Iacobucci, The Hon. Frank

Canada: Cusmano. Hardcover. 0980970083 216 pages. Index. Bilingual English/Italian. Illustrated primarily in black and white. "The very sensitive story of BC's Italians classified as enemy aliens during World War II. Raymond Culos' documented research and prose provide an enlightened analysis of the Government of Canada's rationale for arresting and incarcerating Italians suspected of being members of a local fascist organization. He also presents testimony of the suffering of family members of the POWs. Culos further illustrates the sense of frustration, anger and yes, sheer mortification felt by hundreds of loyal citizens required to report monthly to the RCMP. In the midst of this incredible chapter in Canada's wartime history the reader becomes aware of the BC Italian Canadians who publicly swore allegiance to King and Country and those who served in the defence of Canada. A number of these servicemen were on active duty while members of their families were being scrutinized by the RCMP." - from dust jacket. An unread copy. Clean, bright and unmarked with negligible wear. Dust jacket now preserved in glossy new archival-grade Brodart cover. A beautiful copy. Gift quality. . Fine. 2012. First Edition.

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On blue ice: The Inuvik adventure

By Stoneman-McNichol, Jane

Canada: Town of Inuvik. Paperback. 0919315062 80 pages. Photo-illustrated history of Inuvik. Profusely illustrated with colour and black and white photos. Moderate wear. Unmarked. A sound copy. . Good. 1983. First Edition.

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