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Progressive Conservative Speakers' Handbook

By Canada, The Progressive Conservative Party of

Ottawa: The Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. Paperback. Original Progressive Conservative Party of Canada Speakers' Handbook for use in the run-up to the Canadian federal election of 1945. Printing date not stated but was most likely 1944, possibly 1945. Unpaginated. Two inches thick. Provides the full spectrum of PC policies and points with which to attack the Liberal and C.C.F. parties. Contents divided into the following sections: Table of Contents; Leadership - with considerable biographical information on PC leader John Bracken; War Policy and Veterans; Agriculture; Labour; Reconstruction and Natural Resources; Transportation; International Problems; Liberal Policy; C.C.F. Policy. The sections on Liberal and C.C.F. policies extensively document the perceived weaknesses of these parties and were no-doubt intended to serve as the arsenal of attack ads and talking points to be used against these parties. Unmarked. Average wear and soiling. Due to wartime restrictions these handbooks were string-bound. Provides a comprehensive snapshot of the Canadian federal political scene prior to the election of 1945, as seen from the PC perspective. A unique and highly-informative WWII-era Canadian federal political memento. . Good. 1944. First Edition.

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No apology from me

By Smallwood, Joseph Roberts

St. John's, Newfoundland: Newfoundland Book Publishers (1967). Paperback. 0920508103 174 pages. "In surprise after surprise this book reveals the truth about confederation." - subtitle. Average wear. Binding intact. Unmarked. Fly specks to front cover near spine. A sound copy. . Fair. 1979. First Edition.

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To You With Affection From Joey

By Smallwood, Joseph (Joey) R

St. John's, Newfoundland: Action for Joey Committees. Paperback. 175 pages. "A short message (to the People of Newfoundland and Labrador) from your Premier". An interesting review of where the Province has come from and where Mr. Smallwood sees it going. Average wear. Unmarked. Binding intact. A sound vintage copy. . Good. 1969. First Edition.

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Timber Trails and Pipeline Tales: A History of Lodgepole - Pembina Area (Alberta)

By Lodgepole Recreation Book Committee

Lodgepole, Alberta: Lodgepole Recreation Book Committee. Hardcover. 0889251835 445 pages. Index. Profusely illustrated with reproductions of archival and family black and white photos. Gift greetings upon front free endpaper, otherwise clean, bright and unmarked with very light wear. Tight and square. An excellent copy of this precious genealogical reference. . Very Good. 1981. First Edition.

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Diamond in the Rough - The Campbell River Story

By Hitchell, Helen

Canada: Frontier Publishing Ltd.. Paperback. 192 pages. Reproductions of many wonderful black and white archival photos. This revised edition published ten years after the first. "The district has progrressed more in those ten years, I think, than in the sixty years before." - from Introduction. Average wear. Binding intact. Top corner of title page clipped. 2"x2" area of minor discolouration to colour-illustrated front cover. A sound copy. (Hale & Barman #605) . Good. 1975. Second Revised Printing.

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The Legionary - The Fighting Man's Magazine, November, 1946, No. 5, Vol. XXII (22) - Andrew Charles Mynarski, V.C

By Jacobson, Percy; Bromwich, H.W.; Flaherty, Frank Wright, F.Gordon; Philpott, Colonel Percy J.; Herwig, J.C.G.; Morse, Eric W.; Gleave, T.B.; Giverero, Captain S.A.; Hall, Henry C.; Mackenzie, Hon. Ian; Jacobsen, Percy; Bovey, Colonel Wilfred

Ottawa, Canada: The Canadian Legion Press, Ltd.. Paperback. 50 pages. Features: Silent Cities - Photo-illustrated article on Canadian military cemeteries abroad; Our Air Heroes - excerpt from play "Target for Peace" which was broadcast on the CBC; Photo of the 48th Highlanders of Canada pipe band playing in Italy; Top Priority on Homes for Heroes is Legion Demand; How the Town of Renfrew Solved its Housing Problem - article with photo; Education for Citizenship - Lieut. - Col. the Hon. Wilfred Bovey flays those who would throw away Canadian democracy for the way of the Russians; Photo and brief write-up of 93-year-old Sgt. Daniel Byrd Hoskins Power of the Ancient and Honourable Artillery Company of Boston, who explains the secret to his long life; Canada's Veterans in the U.S.A.; The Second V.C. of the R.C.A.F. - The Late Pilot Officer Andrew Charles Mynarski; Photo of Bailey Bridge inventor Sir Donald Bailey in Ottawa; Update Colonel Percy J. Philpott, Adviser to the Deputy Minister concerning Veterans of both wars; Review of book "Detour" which describes the life of Prisoners-of-war in Germany; Article on Legion Policies and Activities; Monthly notes on the great humanitarian work of the Dominion Service Bureau of the Canadian Legion; The World in Review - Part 12 - September 11 to October 10, 1946; The Small Holdings Plan; Photo of Victoria Legion's undefeated lacrosse team; Photo of the Jewish legionaires' basketball team of the Fredric Kisch Branch in Montreal; The Canadian Army at War - The Canadians in Britain, 1939-1944, 3rd part; Nice one-page cartoon-illustrated ad for Dawes Black Horse Brewery features hunter being chased by bear; Nostalgic colour ad inside back cover for Blue Top Brewing of Kitchener, Ontario features illustration and floor-plan diagram of an economical home. Average wear. Unmarked. Binding intact. Front cover partially faded with mild undulations. Contents moderately toned with age. A sound vintage copy. . Fair. 1946. First Edition.

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By WARRILOW, BETTY (compiler)

Canada: Escort Carriers Association. Hardcover. 0969343809 210 pages. Index. Printed on glossy stock. Abundantly illustrated with reproductions of black and white photos. Magnificently illustrated endpapers. "The story of HMS NAbob's short career which climaxed when she was torpedoed off Norway's North Cape on August 22, 1944." - from dust jacket. Book clean, bright and unmarked with very light wear. Moderate wear to dust jacket which is now preserved in a glossy new archival-grade Brodart cover. A quality copy of this engaging and informative work. . Very Good. 1989. First Edition.

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Sixty (60) Years on the Klondike

By Baird, Andrew

Vancouver, B.C.: Gordon Black Publications Ltd.. Paperback. 111 pages. Many reproductions of archival black and white photos. A series of articles by Andrew Baird which appeared in Western Miner magazine and are now compiled into book form. Baird left his native Australia and spent sixty years in the Klondike. He acquired fifteen claims on Sulphur Creek and for ten years carried on an individual placer mining operation - so he knows of what he writes. Moderate wear. Unmarked. Binding tight. A sound copy. . Good. 1965. First Edition.

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The Black Loyalists

By Walker, James W. St. G

U.K.: Holmes & Meier Publishers, Inc.. Paperback. 0841902666 438 pages. Index. Bibliography. Footnotes. Minimal markings to contents. Covers detached but present. A worthy reference copy. . Fair. 1976. First Edition.

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This Was the Kootenay

By Graham, Clara

British Columbia: Self-Published. Hardcover. B002D03R0U 270 pages. References. Numerous reproductions of archival black and white photos. Title of the thirty-one chapters include: The David Thompson Party; Fort Kootenay; Gold on Wild Horse; Old Times on Perry Creek; Two Isadores of East Kootenay; International Railway Rivalry; Steamboat Days on Upper Columbia. The North Star Mine; Sullivan Mine Early History; Pierre - Kootenay Indian; Building of the Crowsnest Railway; Early Cranbrook; THe Frank Slide; Fernie; The coming of the Automobile; The Blue Bell Mine; Early Days in Kaslo; Beginnings of Nelson; Rossland Camp; The Salmon-Beaver Valley; The Doukhobors; and many more. Contents moderately toned with age. Heavy external wear and soiling. Usual library markings. Back free endpaper removed. Binding intact. Not pretty but a worthy reading copy. (Hale & Barman #359) . Fair. 1963. First Edition.

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Dreaming of What Might Be: Labor Day Souvenir...The Knights of Labor in Ontario, 1880 - 1900

By Kealey, Gregory S

Canada: New Hogtown Press. Paperback. 0919940226 487 pages. Footnotes. Bibliography. Index. "Demonstrates the complex character of working class history and the Canadian labor movement." - from back cover. Unmarked with moderate wear. Binding tight. A sound copy. . Good. 1987. Reprint.

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Golden Memories of the Wood River Pioneers

By Woodriver Historical Society

Lafleche, Saskatchewan: Woodriver Historical Society. Hardcover. 0889251584 573 pages. Index. Profusely illustrated with reproductions of archival black and white photos. Light wear. Binding intact. A quality copy of this wonderful local history. . Very Good. 1981. First Edition.

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Petryshyn-Bzdel Family Ties

By Petryshyn, Michael & Ksenia; Bzdel, Tom & Stella; Bzdel, Mike & Theresa; Wasylynka, Joe & Sylvia; Bzdel, Sylvester & Catherine

Canada: Petryshyn-Bzdel Family History. Hardcover. 0889256934 308 pages. Index. Profusely illustrated with reproductions of archival black and white photos. Clean, bright and unmarked with negligible wear. Appears unread. A superb copy of this wonderfully informative family history. . New. 1986. First Edition.

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QEW, Canada's first superhighway

By Stamp, Robert M

Canada: Boston Mills Press. Paperback. 0919783848 68 pages. Text accompanied by reproductions of many wonderful archival black and white photos. Clean and unmarked with light wear. A quality copy. . Very Good. 1987. First Edition.

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Canadian West Magazine - The Pioneer Years, Collector's Number 40 (Forty) Issue, Summer 1981, Vol. II, No. 2

By Franklin, Huldah, B.; Nolan, Shelagh; Magnusson, Kristina; Horne, Constance E.; Paterson, T.W.; Chalmers, John W.; Robson, Ethel

Canada: Stagecoach Publishing Co. Ltd.. Paperback. 40 pages. Features: The Golden Days of Banff; Bob Edwards of the Eye-Opener; Tax Sale Riot; The Monkman Murder; Captain Vinter's Message from the Grave; Dunc Woods and the Mascot Fraction; The Governor's Piper; Saskatchewan Calling. Clean and unmarked with moderate wear. A sound copy. . Good. 1981. First Edition.

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Science, God, and Nature in Victorian Canada: The 1982 Joanne Goodman Lectures

By Berger, Carl

Canada: University of Toronto Press. Paperback. 0802065236 92 pages. Index. Footnotes. "Explores the rise, expansion, and decline of the idea of natural history." - from back cover. Clean, bright and unmarked. A nice copy. . Very Good. 1983. First Edition.

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Canadian West Magazine, Collector's Number 4 (Four) Issue, Summer 1986

By Paterson, T.W.; Ramsey, Bruce; Curtis, Allan; Stevenson, John; Fryer, Harold; Basque, Garnet; Ramsey, Bruce

Canada: Sunfire Publications Ltd.. Paperback. 42 pages. Features: B.C.'s Biggest Bank Robbery; The Secret El Dorado of Cedar Creek (conclusion); Queen of the Klondike (Part 1); Silver City; The Gold Escorts of 1861 & 1863; The Last Great Indian Battle; A Mountain of Jade; Algernon Palmer. Clean and unmarked with moderate wear. A sound copy. . Good. 1986. First Edition.

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The Queen Charlotte Islands - Book 2 (Two): Of Places and Names

By Dalzell, Kathleen E

Canada: Cove Press. Hardcover. 472 pages. Index. A sequel and companion book to The Queen Charlotte Islands 1774 to 1966. Moderate wear to unmarked book. Above-average wear to dust jacket now preserved in glossy new archival-grade Brodart cover. A worthy reference copy. . Good. 1973. First Edition.

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Harewood - Land of Wakesiah (Nanaimo, B.C. History)

By Committee, Harewood Centennial

Nanaimo, BC, Canada: Harewood Centennial Committee. Paperback. 48 pages. History of the Harewood area of South Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. Reproductions of archival black and white photos. Unmarked. Average wear. A sound copy. (Hale and Barman #385) . Good. 1967. First Edition.

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Saskatchewan History, Volume 46, Number 1, Spring 1994

By Taylor, Georgina; Makahonuk, Glen; Hewitt, S.R.; More, And

Canada: University of Saskatchewan. Paperback. 48 pages. Features: Grace Fletcher, Women's Rights, Temperance, and 'British Fair Play' in Saskatoon, 1885-1907; The Labouring Class in Saskatchewan's Economy, 1850 to 1912; Malczewski's List - a case study of Royal North-West Mounted Police-Immigrant Relations; and more. Moderate wear. Partial address written inside front cover. One-inch opening at top of coverfold. A sound copy. . Good. 1994. First Edition.

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