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Is there a way to reduce prices on a select portion of my inventory?

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Login to your BiblioDirect bookseller Menu and click on "Sell more books by offering discounts and sales to customers".

This will allow you to create "book sales" where you can specify a certain discount for portions of your inventory (you can choose a combination of catalogs, price ranges, and inventory ranges).

Your sale price will be featured in search results, along with the original listing price, to show customers the discount they are being offered.  Bookseller sales are also featured in email announcements sent to many thousands of Biblio customers who have chosen to receive special offers from Biblio via email! 

When you have a book sale running, you will see your sale listed when you use the "Exclusive Specials" tab at the top of each Biblio page.  Customers will be able to view your book sale, and search for specific titles that may be included in your sale.

If you have any questions about how to set up or adjust a sale, please contact directly.  We'll be happy to help!

I was delighted with my order and your service. The book arrived in time for the occasion that I needed it for. I was thrilled to be able to find an out-of-print copy.

Margaret, PA