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Biblio brings you a broad selection of textbooks, classics, academic texts and other required course reading material. By working directly with thousands of booksellers around the globe, we're able to help you find the book you need at a price you can afford - often saving students hundreds of dollars.

Simply use the search to the right to enter the ISBN of the book you need - or, if you don't have the ISBN available, use the form on the far right to search by author and title.

In stock guarantee

In stock guarantee

We guarantee all books to be in-stock or you get 20% off your next order.

30 day return guarantee

30 day return guarantee

Shop with confidence with our 30-day return guarantee.

International Editions

International Edition Textbooks

Learn more about buying international edition textbooks! They are often a good choice as a cheaper alternative to standard textbooks.

Textbook buying tips

You don't need us to tell you that textbooks are expensive. Here we share some ideas to help you spend less on books and more on the things you actually enjoy.

Buy used
Before purchasing a new textbook, try to find used copy using the search above. You might have to sacrifice a little in the way of condition, but you'll appreciate how much you save.
International editions
International editions are versions of a textbook that have been produced for a market outside of the U.S. Often differing in small ways, such as different covers, illustrations and pagination, they can represent enormous savings over the U.S. edition of a textbook.
Look for older editions
Ask your instructor if a previous edition of the text is acceptable. They are often sensitive to the high costs of college books and may be willing to work with you. It could mean hundred of dollars in savings!
It's a good idea to purchase as many of your books as possible from the same bookseller in order to save on shipping.
Order early
Textbooks, like most anything else, are driven by market demand. This means the longer you wait to order your textbooks, the more likely the prices are to increase. Buy as soon as you know your course requirements in order to get the best price possible as well as to minimize any chance of delays.
Ask the bookseller
If you have questions (such as whether a textbook contains a CD-ROM or other supplementary material) and are unsure of the answer, ask the bookseller before ordering. This will save you the time and expense of ordering a book only to realize it lacks a required component.
Sell your textbooks
While it won't help you save on this semester's purchases, selling your textbooks from last semester can help you at least recoup some of the costs to offset the next round of materials. Use our handy buyback comparison search to get the best buyback prices

Still looking for more great tips for saving on your college textbooks? Try our blog, where we have more in-depth tips for buying textbooks online or used.

campbell's biology

"... online stores and marketplaces - like ... - have in the past five years built large inventories of both used and discounted new textbooks" -- New York Times, 8/30/2007