School textbook purchasing made easy

Elementary, middle and high schools alike can make their budgets go further by purchasing used textbooks for the classroom.

Algebra high school textbook

With textbook costs on the rise and budget cuts too, elementary, middle and high schools can stretch their budgets in purchasing textbooks second hand.

With many educational institutions facing deep budget cuts in this difficult economy, K-12 schools are increasingly turning to purchasing used textbooks for their classrooms.

Whether you’re an elementary school teacher or an administrator at a high school, Biblio is here to help you stretch your purchasing power and save on used K-12 textbooks.

We have a great selection of elementary and secondary school textbooks at prices starting from just $1.00 (and often available for quantity purchasing in the dozens – if not hundreds) and including major publishers such as Glencoe, we are pleased to also offer the easy ability for schools to use a purchase order when ordering.

Learn how you can save on textbooks and purchase textbooks with a purchase order here.

Also, for bulk purchases, you can now specify a minimum number of copies on hand when searching using our advanced booksearch – great for when you’re looking to order, say, 50 copies of a particular text for your classroom!

Or, if you have any questions at all prior to your purchase or about using a purchase order to buy textbooks for your school, just contact our customer service!

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