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Are International Edition Textbooks Legal?

International Edition textbooks listed on Biblio are marked by this image.

Are International Edition Textbooks Legal?


For years now, we have been hearing that question asked by concerned students, booksellers, publishers, and college professors.  The selling and buying of International Editions within the US has been considered a grey-market area for many years – while not specifically restricted by law, it is definitely frowned upon by the publishers themselves.

An International Edition textbook is a version of a textbook that has been published for intended distribution outside of the U.S., and they are much more cost-effective than the new U.S. editions.

On March 19, 2013, the recent Supreme Court decision of Kirtsaeng vs. John Wiley & Sons upheld the “First-sale” doctrine, which means that International Edition textbooks are allowed to be sold and purchased within the US.  It also upholds the right of anyone to sell or otherwise dispose of their purchased material however they choose, which means that college students are still able to resell their textbooks when the semester is over!

For more details about exactly what an International Edition is, and the potential differences between US and International Editions, check out this post:  What is an International Edition textbook?


Textbook Season is here!

It is time to buckle down and prepare for the next semester of college courses! Many of our booksellers specialize in selling used textbooks at significantly cheaper prices than new copies run in today’s market. Read more for some tips about buying used textbooks or click here to start saving on used textbooks now! Search by ISBN if your professor has provided them.  Searching for a college textbook by title and author alone can provide search results that include multiple … Continued

Simplifying price comparison on books

Single Variable Calculus
Even James Stewart's popular calculus textbook might not be able to help you find the best deal on used books as our new bulk search tool!

Price comparison on books and textbooks can be a chore.

If you’re anything like me, you probably stock up your bedside table in bursts, ordering several used books at the same time.  Very likely, you also find yourself rifling through dozens of book searches and possible ordering combinations to arrive at the best bundle price including shipping and delivery.  And that can take some time – and fancy calculus.

Sometimes, I enjoy the challenge of the hunt.  Others, I just want to order my books and be done.

Enter Biblio’s new Bulk Book Search (OK, not the most catchy name, but as you know, we love alliteration).

The new bulk book search allows you to specify a list of ISBNs, the condition you’d prefer, and where you’d like the books shipped to.  And, then it does all the hard work of analyzing every possible combination of dealers and books to arrive at the perfectly priced cart for your order.  All you have to do is simply check off the copies you want, and add them to your cart!  Perfect for the avid reader, or the student looking for cheap textbooks.

So, please, give it a try and send us your feedback.  We’d love to know if it works for you, and of course, how we can make it even better.

School textbook purchasing made easy

Algebra high school textbook
With textbook costs on the rise and budget cuts too, elementary, middle and high schools can stretch their budgets in purchasing textbooks second hand.

With many educational institutions facing deep budget cuts in this difficult economy, K-12 schools are increasingly turning to purchasing used textbooks for their classrooms.

Whether you’re an elementary school teacher or an administrator at a high school, Biblio is here to help you stretch your purchasing power and save on used K-12 textbooks.

We have a great selection of elementary and secondary school textbooks at prices starting from just $1.00 (and often available for quantity purchasing in the dozens – if not hundreds) and including major publishers such as Glencoe, we are pleased to also offer the easy ability for schools to use a purchase order when ordering.

Learn how you can save on textbooks and purchase textbooks with a purchase order here.

Also, for bulk purchases, you can now specify a minimum number of copies on hand when searching using our advanced booksearch – great for when you’re looking to order, say, 50 copies of a particular text for your classroom!

Or, if you have any questions at all prior to your purchase or about using a purchase order to buy textbooks for your school, just contact our customer service!

How does higher education reform bill affect students and their textbooks?

It’s August and young adults everywhere are getting ready for college.  As the number of students enrolled in a college or university continues to increase, it is wonderful news that prices for textbooks should begin to decline.  The Higher Education Opportunity Act passed in 2008 became law effective July 1st and should help make textbooks more affordable. In the past, students had to prepare themselves for a chunk of change when they bought their textbooks for the upcoming semester.  Students could expect to spend … Continued

What is an International Edition Textbook?

international edition
International edition textbooks on Biblio are easily identifiable by this image

An international edition textbook is a version of a textbook that has been produced for distribution outside of the U.S.

Common Features:

  • Typically the ISBN of an international edition is not the same as the ISBN of a US edition.
  • The cover image is also usually different
  • International editions are usually soft cover.
  • International editions may have black and white illustrations
  • International editions may not include CD ROMs or other supplementary materials that may have been included with the U.S. edition textbook.
  • International edition textbooks will often be published with cover information indicating that they are intended for foreign markets.


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