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BiblioWorks – Be a part of the 2nd Annual Literacy Festival! was built for the love of books, and the desire to share that appreciation with the rest of the world.  In 2005, we founded the non-profit organization, BiblioWorks.

After the success of the first library project in Morado K’asa, Bolivia, BiblioWorks became a major contributor in the efforts to bring literacy and education to impoverished indigenous communities.  Since then, we have helped to build nine community libraries in Bolivia, as well as assisted with local book drives, prison book programs, homeless shelters and tutoring programs.

In 2012, BiblioWorks volunteers raised the funds to establish the first Literacy Festival in Sucre, Bolivia.  The festival was a success, and was a great way to raise awareness about the efforts of BiblioWorks with the Bolivian community.

This year, BiblioWorks needs your help to put on the 2nd Annual Literacy Festival!  They are raising funds with an IndieGoGo campaign:

BiblioWorks has opened 9 libraries in impoverished, rural communities in Bolivia. We believe in the power of literacy to transform people’s lives in a positive way.

*  The first annual literacy festival held in April 2012 was a huge success and opened the door to reading to more than 500 students living in the city of Sucre.

*  This year we hope to multiply the reading activities, multiply the students involved and spread the joy of reading to thousands of people living in Sucre, Bolivia!

You can visit the campaign page to learn more, see the video footage from the 1st Annual Literacy Festival, and donate any amount that you wish to this awesome program!


  • Dont ask Keith for a estimate. Spend days communicating and he replies back ” don’t have the time”

    Great businessman.

    If you are looking for support in regard to pricing on old magazines or books go elsewhere.

    Keith does not have the time

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