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How do I delete or remove listings from

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By Uploading

Most inventory management software includes options for creating or exporting inventory data files you can upload to the marketplaces where you list books for sale. Biblio can accommodate most of the commonly used inventory management programs, including HomeBase and Excel files. If you are not sure how your software should be used to update your Biblio listings, please contact us at . Let us know what program you use and we'll do our best to provide you with the information and instructions you'll need.

If you use a status and/or quantity field in your uploads, keep in mind that any listing uploaded with a status field indicating an item is unavailable or a quantity of zero will remove that listing from your active records. Uploading any listing with a price of zero will also remove the listing from your active inventory.

Deletes only

In most cases you can upload any inventory file with the intention of deleting from your active inventory all the listings in that file. This would apply regardless of the quantity, status or price of any individual listing in that file. When you are using your bookseller menu interface for uploading files, you'll see Are these adds or deletes? with two options to choose. You can flip that from Normal (adds and deletes) to Deletes only. When you upload your file, all the listings in your file will be removed from active inventory.

Bulk Deletes

You can delete listings from our site using the Bulk delete tool. Login to your bookseller menu and click on the Inventory tab at the top of the page. Select Bulk delete from the drop down menu.

Enter your inventory numbers for the items you wish to delete separated by spaces, commas, or linefeeds, then press Review. You will have an opportunity to confirm your deletes before they are deleted. Please remember to include any leading zeros, if applicable (e.g., 003489).

One at a Time

You can always remove individual listings from your active Biblio inventory one at a time, as well as make any updates or corrections to individual listings. There are a number of options for searching your inventory to add, update or remove. Here is a link to our FAQ for managing your listings manually:

Search my listings

Please note, if you manage a database for your listings and also make changes manually, be sure to update your own database as well when you make those manual changes. If we receive an upload containing different data for the item you manually added, removed or edited, the data for that listing will reflect the details in your upload. 

See this page for more details on the upload formats we can work with:

Upload Formats

Please email with any further questions.

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