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Rare Books

What are rare books?

When we talk about rare books, we speak of books that have a limited supply. There's no one single determinant for scarcity. Some books are unique works, like original manuscripts or association copies. Others are considered scarce because the number of interested collectors exceeds the number of copies available on the market. These collections are hand-selected by Biblio's booksellers to represent the best and most interesting of their books from among the millions of titles available on Biblio. We invite you to explore the categories, and learn more about collecting books.

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Antiquarian dealers

Biblio is a marketplace made of thousands of the finest booksellers and bookstores in the world, all of whom come together to create an uncommonly distinctive marketplace for the discerning collector.

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Bibliophiles' Club

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Resources for collectors

In stock guarantee

In stock guarantee

We guarantee all books to be in-stock or you get 20% off your next order.

30 day return guarantee

30 day return guarantee

Shop with confidence with our 30-day return guarantee.

Antiquarian Books

Here within are found books rare and ancient, starting with the earliest printed works.

Business, Finance and the Law

These collections will delight the collector and the financier alike, ranging the gamut of legal treatises to the history of economic thought.

Cooking, Gardening and Domestic Arts

Domestic pursuits and the books that enable them.


The fleeting captured for posterity...

Everything Else

That which defies categorization elsewhere...


Histories by region, by epoch and by war...


Sublime works of fiction, poetry and quality diversions...

Religion, Philsophy and Metaphysics

Theology and theory...

Science, Technology and Transportation

Molocules and machines, computers and chemicals...

Signed Books, Documents and Manuscripts

Autographs, endorsements and dedications in pencil and ink...

Social Sciences, Biography and Genealogy

How we are who we are and how we became...

Sports, Games and Recreation

Games of sport, chance and other diversions...

The Arts

Beauty expressed on canvas, paper, stage...

The Art of the Book

Opulent illustrations and elaborate bindings...

Travel and Exploration

Adventure and expeditions...

signed copy of vineland

Signed books

We have a terrific selection of autographed copies of all kinds of titles - millions, in fact - all waiting to be discovered. Be sure to check our our signed books section, where you'll find search tools and indispensable information on collecting signed books.

kerouac on the road first edition

First editions

Sometimes unraveling the mysteries of first editions can prove confusing, not to mention trying to find collectible copies that suite your needs. Be sure to visit our page on first editions for more information and resources.