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The Day of the Dead

Feliz Dia de los Muertos!

Some people are celebrating Halloween now, but there are others who are preparing to honor their friends, family, and even authors who have passed on in order to show respect to the impressions they left on the living who remember them. October 31st, November 1st and 2nd are considered the Days of the Dead or Dias De los Muertos, a holiday celebrated throughout Mexico, although there are festivities around the world that are similar.

The holiday is considered a time of remembrance, with celebrations of our loved ones, our ancestors, that have passed on to the “other side.”  There are often parties with dancing, food, parades, music, and altars–all done to honor those loved or admired who have passed from this earth.

Here in Asheville, North Carolina, there are several exciting events. A local tour bus company offers a Day of the Dead ride that goes through our Historic Riverside Cemetery (where Thomas Wolfe and O. Henry are buried) to a gathering with a beautiful ancestor altar at a local restaurant. There are dance parties in town, as well as more solemn vigils and grave decorating.

If this tradition spikes interest in the reader within you, I have taken the liberty of listing some lovely books and other items for sale at reflecting the beauty of this holiday.

Calaveras Aftosas con Medias Naylon. Mexico, 1947. Portfolio of subversive lincuts. 16 x 12 inches; 40.64 x 31.1 cm. 8 pages. 2 inch clean tear through center. Part of lower right corner missing on last leaf.
$ 1,500.00

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