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Gaba, the Anxiety Amino Acid

By Birkner, Katherine M.; Sahley, Billie Jay

Pain & Stress Publications, 2003. Billie Sahley has done an exceptional Job in explaining how Amino Acids affect our moods, emotions, memory and Behavior. In GABA the Anxiety Amino Acid Learn How: 1. GABA and other Amino Acids Controls the "Stop" Switch" of Neurotransmitters that cause Anxiety and Panic Attacks. 2. How deficiencies of amino acids Begin and therfore cause anxiety, panic,hyper-activity, pain, depression and more. Learn the how Gaba, Tyrosine, Gletamine, Glycine, Phenylalanine, Taurine, Lysine and other Amino acids help feed the brain.. 3rd. Trade Paperback. Near Fine.


Terracide - America's Destruction of her Living Environment

By Linton, Ron M.

Little, Brown and Company, 1970. Plastic wrapped and sealed as new.. Not Indicated. Hard Cover. New/New.