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Vocabulary of Modern Spoken Greek (Greek-English and English-Greek)

By Swanson, Donald C

Minneapolis MN: Nostos Uuseful guide to modern Greek for English speakers. Introductory chapter on the development of the modern language. . New.


Vocabulary of Modern Spoken Greek (English-Greek and Greek- English)

By Swanson, Donald C (& Djaferis, Sophia P.)

Athens: Minas Myrtidis, 1957. First edition of useful guide to modern Greek for English speakers. Introductory chapter on the development of the modern language. Very nice copy, some wear to paper wraps. 408p. (some uncut). First Edition. Original Wraps. Very Good.


Vocabulary of Modern Spoken Greek (Greek-English and English-Greek)

By Swanson, Donald C

Minneapolis MN: University of Minnesota, 1959. First US edition of useful guide to modern Greek for English speakers. Introductory chapter on the development of the modern language. . 1st US Ed.. Hardcover. Near Fine/No Jacket.


English-Greek Dialogues (English-Greek dictionary)

By Geromicha, F

Athens: Astir Publishing/AL & E Papademetriou, 1945. Vintage, pocket sized guide to Modern Greek for tourists."The best and shortest method for learning the most usual expressions of the Greek language with correct prounciation...." Name of author inserted (stamped) on title page 109p. . First Thus. Pbk.. Very Good.


Greek/English, English/Greek Dictionary and Phrasebook
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Greek/English, English/Greek Dictionary and Phrasebook

By Tom Stone

New York: Hippocrene Books, 1998. This handy dictionary contains 1,500 entries of useful and up-to-date phrases and vocabulary for arty traveler or student of the Greek language. The dictionary emphasizes the proper tools for communication by including pronunciation phonics, perfect grammar, and useful tips and phrases for understanding modern Greek culture. . Softcover. New.


Oxford Greek-English Learner's Dictionary
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Oxford Greek-English Learner's Dictionary

By Stavropoulos, D.N [ed]

Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2001. Information is provided about the use of words as well as their meanings. There are numerous example sentences and phrases. It contains thorough coverage of idioms and colloquial expressions. 1020p. Reprint. Laminated Hardcover. As New.


Greek-English Dictionary/ Elleno-Anglikon Lexikon

By Papadimitriou, Alex. E.

Athens: Ekdotikos Oikos Aster, 1973. A miniature [3.5 x 2 x 1.5"] pocket dictionary, 961p.intiny but fine typrface, in a flexible leather binding. Name of previous owner on ffep, else near fine. First Thus. Leather Style Binding. Near Fine.


To Alphabetarion Tou Ellenopaidos Tis Amerikis Tefchos Proton

By Konstantopoulou, G

New York: D.C.Divry ., 1963. Vintage textbook used on Greek language classes for American children. Reprint of a book previously issued in 1935 and 1942 . A nice piece of Greek American nostalgia. Name and scribblings off previous young owner on ffep. Loose in binding.. 3rd American Edition. Hard Cover. Good.


Mythoi Tou Aisopou : Neon Paidikon Anagnostikon

By Konstantopoulou, Eleni [Aesop]

New York: D.C.Divry ., 1958. "Anagnostikon tin defteron 'e tritin taxin ton Hellenikon Scholeion tis Amerikis" Vintage school textbook for Greek American children. A nice piece of Greek American nostalgia. 127p. illus. Overall Good to Very good but has the stamp of Greek American store, pencil underlinings, and is slightly loose in binding. [WorldCat lists only 4 copies in the USA]. Reissue. Decorative Hardcover. Good>Very Good. Illus. by Eirines Tzougkrou .


Neoellinikés phráseis : Ekphráseis, paroimíes, gnomiká, ekklisiastikés pháseis, phráseis arnkó

By Pantos, Christos I.

Athens: To Vima, 2013. Modern Greek phrases: Expressions, proverbs, sayings, church sayings, phrases, slang . . Reissue. Softcover. New Book from Greece.


Neon Angloellenikon Kai Ellenoanglikon Lexikon / Divry's New English-Greek , Greek-English handy Dictionary

By Divry, G.C. & Divry, C.G. (G.K.Konstantopoulou)

Athens: Ekdoseis Divris , 1951. Vintage copy of the Greek version of a small format bi-lingual dictionary,concise, easy to use.. Reprint. Soft Cover. As New.


Lexeis Pou Chanontai : 366 Lexsis , he Ermeneia Kai he Historia Tous I

By Sarantakou, Nikos [ Sarandakou, N]

Athens: To Vima, 2013. Words lost : 366 words, interpretation and history . Reissue. Softcover. New Book from Greece.


Dictionary of Spoken Greek : English to Greek

By Stouriotis, S.D.

Athens: Margarita Press, 1972. Clean crisp copy 290p.. Soft Cover. Very Good.


Greek-English Dictionary/Helleniko-Angliko Lexikon Tsepes

By Papademetriou, Alex E.

Athens: Ekdoseis Astir / A & E Papdemetriou , 1986. Pocket sized Greek dictionary, Greek to English/ English to Greek. 453p. [+ 20p of advertisements]. Decorative endpapers. Flexible leather look cover . First Thus. Flexible Cover. Near Fine.


Divry's English-to-Greek Phrase and Conversation and Pronouncing Manual for English Speaking Persons

By Divry, George C.

New York: D.C.Divry ., 1966. Small format,concise, easy to use. Parallel layout - English Phrase/ Greek Text/ Pronunciation of Greek phrase. 254p.. Reprint. Hard Cover. Fine.


Dialogoi Elleno-Anglikoi Thylakiou /D.C. Divry's Pocket Greek-English Dialogues

By Divry, Demosthenes Constantopoulos

New York: D.C.Divry ., 1914. "Genikos 'antiprosopos en 'Anatoli I.Sideros Od. Stadiou 46, Athenai" Vintage handbook for Greek immigrants to the United States. Presented in parallel columns : Greek Phrase / English translation / Transliteration into Greek alphabet to show pronunciation in English. 432p. Text complete. Name of a previous owner - a student at Canso Academy, Nova Scotia 1923-1924, written on the detached front cover (it was obviously well used) . First Thus. Hardcover. Good.


Epitomo Lexiko Tis Demotikes : Orthographiko Ermeneutiko Etymologiko

By Etaireias Elleniko Ekdoseon

Athens: Etaireias Elleniko Ekdoseon, 1976. Text clean & complete, Hinges loose - previous owner repaired it with tape.. 1st Greek Edition. Hardcover. Very Good/No Jacket.


Dialogoi Anglo-Ellenikoi Thylakiou

By Konstantinopoulou, Demosthenes

New York: D.C.Divry ., 1914. A pocket sized volume first published in 1913 for Greek immigrants to America. Useful phrases and sentences are organized by topics and arranged in 3 columns : in Greek script,an English translation and then how to pronounce it in the Greek alphabet. Amongst all the many practical phrases and useful vocabulary lists is this example : "Have you ever had Boston beans with brown bread" [p.193] which must have introduced a new arrival to the to delights of the local version of Fassoulada ! 430p. The name of a previous student owner is inside the scuffed and worn cover, endpapers missing, but otherwise the text is clean and complete. A nice piece of Greek-American nostalgia . 2nd Ed. Hard Cover. Good.


Oi Protes Mou Protaseis Sta Ellenika Kai Ta Anglika

By Modere, Armelle

Athens: Ekdoseis Savvalas, 2009. Adapted from "My first English...Book of Sentences" 127p. illus [col] . 1st Greek Ed.. Laminated HC. New Book from Greece. GRE J 489. 38342 MOD.


Greek : A Fractured Lexicon Volume 1

By Elliot, Vernon Vas

Athens: Efstathiadis., 1994. (New - will be sent to you direct from the publisher in Greece) Hilarious survey of the linguistics, habits and behaviour of modern Greeks --- Sub-titled " An essential compendium of absolutely indespensible idioms,phrases and such, the study of which will undoubtedly confuse those who know some Greek. enlighten those who dont, and entertain both.". Re-issue. Soft Cover. New Book from Greece.


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